Saitou Watchers' Tea Room

This site is named "Saitou Watchers' Tea Room." It consists of several corners on Cartoon-type and TV-animation type "Samurai X (Rurouni Kenshin)" in the following menu.

What's New?

  1. 11/13/97;A counter at the top page was set up.
  2. 04/03/98;The webmaster removed to Tokyo.
  3. 09/03/98;1,000 hits memorial guestbook corner started. Thank you very much.
  4. 09/07/98;Kaoru Kamiya was "killed?" by Enishi Yukishiro.
  5. 09/08/98;The last episode of TV-anime type Kenshin was broadcast by Fuji Telecast in Japan.
  6. 09/16/98;New data on CLAMP were added.
  7. 09/22/98;New data on TV-series were added.
  8. 10/05/98;Kaoru Kamiya still lives.
  9. 10/06/98;New data were added. The front page was renewed.
  10. 11/24/98;New data were added.
  11. 12/01/98;New data were added.
  12. 12/11/98;New data on OVA-series were added.
  13. 12/21/98;New data were added.
  14. 12/22/98;What is Sekihoutai? I studied.
  15. 01/18/99;New data were added.
  16. 01/19/99;New data were added.
  17. 01/26/99;New data were added.
  18. 02/05/99;New data were added.
  19. 02/12/99;New data were added.
  20. 02/19/99;New data were added.
  21. 02/25/99;New data were added.
  22. 03/12/99;My terminal was crashed.
  23. 03/23/99;New data were added. My termial is still damaged.
  24. 03/25/99;New data were added.
  25. 04/01/99;New data were added.
  26. 04/06/99;New data were added.
  27. 05/07/99;New data were added.
  28. 05/31/99;New data were added.
  29. 09/21/99;New data were added.

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