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From The Weekly Shounen Jump in 1998 and 1999 (Part 3)

Kaoru's funeral was held. But Kenshin missed. Kenshin went to a town "Rakunin-Mura." Enishi Yukishiro and Gein escaped. Kujiranami was defeated by Saitou. He went mad partially. Sanosuke, Megumi Takani, tsubame and Yahiko Myoujin went to Rakunin-Mura to meet Kenshin. Kenshin sealed his sword with steel chains. Kenshin did not came back to Kamiya Hall. Now Aoshi Shinomori and Misao Makimachi reached Tokyo. Ah! It is too late. (In the Weekly Shounen Jump 09/28/98)

Sanosuke Sagara said good-bye to Kenshin. On the other hand, Misao had Tomoe's diary. Yahiko decided to fight for Kenshin. Aoshi Shinomori met Megumi Takani to hear her memory on Kaoru's death. Aoshi decided to help Kenshin. (In the Weekly Shounen Jump 10/05/98)

Makoto Shishio appeared in Kenshin's dream. Shishio said, "Apologize to me for your action!"
Kenshin still slept. On the other hand, Aoshi suspected Enishi's action. At last he decided to dig Kaoru's body out of the ground. Of course Misao, Megumi and Yahiko were surprized. (In the Weekly Shounen Jump 10/12/98)

In front of Megumi, Misao, Yahiko and Sanosuke, Aoshi dug Kaoru's corpse out of the ground. Aoshi found wires inside her "corpse." Thus he showed Kaoru's corpse was a doll. On the other hand, Kaoru was drawn by Nobuhiro Watsuki. Kaoru woke up in a bedroom of an old western-style house. Kaoru still lives. Thank you. (In the Weekly Shounen Jump 10/19/98)

Kaoru Kamiya was abducted by Enishi Yukishiro. His secret base was located at an island on Tokyo Bay. It was a strongfold in nature. It was Enishi and Gein that lived at the island. Enishi thought Gein should die before Gein exposed their secrets carelessly. Aoshi Shinomori formerly found his own answer on the atonement by himself. Therefore he came to Tokyo to help Kenshin. Aoshi said, "Kenshin must find his own answer on his atonement now in order to recover his animated spirits." Aoshi and his comrades decided to look for Kaoru. In the first place, Yahiko tried to meet Hajime Saitou. (in the Weekly Shounen Jump 10/26/98 issue)

In a data room of the headquarters of Tokyo Metropolitan Police, Assistant Police Inspector Hajime Saitou talked with Chou Sawagejou. Then Misao, Yahiko, Megumi and Aoshi Shinomori came to see Saitou.
When Saitou looked at Aoshi, Saitou spoke to Aoshi ironically.
Formerly Saitou let Chou Sawagejou watch Enishi Yukishiro's old fastness. (As you know, there was a room for anatomy in the fastness.)
Saitou researched Iwanbou-3, Gain's doll. The large doll had a small shed for a human-scale something.
Therefore Saitou thought Kaoru Kamiya was still alive.
Saitou thought the "corpse" was made at Enishi's anatomy room.
Then Yahiko thought a thing.
Yahiko said to Saitou, "If you teach us information on Enishi's new fastness, we will search for Kaoru Kamiya for ourselves."
Saitou consented to the proposal.
Saitou said, "Perhaps there is one at least around the mouth of Arakawa River."
Saitou was very busy. He got information on Enishi's gang. The No.2 of Enishi's gang came from Shanghai to Tokyo. Tokyo Metropolitan Police did its best to search for the No.2.
On the other hand, Kaoru Kamiya tried to grab at a chance to escape from Enishi's fastness (in the Weekly Shounen Jump 11/02/98 issue).

Kaoru Kamiya decided to abduct Enishi Yukishiro as a hostage.
The No.2 of Enishi's mafia was a Chinese. His name was "Wu Hei-Xing." He had four guardmen "Su Xing" (Four Stars).
He came to Tokyo but came to the fastness in order to hide himself.
He met Enishi. Enishi ordered him to kill Gein.
Gein wanted to leave the fastness.
On the other hand, Wu Hei-Xing wanted to betray Enishi.
Enishi promised Wu Hei-Xing to give his mafia when the private revenge was completed.
Kaoru Kamiya attacked Enishi. But Enishi already went mad. He saw Tomoe's illusion. The illusion did not smile. He thought it meant his private revenge had not been completed. To complete the revenge, he tried to kill Kaoru then. When he tried to kill Kaoru, his body refused it. He could not kill Kaoru.
"Wu Hei-Xing" sent his 30 followers to kill Gein. However Gein defeated them. He decided to betray Enishi's mafia (in the Weekly Shounen Jump 11/09/98 issue).

Misao Makimachi and Yahiko Myoujin began to look for Enishi's fastness aling Arakawa River. Kaoru Kamiya was still abducted in the fastness. But Enishi let her cook for herself. What? Kaoru cooked for Enishi. (As you know, she is a worst cooker.) Enishi ate it remembering Tomoe's face. Of course Enishi said to himself, "Terrible Food."
On the other hand, Kenshin at Rakunin Mura village kept sleeping.
Sparrows sponged on Kenshin.
Gein came to Tokyo again. A hole. Gein wanted to regain a doll. Aoshi Shinomori ambushed Gein. Aoshi tried to capture Gein with a net. But Gein began to fight against Aoshi. Gein's Wire of Cutting Steel cut Aoshi's net. Aoshi shouted. "Own up to me! Where did you bring Kaoru Kamiya??" (in the Weekly Shounen Jump 11/16/98 issue)

Gein is very great. He kept fighting against Aoshi. His wire of cutting steel was coated with diamond powder. Gein used the wire, but Aoshi used the secret art "the Move of Flowing Water." Aoshi escaped.
Aoshi began to attack Gein. Aoshi used the secret art "Chinese Hock Cross" of "Double Sword School using small swords of the Oniwa-ban method."
Aoshi said to Gein, "I decided to get rid of the gangs that cause catastrophe in the human world by using lotlaw arts for selfish private desire." At last Aoshi broke Gein's mask. What? Gein was an aged man.(in the Weekly Shounen Jump 11/23/98 issue)

Gein began to escape. Aoshi chased. What? Aoshi used the secret art "Chain of Six Sword Dances of Rotating Heavens." However Gein escaped. Gein used "Geometric Besieging Formation in Eight Directions" of "Outlaw Wire Control Method." Aoshi said, "I burned out your Kaoru doll." Gein got angry. Then Aoshi used the secret art "Sword Strike Sound of Positive-and-Negative Divination." Then Gein's wire was burned. Gein was killed by Aoshi. Saitou came there. Aoshi said to Saitou, "I have a woman who waits for me." (in the Weekly Shounen Jump 11/30/98 issue)

The Senior of Rakunin-mura Village bought a perfume. It was "White Plum Perfume." As you know, Tomoe Himura liked the perfume. The Senior gave Kenshin one little bottle. Kenshin said, "Please keep the perfume away from me." On the other hand, Tsubame working for Restaurant "Akabeko" was sorely disappointed at Kaoru's death. Yahiko cheered her up.
In a police station, Kujiranami was still kept in custody. Hearing the word "Battousai," he got mad and ran away. He killed a lot of policemen using the Multiple-barreled type Custom Grenade Launcher (in the Weekly Shounen Jump 12/07/98 issue).
Yahiko still cheered up Tsubame. On the other hand, Kujiranami ran recklessly. Kosaburou Shinichi was a 5th-class policeman. He evacuated people. Yahiko appeared. Yahiko decided to fight against Kujiranami. Yahiko asked Mr. Kosaburou and four policemen to surround Kujiranami. Then Kujiranami appeared (in the Weekly Shounen Jump 01/01/98 issue).
Yahiko began to fight against Kujiranami. Kujiranami's arm was a machine gun. Yahiko used the secret art "Pseudo-Ryushousen" (Pseudo Dragon Soaring Flash). It hit Kujiranami's arm. He was wounded.
Then policemen decided to fight against Kujiranami plucking up their courage.
A child appeared. He failed to escape. Yahiko tried to save the child. (in the Weekly Shounen Jump 01/08 - 01/14/99 issue)

Yahiko Myoujin jumped into the air covering for the child. Then Kujiranami shot! What? Yahiko was still alive. Kujiranami approached Yahiko again. Kujiranami thought the enemy in front of him was Kenshin himself (as if Yahiko were Kenshin). Yahiko also approached Kujiranami.
On the other hand, Tsubame in the other place remembered Yahiko. Tsubame began to think Yahiko would be killed. Tsubame ran in order to appeal to Kenshin for help. (in the Weekly Shounen Jump 01/15 - 01/21/99 issue)

Yahiko Myoujin stood in front of Kujiranami. Dead leaves flew and were cut. The atmosphere was rather small but the true character of the atmosphere was "Kenki" sword spirit from Yahiko. Yahiko used the ultimate secret art for defense, "Hadome" edge bumper. It was successful. Next moment Yahiko used the ultimate secret art for offense, "Hawatari" edge crossing. But Kujiranami is so large that he was going to crush Yahiko. On the other hand, Tsubame went to Rakunin-mura village to meet Kenshin. She wanted Kenshin to save Yahiko. (in the Weekly Shounen Jump 01/28/99 issue)

To be continued ....
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