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From The Weekly Shounen Jump in 1997 and 1998 (Part 2)

People around Kenshin were attacked by Enishi's followers. Kenshin knew it meant Enishi Yukishiro's private revenge. Enishi decided he would attack Kenshin again. Kenshin began to talk about his own past. His talk ended. At last Enishi and five revenge came to Kenshin.

At last, the promised day came. In the midnight, Six Revenge flew to the Kamiya Traning Hall using new-type balloons. They all had new-type arms. First, Kujiranami attacked Kenshin. Kenshin tried to fly into the sky. (In the Weekly Shounen Jump 03/23/98 issue.)

And at last, Kenshin fought against Kujiranami. Kujiranami on a balloon fired his new large-scale Armstrong's Cannon. However Kenshin assisted by Sanosuke Sagara flew into the sky. Sanosuke hit Kujiranami's cannonball with a large butcher knife (Japanese: Zanba-tou) and Kenshin broke the cannon. Seeing Kujiranami's defeat, Hyouko Otowa and Banjin Inui attacked Kenshin and Sanosuke at once. (In the Weekly Shounen Jump 03/30/98).

Banjin's iron-shell was strengthened. However Sanosuke was well matched in power. On the other hand, Kenshin and Otowa were pitted against each other. Enishi ordered Gein to fight against Kenshin. (In the Weekly Shounen Jump 04/06/98).

Kenshin began to fight against Gein with Doll "Iwan-bou 3, Violent Assault-type." Therefore he left the battle against Otowa to Yahiko. (In the Weekly Shounen Jump 04/13/98).

"Iwan-bou 3" resembles Massproduction Model Eva Units 05-13. Gein called himself Karakuri (Mechanism) Artist. He was a puppet maker. "Iwan-bou 3" has three mechanisms.
One is shock-absorbing mechanism.
One is free-joint mechanism as offence means.
Another is free-disocation-attachment mechanism as defence means. Gein used a secret art called "Arm Drilling Attack." Kenshin was pinched.
(In the Weekly Shounen Jump 04/20/98 and 04/27/98.)
Iwan-bou 3 has iron mesh inside the body. It is called "Armor Mechanism Against Lunging Attack." Iwan-bou's next attack was "Finger and Arm Drilling Attack." However Kenshin inserted a small stone into Iwan-bou 3. Gein's mechanisms stopped. (In the Weeky Shounen Jump 05/04/98)
And at last, Kenshin's secret sword art "Ama Kakeru Ryu No HIrameki" defeated Gein and Iwan-bou 3. (In the Weekly Shounen Jump 05/11-05/18/98 issue)

On the other hand, Sanosuke was fighting against Mr. Banzin Inui. He used his new matchless iron helmet. Formerly he fought against Sanosuke and was defeated. Thereafter he learned his new secret wrestling art. "Roaring Ax Bombing" attacked Sanosuke. Sanosuke recovered. Then Banzin used a mixed art "Ashura Crush" and Roaring Ax Bombing. However Sanosuke recovered again! (In the Weekly Shounen Jump 05/25/98)

Sanosuke defeated Banzin using Anji's secret art "Futae No Kiwami (Double Fist Master)" at last. (in the Weekly Shounen Jump 06/01/98)

On the other hand, Yahiko Myoujin fought against Hyouko Otowa. Mr. Otowa used the secret weapon "Riku Dou Ko: Six-Way Worm." Yahiko was much pinched. However Kenshin trusted Yahiko. (in the Weekly Shounen Jump 06/08/98 - 06/15/98)

Yahiko Myoujin used the secret sword art "Ha Watari (Edge Crossing)" of Kamiya Kasshin Ryu method. At last Hyouko Otowa was defeated. Next Mumyoui Yatsume appeared. He called himself "Kana Hori Shu (Gold Diggers)." He had long arms and legs. He was defeated by Kenshin at the end of Tokugawa Shogunate. Thereafter he lengthened his own arm more. His lengthening art was the secret of his family. It was called "Yatsume's Humanbody Refinement."
However Mr. Hajime Saitou appeared. He came in order to defeat Enishi Yukishiro. He said, "(Tatakai No Sanaka Ni Danshou Toha, Ai Mo Kawarazu Kokono Renchu Wa Ahou Bakari Ka) All here must be still fools to keep chatting while fighting."

(in the Weekly Shounen Jump 06/22/98)

Using his special lunge "Gatotsu", Saitou began to fight against Mumyoui Yatsume.(in the Weekly Shounen Jump 06/29/98 - 07/06/98)

Saitou was very strong, of course. He used his secret sword art Gatotsu Type Zero (Fang-Lunge type 0). Mumyoui Yatsume was dying. But Saitou tried to kill Yatsume. Then Kenshin approached to them. Kenshin kept Saitou from giving Yatsume a finishing stroke. (In the Weekly Shounen Jump 07/13/98)

Mr. Cho Sawagejou was a member of Shishio's Ten Swords. At present, Cho is a follower of Saitou. He is a kind of policeman. He inspects Enishi Yukishiro as a weapon mafia. He went to Enishi's agitating point. There was an Anatomy Room. Cho might see something. It was not shown.
On the other hand, Enishi landed. (In the Weekly Shounen Jump 07/20/98)

Kenshin began to fight against Enishi. Enishi had an old type short sword. It was a kind of "Tachi" sword. He still put on his dark glasses. His sword art was a kind of old Japanese sword art combined with Chinese wrestling art. He called it "Wa Tou Jutsu" (Yamato Sword Art). Kenshin was pinched when Enishi used one secret art "Shu Geki Tou Sei" (Sword Impetus with Kicking Attack). (In the Weekly Shounen Jump 07/27/98)

Enishi's "Wa Tou Jutsu" was a traditional art. In China, people had to fight against Japanese pirates. So Chinese made Japanese-style Yamato Swords "Wa Tou". Chinese mixed their continental-style sword art with Shaolin Kung Fu, Chinese martial arts. It was explained at a book "Tan Tou Hou Sen (Selection on Single Sword Method)" written by Sou-Yu Tei.
Just after the collapse of Tokugawa Shogunate, Enishi Yukishiro went to China. He lived in Shanghai. He was very poor. He was dying. Then he was helped by a Japanese. He was a scholar studying China. But Enishi was angry at his happiness. Enishi killed the family and got the book. He read and read the book to master "Wa Tou Jutsu."
Now, Enishi used a secret art "Kai Shi Tou Sei" (Sword Impetus with Rotation Stabbing). (In the Weekly Shounen Jump 08/03/98)

Kenshin still fought. But Enishi was not defeated. Enishi used a secret art "Shou Ha Tou Sei" (Sword Impetus with Palm Breaking). Moreover Enishi used another secret art "Chou Ten Tou Sei" (Morning Heaven's Sword Imetus ). Kenshin used "Kuzuryu Sen." Enishi overcame the pain by Kuzuryu Sen. He was still alive. (In the Weekly Shounen Jump 08/10/98)

Kenshin used "Amakakeru Ryu No Hirameki" at last. On the other hand, Enishi used his absolute art "Ko Fuku Zetsu Tou Sei" (Absolute Sword Impetus of Lying Tiger). (In the Weekly Shounen Jump 08/17/98)

What! Kenshin's "Amakakeru Ryu No Hirameki" was defeated. He was wounded. However he was still alive. On the other hand, Enishi tired to kill Kaoru. (In the Weekly Shounen Jump 08/24-31/98)

What? Kujiranami is alive. He attacked Kenshin. Kenshin was pinched again. (In the Weeky Shounen Jump 09/14/98)

Saitou and Sanosuke fought against Kujiranami. Kujiranami was defeated. Kenshin went to save Kaoru Kamiya. But... What? Kaoru with a cross-shaped scar on her left cheek was killed by Enishi Yukishiro. He shouts, "My private punishment was completed!!!" (In the Weekly Shounen Jump 09/21/98)
To be continued ....
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