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From The Weekly Shounen Jump in 1999 (Part 4)

Yahiko Myoujin stood in front of Kujiranami. Dead leaves flew and were cut. The atmosphere was rather small but the true character of the atmosphere was "Kenki" sword spirit from Yahiko. Yahiko used the ultimate secret art for defense, "Hadome" edge bumper. It was successful. Next moment Yahiko used the ultimate secret art for offense, "Hawatari" edge crossing. But Kujiranami is so large that he was going to crush Yahiko. On the other hand, Tsubame went to Rakunin-mura village to meet Kenshin. She wanted Kenshin to save Yahiko. (in the Weekly Shounen Jump 01/28/99 issue)
The air was saturated with White Plum Perfume. Kenshin still stayed at Rakunin-mura village. Tsubame entered the village. Then he still slept. He kept sleeping. In the White Plum Perfume, he began to remember his past days. Little Shinta was Kenshin in his childhood. Shinta met Seijurou Hiko the 13th. He left Hiko to fight against the Tokugawa Shogunate. He met Mr. Kogorou Katsura and Mr. Shinsaku Takasugi. Under Mr. Katsura, Hitokiri Battousai began to work as an assassin. "You invite a shower of blood to the letter." Tomoe Yukishiro met him. But he still slept in the White Plum Perfume.
He lived with Tomoe. He killed her by chance. Mr. Shakku Arai gave Kenshin a sword with reverse edge. He began to wander about as a "Rurouni Kenshin." He met Kaoru. He met Yahiko. He met Sanosuke. He fought against Jin-e. He fought against Kanryu Takeda and Oniwaban-shu. He saved Megumi Takani. He saved Tsubame. He met Yutarou Tsukayama. He fought against Raijuta Isurugi. He met Mr. Hajime Saitou again. Ms Misao Makimachi looked for Aoshi Shinomori. Kenshin fought against Makoto Shishio and the ten swords. He defeated Chou Sawagejou. He met Anji Yukyuzan. He defeated Soujirou Seta. Yumi Komagata was killed. Houji Sadoshima killed himeself. Makoto Shishio was dead.
He met Enishi Yukishiro and his followers. Kaoru Kamiya was killed...

Kenshin said, "That's done it! I'm tired..." (in the Weekly Shounen Jump 01/31/99 issue)

Tsubame said to Kenshin, "Please help Yahiko!" What? Kenshin's eyes were half-opened. Tsubame said, "Stand up again! Again..." People in the Rakunin-mura village turned back Tsubame. Kenshin's eyes were rather opened.
Kenshin said, "Yet...I've not found it yet...I've not found how to atone for my sins that I had killed a lot of people with swords yet.
The aged head of the village said, "When you lost all you need and both your body and soul were worn-out, if you have a thought that you can never discard, the thought means your only one truth whatever anyone say."
Kenshin cut chains around his sword to go out of the village. He went to Yahiko. Now Kenshin's eyes were full-opened. (in the Weekly Shounen Jump 02/01/99 issue)

The true character of the aged leader of Rakunin-mura village was Tomoe's father. He still had White Plum Perfume and her ornamental hairpin. They were her relics. When he saw Kenshin begin to act again, he decided to go to Kyoto to visit his daughter's tomb.
On the other hand, Yahiko still fought against Kujiranami. Then "Kuzuryusen (Nine-Headed Dragon's Flash)" was used. At the same time, Hajime Saitou, Aoshi Shinomori, Misao Makimachi and Megumi Takani arrived there. They saw the man. Kenshin Himura was fighting! (in the Weekly Shounen Jump 02/08/99 issue)

Majestically Kashin came back. Aoshi Shinomori said, "Perhaps he found his answer, didn't he?" Hajime Saitou said, "Don't ask me!" Hyougo Kujiramani still fought against Kenshin. Then Kenshin used an art "Ryu Shou Sen (Soaring Dragon's Flash)." Kenshin cut the machine gun of his right arm. Kujiranami was restored to reason. He said, "At the Meiji Revolution, the royalist took away the day and the pride from us samurai swordsmen. Moreover you took away the place to die from me. Finish me!" Kenshin replied, "I'll not kill anybody." Kujiranami said, "I'll blast myself!" Then Yahiko went forward. He said, "You samurai should find what to do in the new era as you have a life." Kujiranami said, "I asumed the souls of the bravery (valor) and the spirits of the samurai swordsmen were vanished. I was mistaken maybe... I was defeated." He cried. Kenshin said, "Be alive again in the new era, please." Kujiranami "Thank you very much (Katajikenai)." He was arrested. (in the Weekly Shounen Jump 02/15/99 issue)

Enishi was training at his strongfold. Kaoru saw it. His follower Wu Hei-Xing appeared. He reported the situation in Tokyo. His secret base on arakawa river was destroyed. A riot by Hyougo Kujiranami died down becaused of Kenshin's appearance. Enishi Yukishiro decided to kill Kenshin then. On the other hand, Kenshin slept for three days. Assistant Police inspector Hajime Saitou said to Aoshi Shinomori and Kenshin family, "We Tokyo Metropolitan Police are going to make a raid on Enishi's base on an island on Tokyo Bay after 4 days." But Aoshi thought he wanted to bring Kenshin and Yahiko there. Yahiko was also admitted to hospital.
In the hospital, Saitou saw Kenshin sleeping. He got angry. To kill none is Kenshin's starting point. Saitou regarded the thought as nonsense.
Saitou said, "After all, that's your routine starting line..."

A man went away. He is Sanosuke Sagara. He stayed at Nagano Prefecture. There he always quarreled with gangs. He led a wild life. (in the Weekly Shounen Jump 02/22/99 issue)

By the way, a gang tried to control a town in Nagano. His name was Onidaoshi No Fudouzawa "Fudouzawa, the Ogre-thrower." But he could not control the town because an aged craftsman of umbrella refused him.
Sanosuke still fought against the gang. Then Hiruma brothers appeared. They belonged to the gang. But Sanosuke defeated the brothers.
Fudouzawa said to Sanosuke, "Please defeat an aged who refuses me."
The aged man's daughter was Uki. And his son was Outa. Sanosuke met the two formerly. (in the Weekly Shounen Jump 03/01/99 issue)

Fuduozawa had over 250 followers. His wirepuller was his own uncle. The uncle was a royalist swordsman. At present he is a bureaucrat. Fudouzawa was a Sumo wrestler. Under his uncle, he started his gang. He tired to earn money by monopolizing export of silk. The obstinate old man at Higashidani refused it. Now Sanosuke tried to defeat the old man. Hiruma Brothers sent the letter of challenge to the old man by shooting an arrow. What? The old man caught the arrow. At "Ippongi (only one tree) of Higashidani" Sanosuke fought against the old man. When Sanosuke saw him, Sanosuke found him his father "Kamishimo-emon". Kamishimo-emon was very strong. He used a secret martial art "Hissatsu Oldman's Tornado Throw". Next moment he blew his pipe to shoot burning tabacco leaf. He called the art "Hissatsu Oldman's Burning Soul". Sanosuke could not defeat his father.
Kamishimo-emon had grawn Japanese radish. His patch was ruined by Fudouzawa. So he began to work as a craftsman of umbrella.
He came back home in good spirits. On the other hand, Sanosuke heard Fuduozawa's wirepuller was a royalist swordsman. His worries increased. (in the Weekly Shounen Jump 03/08/99 issue)

Sanosuke's family consists of Mr. Kamishimo-emon Higashidani (41, his father), Sanosuke Sagara (19), Ms Uki Higashidani (16, his younger sister) amd Mr. Outa Higashidani (6, his younger brother).
Kamishimo-emon went to Shop "Sakuraya" to sell his umbrellas. But the chief did not buy them. Uki did not remember his elder brother. So she fell in love with him at first sight. Sanosuke knows her. He scold at Uki for Uki's spoiling Outa.
By the way, Fudouzawa's uncle appeared in front of Kamishimo-emon. The uncle threatened Kamishimo-emon with desolation of a main road station town. He said to Kamishimo-emon, "If you do me harm, Governor (called Kenrei) will punish the town."
Therefore Kamishimo-emon could not resist them. Two followers of Fudouzawa attacked Kamishimo-emon. Then Sanosuke appeared and helped Kamishimo-emon. (in the Weekly Shounen Jump 03/15/99 issue)

Fudouzawa's uncle was Mr. Juusanrou Tani from Ministry of Army, Japanese Government. He was attacked by Mr. Jin-e Udou, a swordsman, formerly. Then Kanshin and Sanosuke protected Juusanrou.
Juusanrou Tani was a rather weak royalist swordsman at the end of Tokugawa Shogunate. He knows the skill of former Hitokiri Battousai. Moreover he saw Kenshin fight against Jin-e Udou. Juusanrou knows Kenshin's wirepuller is Minister Aritomo Yamagata. (Thereafter Mr. Yamagata worked as Prime Minister.) If Kenshin comes to Nagano, Minister will know Tani's activity. Then Tani will lose his job. Therefore Tani decided to defeat Sanosuke before Kenshin knew Tani's activity.
Sanosuke came back to Kamishimo-emon's house. His wife died two years ago. The chief of Shop "Sakuraya" and people at the town also came there. They also decided to fight against Fudouzawa's family.
Then 200 members of Fudouzawa's family went toward Kamishimo-emon's. (in the Weekly Shounen Jump 03/22/99 issue)

After the party held by town people and Higashidani family ended in the midnight, Sanosuke's father Kamishimo-emon left his house in order to fight against Fudouzawa's family and gang. On the other hand, Sanosuke remembered his life to find his hometown was not the place where he should stay. Sanosuke pursued his father. He said to Kamishimo-emon, "If you want to protect your town, fight to the bitter end to protect it out!!!" He wanted to say the word to Kenshin. Then Sanosuke defeated his father and said, "Go home to protect your family..." Sanosuke decided to fight by himself against Fudouzawa. (in the Weekly Shounen Jump 03/29/99 issue)

At last Sanosuke began to fight against Fudouzawa. What? Sanosuke was so strong that he defeated Fudouzawa and his 200 followers. The fight sounded like rumbling of the mountain. His worries increasing, Sanosuke went on the rampage. After the fight, he laughed. Kamishimo-emon and his children were surprised. (in the Weekly Shounen Jump 04/05/99 issue)

In the midnight, Sanosuke met his father kamishimo-emon and his younger brother Outa Higashidani. Sanosuke's mother Naname was dead already.
Outa is brave. Sanosuke said, "After his elder sister Uki leaves the house to be married, please let him go to Tokyo to enter Kamiya Training Hall. He must be stronger then."
He left the town. The next day he arrived at Tokyo. He appeared in front of Oguni Clinic. (in the Weekly Shounen Jump 04/12/99 issue)

Sanosuke met Megumi Takani. He was wounded. Megumi was so happy that she scolded Sanosuke. In the Oguni Clinic, Yahiko and Kenshin stayed to be treated by Doctor Megumi Takani.
Tsubame also stayed there to care Yahiko.
First Yahiko was cured. Kenshin still slept. In his dream, it snowed. Late Tomoe Yukishiro appeared in front of Kenshin.
He said to Tomoe, "I've been fighting using swords for 15 years. Maybe I will use swords in the future."
Tomoe said, "Yes, I know."
To hear it, Kenshin smiled. Tomoe said to Kenshin, "At last you smiled. When you smile, I, in your mind, will always smile together."
Moreover she said, "Please take care of Enishi (Tomoe's younger brother). And... And the lady that wants your smile more than anybody does still wait for you."
Kenshin founded Kaoru Kamiya to be still alive then. He stood up and said to Sanosuke, "Let's go! Please lead me to Kaoru." (in the Weekly Shounen Jump 04/19/99 issue)

Wu Hei-Xing and his followers "Su Xing" visited Enishi. Hei-Xing proposed to shell police. Enishi refused it. Hei-Xing used surface mines.
Kenshin family and police rode on boats. Misao Makimachi tried to destroy mines by using "Oniwa-ban's" method Kunai (ninja weapon) art "Kansatsu Tobi-Kunai Kawasemi No Hashi" ("bill of kingfisher - shooting knife for piercing and killing").
Then Aoshi advised Misao. The advice enabled her to destroy those surface mines. At last Kenshin family including Saitou landed at Enishi's fastness. (in the Weekly Shounen Jump 04/26/99 issue)

Shueisha reported Kenshin's rival ranking. Soujirou Seta won the first prize by getting 1,993 fans' vote. Unfortunately Hajime Saitou won the second prize by getting 1,487 fans' vote. As you know, Soujirou was defeated by Kenshin. But Hajime Saitou is not defeated yet.
Kenshin family landed. Hei-Xing saw it at Enishi's.
Hei-Xing said to Enishi, "You should defeat them as soon as possible if you want to execute it as your 'private revenge'."
Enishi said, "Before my fight, I give you my company in order to make you go out. What a bar!"
Hei-Xing said, "I cannot accept it. When you're defeated, police will arrest you. That may threaten the future of the company."
Enishi said, "Scram!" Then "Kyou Kei Myaku (Vessel pattern of mad sutra)" appeared on Enishi's face. When "Kyou Kei Myaku" appeared, Enishi would be more and more strong. Then Su Xing could not defeat him. They gave up defeating him. Su Xing began to fight against Kenshin family. (in the Weekly Shounen Jump 05/10-05/17/99 issue)

To be continued ....
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