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Of course, King Of Fighters is a kind of arcade game made by SNK (Esaka, Suita-city, Osaka, JAPAN).
As I wrote formerly, Esaka is an artificial town where I lived in my childhood. There are many modern buildings and parks. Several famous Yoshimoto comedians live there.
Daiei had its main office at Esaka formerly. Daiei is the largest supermarket company in Japan. Mister Doughnut Japan (Duskin) still has its main office at Esaka.
As you know, Esaka is a kind of dark quarters in Osaka.
A lot of gangs of racketeers have their bases and live there.

In my childhood, gangs of racketeers drove Mercedes Benz automobiles there. They fired revolvers. Many men were killed.

Thereafter SNK has its main office and its arcade game parks there.
Of course, Osaka Prefecture Police Headquarters have a large police station near here, Suita Police Station.

As you know, in my childhood, at Airin District, a slum near Nipponbashi, Osaka, slum people revolted against Osaka Prefecture Police Headquarters.

Then the slum people were so poor that policemen did not want to fight against the slum people. Police waited for the vanishment of discontent.
Osaka people do not believe police. Osaka people decide to fight against the enemy for themselves. In fact, "The enemy" , say, a Steven Seagal, arrived at Kansai International Airport (KIX). He uses Japanese Aikidou martial art. He goes to Esaka to fight against SNK and Kyo Kusanagi. Kyo Kusanagi goes to Iori Yagami to be allied with him with a resigned air...

When a new arcade game "King Of Fighters '98" was released this summer in 1998, a lot of young video game players came to Esaka to see HyperNeogeo64 machines. However Esaka is still very dangerous.

This figure indicates that Esaka is located at the north area of Osaka city.

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