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SNK, located at Esaka, Suita-city, Osaka, Japan, has created a big video game title "Samurai Shodown" for many years.
In July 1998, the webmaster talked with a famous anime director Satoshi Kon. As you know, he worked as the director of Anime Movie "Perfect Blue."
What? He did not know Nakoruru then. What?? He is good at making action movies. Does he play fighting games? He makes action movies without playing fighting games.
Nakoruru is our heroine in Samurai Shodown. Ms Harumi Ikoma has played the role of Nakoruru for a long time.
Thereafter Nakoruru has a younger sister Rimururu. Several voice actresses played the role of Rimururu. At present Ms Keiko Kamitani plays the role of Rimururu.
As you know, the two speak Osaka dialect.
Ms Keiko Kamitani is not a voice actress but an actress. In 1998, NHK's long drama "Yoshinobu Tokugawa, the last shogun" was broadcast. The drama program is not an anime. Keiko Kamitani played the role of a Yoshinobu Tokugawa's mother's maid.

On the other hand, Harumi Ikoma played the role of Fuka Matsui from TV-anime type "Kodomo No Omocha" from 1997 to 1998.

Radio-Osaka is a broadcasting station in Umeda, Osaka. It is famous for broadcasting Kintetsu Buffaloes' baseball games. It broadcasts a DJ program Neochupi. Its DJs are Keiko Kamitani and Harumi Ikoma.

The program is basically a PR of SNK's videogames.
In the program, Kamitani and Ikoma speak Osaka dialect.

Neochupi held the second public recording at Tower Records in Shibuya, Tokyo on 08/08/1998.
Unfortunately I could not join the program.
I queued at Tower Records to obtain the ticket for the recording on 07/26/1998. But I could not obtain the ticket. AH......AH......AH......

Neochupi had the third one on 09/19/1998 and the fourth one on 09/20/1998.
I could join them.

Radio-Osaka sent out questionnaires then.
Please refer to it.(Copyright (C) Radio-Osaka, 1998. Written in Japanese)

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"Bushidohretsuden - Shinsetsu Samurai Spirits" Copyright (c) 1997 SNK, Fuji Telecast, Asatsu

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