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The Six Revenge (A Tentative Review, revised on 10/27/98, 11/17/98, 01/18/99, 05/31/99)

Who is Mr. Enishi Yukishiro?

He is the younger brother of Late Tomoe Yukishiro. His hair is all grey. His sister and he tried to revenge Kenshin. However his sister loved Kenshin and died. Enishi became an orphan. Thereafter he worked for the Tokugawa Shogunate. He was defeated. In the beginning of the Meiji Era, he went to Shanghai. He grew up to be a head of Chinese mafia. He earned much money to obtain several battleships.
He gave Mr. Makoto Shishio a battleship "Rengoku." Shishio Makoto could not utilize the ship and was defeated by Kenshin.
Enishi came home to revenge Kenshin again. He said, "Does his cross-shaped scar leave on the left cheek?"
He has five followers. They were defeated by Kenshin, Saitou, Sanosuke and Yahiko. Enishi abducted Kaoru Kamiya. He prepared Kaoru's doll which Gein made. Kenshin saw Kaoru's "corpse." He went mad and went to "Rakunin Mura."
On the other hand, Enishi also went mad. Enishi's body refused a young woman's body when he tried to kill a young woman because Tomoe's illusion in front of him did not smile.
As Enishi heard Kenshin go mad, he was satisfied. He decided to give his follower "Wu Hei-Xing" his Chinese mafia.

What is "Yami No Bu"?
It was a ninja fighter group for the Tokugawa Shogunate. The Tokugawa Shogunate had two large-scale ninja fighter groups. One was "Oniwabanshu." The other was "Yami No Bu." "Oniwabanshu" mainly dealt with the eastern Japan. On the other hand, "Yami No Bu" mainly covered the western Japan.
In the end of the Tokugawa Shogunate, Mr. Battousai Himura (Kenshin) killed many swordsmen of the Tokugawa Shogunate. Therefore "Yami No Bu" sought his life.
Tomoe's love was killed by Battousai. Therefore Tomoe and her younger brother Enishi belonged to "Yami No Bu." The head of the group was Tatsumi.

Tatsumi and Tatsumi's Followers
TatsumiThe aged head of the group. His aim was to kill Battousai. He cheated Tomoe for the purpose. He was killed by Battousai at last.
NakajouA normal ninja fighter. Of course he was killed by Battousai.
SumitaA giant ninja fighter. He and Yatsume fought against Battousai together. He was killed by Battousai.
YatsumeA ninja fighter with a very flexible body. Battousai soon penetrated his secret and defeated him. Then he was a young man. Thereafter he was defeated by Hajime Saitou.
Ms Tomoe YukishiroHer love was killed by Battousai. She approached him to kill him. But she loved him to be married. She was killed by Battousai by chance.
Mr. Enishi YukishiroTomoe's younger brother. Tatsumi sent him to Kenshin's home as an assassin "Shikomi."

Late Tomoe Yukishiro
Late Tomoe Yukishiro

A Table on The Six Revenge
These private revengers always said "Jinchu." He called the revenge "Jinchu." "Jinchu" is a Japanese word and an antonym of "Tenchu." Tenchu means Heaven's punishment.

Mr. Enishi YukishiroThe sponsor. In the story, his aim was not to kill Kenshin. He overcame Kenshin's Ama Kakeru Ryu No Hirameki. Kenshin thought Enishi killed Kaoru Kamiya. Enishi escaped.
GeinIwan-bou, one of "The Ten Swords under Shishio (Japanese: Juppon Gatana)" has been already revealed to be as "Gein" under Enishi Yukishiro. Gein was revealed to be as the most trusted follower of Enishi Yukishiro. He is good at utilizing large-scale explosives. He was a puppet maker. He made three Iwan-bous. Iwan-bou 3 resembles Massproduction Model Eva Units. His Iwan-bou 3 was destroyed by Kenshin. Gein was defeated by Kenshin's Ama Kakeru Ryu No Hirameki. He ran away. As Enishi's revenge was completed, Enishi tried to kill him. However he defeated Enishi's 30 assassins. On the other hand, when Enishi abducted Kaoru, Gein made a life-size Kaoru doll. Aoshi Shinomori burned out the doll. At last Aoshi killed him. (His corpse was burned out.)
Mr. Mumyoui YatsumeA "Yami No Bu" ninja fighter. A member of Yatsume Family. He did not like to show his own body. He was defeated by Hajime Saitou.
KujiranamiA giant swordsman. His one arm was cut by Kenshin. He was good at utilizing Armstrong canons. He was defeated by Sanosuke Sagara. He moved again but was defeated by Hajime Saitou. He got mad. He began to move again. He fought against Yahiko. In fact, in the former part of his battle, Kenshin still lost his senses. In the latter part, Kenshin came to his senses. Kenshin defeated Kujiranami.
Mr. Banjin InuiA giant wrestler. He is good at utilizing his matchless iron helmet. His first iron helmet was destroyed by Sanosuke. Thereafter he used new matchless iron helmet. At last he was defeated by Sanosuke. Sanosuke used Anji's Futae No Kiwami.
Mr. Hyouko OtowaHe is good at utilizing secret weapons called "Baika Chuzen." He put on a female dress. He tried to revenge Kenshin because a man with Baika Chuzen, his friend, was killed by Kenshin. He was defeated by Yahiko Myoujin.

New Character: "Wu Hei-Xing"
A Chinese. A member of Enishi's mafia. Secretary-General. He has four guardmen "Su Xing." He wants to betray Enishi.
Saitou thought he was the most important person. He is the president of "Hei-Xing Product Trading." (Hei-Xing Bussan)

(Su Xing fought against Kenshin family. But three of them were defeated by Aoshi, Saitou and Sanosuke...)

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