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Takeshi and Mika appeared as characters in radio dramas of Neochupi.
Ms Harumi Ikoma has played the role of Mika (female).
Ms Keiko Kamitani has played the role of Takeshi (male).
Takeshi and Mika may love each other.

Thereafter they appeared as characters from King Of Fighters.
Of course, King Of Fighters is a kind of arcade game made by SNK.
A new arcade game "King Of Fighters '98" was released this summer.

In KOF (SNK calls KOF "Kei Oh Efu" not "cough"), Harumi Ikoma has played the role of Blue Mary and King for several years. However Keiko Kamitani did not played any role.

In KOF '98, Keiko Kamitani played the role of Takeshi. However players cannot use this character. Takeshi and Mika only appear with their voice. Of course, they do not fight against your characters.

Takeshi and Mika may be high school students. Of course they do not have any mean in the KOF tournament.
Neochupi fans call them "Take-Mika." They want to see Take-Mika. Take-Mika appear only in a certain condition.

Geibunsha publishes a monthly magazine "NeoGeo Freak" in Japan. In the latest issue (October 1998), Geibunsha wrote how to let Take-Mika appear.
Calling Take-Mika
  1. You must fight at Japan Stage.
  2. You may see Take-Mika at Round 3.
  3. You may play it both at 1 player mode and at 2 player mode.
  4. You must use "Choi Bounge" (CV = Monster Maeduka).
  5. You may see Take-Mika when you win the enemy using Super Move within 30 seconds of the round.
  6. In KOF, a winner will begin their Win Pose. Win Poses are random unless a button is pressed right before character begins win pose. You must push "C Button" before character begins win pose.
  7. However when you win the enemy perfectly, Take-Mika will not appear (Inhibit Perfect Winning).
When Choi Bounge begins his win pose, Take-Mika may appear in the background.

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