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What's Kenshin?

In the end of Tokugawa Shogunate, a boy called Shinta was born. He was an orphan. When his supporters (elder sisters-in-law) were killed, he was helped by Mr. Seijurou Hiko the 13th. The 13th named the orphan Kenshin.
Kenshin learned the sword art "Hiten Mitsurugi Ryu" from the 13th. Before he learned the most important secret sword art "Amakakeru Ryu No Hirameki," he went away from the 13th to fight against the Tokugawa Shogunate.
He first worked for the Choushu Clan as a member of Kiheitai. Thereafter he worked under Mr. Kogorou Katsura, who called himself Mr. Takayoshi Kido in the Meiji Era, as a secret assassin in Kyoto and killed many swordsmen of Tokugawa Shogunate.
Therefore a group of swordsmen of Tokugawa Shogunate called "Yami No Bu" sought his life. He was married with Ms Tomoe Yukishiro. Thereafter he killed her by chance.
Then a swordsman appeared on Kyoto. His name was Mr. Makoto Shishio. Kenshin, who was called Battousai Himura, worked for the Choushu Clan as a ranger swordsman "Yugeki Kenshi" in order to fight against the Shinsen-gumi Company. Then he was called the strongest swordsman.
After the Battle of Toba-Fushimi, Kenshin went to Mr. Shakku Arai, a famous sword smith in Kyoto to say Good-bye. Shakku gave Kenshin a sword with a reverse edge. Kenshin started on a long journey.
On the other hand, Mr. Makoto Shishio worked as the Junior of Kenshin, a secret assassin "Hitokiri." Makoto Shishio was burnt alive in the beginning of Meiji Era. In fact he was alive. He began to form his army after he gained over Mr. Soujirou Seta, a young great swordsman, and Mr. Houji Sadojima, a former bureaucrat of Meiji Government.

In 1878, Kenshin appeared in front of Ms Kaoru Kamiya, a young swordsman who managed a small arena in Tokyo. Kenshin became a parasite. Kenshin helped weak people and gained over Mr. Sanosuke Sagara, a former Sekihoutai fighter, and Mr. Yahiko Myoujin, an orphan.
Kenshin Family fought against Mr. Kanryu Takeda, an evil merchant, and "Oniwabanshu" ninja swordsman of Tokugawa Shogunate. The Oniwabanshu consisted of Leader Aoshi Shinomori and four pure, goodwill and warmhearted fighters. Those four fighters were killed by Mr. Kanryu Takeda and Aoshi went away. Then Ms Megumi Takani, a medical doctor, was saved by Mr. Sanosuke Sagara and she joined Kenshin Family thereafter.
The same year, Mr. Toshimichi Ookubo, the leader of Meiji Government, was killed by Mr. Soujirou Seta under Mr. Makoto Shishio. Mr. Hajime Saitou, an assistant police inspector under Mr. Toshiyoshi Kawaji, the head of Japanese police, tried to gain Kenshin over to Meiji Government.
Mr. Hajime Saitou was a member of Shinsen-gumi company under Aidu clan formerly.
Kenshin went to Kyoto by himself. He met a girl, Ms Misao Makimachi, who is a member of "Oniwabanshu" and who looked for Aoshi. Misao and Kenshin reached Kyoto together and visited "Aoi-ya," an inn.
"Aoi-ya" was a base of "Oniwabanshu." The master of "Aoi-ya" was Mr. Nenji "Okina" Kashiwazaki, an aged ninja swordsman, who bred Ms Misao Makimachi. Thereafter Kenshin Family reached Kyoto to meet Kenshin. Kenshin wanted to learn the secret sword art to defeat Mr. Makoto Shishio. Kenshin met Mr. Seijurou Hiko the 13th. At last he learned "Amakakeru Ryu No Hirameki." It meant the will to live.
Shishio had his Ten Swords, a group of fighters. However Kenshin Family and Mr. Hajime Saitou defeated the Ten Swords. On the other hand, Aoshi wanted to kill Kenshin. Kenshin defeated Aoshi with the "Amakakeru Ryu No Hirameki." Kenshin also defeated Mr. Soujirou Seta with the same art. At last Kenshin defeated Shishio with the help of Saitou, Aoshi and Sanosuke.
Next, people around Kenshin were attacked by Enishi Yukishiro's followers. They were called "The Six Revenge." Kenshin had been married with Tomoe Himura before Meiji Revolution.
Enishi Yukishiro was Tomoe's younger brother. The attack meant Enishi's private revenge. Enishi decided to attack Kenshin again. Kenshin began to talk about his own past. He worked for Choushu Clan as an assassin. After all, he killed Tomoe Himura by chance.
Six revenge came to Kenshin. They were defeated and Enishi and Gein escaped. Gein left a doll which resembled Kaoru. Kenshin went mad and went to "Rakunin Mura," a slum because he thought the doll was Kaoru's corpse.
But Kaoru Kamiya was still alive. Enishi Yukishiro had the No. 2 follower "Wu Hei-Xing." Gein and Wu wanted to betray Enishi. First Gein left Enishi. Then Aoshi Shinomori, who came to Tokyo to help Kenshin, killed Gein. On the other hand, Kujiranami went mad and began to fight against police.
Then Yahiko fought against Kujiranami. Kenshin came back to his family. Kenshin defeated Kujiranami. On the other hand, Sanosuke met his father Kamishimo-emon Higashidani. He understood what to do. He also came back to Tokyo. Kenshin family went to Enishi's fortress.

The TV-animation type Kenshin ended on 09/08/1998.
Thereafter OVA-type Kenshin is scheduled to be released.
The preview volume will be released on 12/02/98.
New CVs:
Enishi Yukishiro: Nozomu Sasaki
(He played the role of Clef from Magic Knight Rayearth.)
Tomoe Himura: Junko Iwao
(She played the role of Hikari Horaki from Neon Genesis Evangelion.)
Volume 1 was released on 02/20/1999.
Volume 2 was released on 04/21/1999.

From Recent Shounen Jump

A new enemy, Mr. Enishi Yukishiro whose elder sister, Ms Tomoe Yukishiro (or Tomoe Himura, Battousai's wife), was killed by Mr. Battou-sai Himura (Kenshin) came from Shanghai to Tokyo in 1878 in order to revenge himself on Kenshin. He called the revenge "Jinchu." "Jinchu" is a Japanese word and an antonym of "Tenchu." Tenchu means Heaven's punishment.

At last six revenge came to Kenshin. Five of them were defeated.
At last Kenshin began to fight against Enishi. Kenshin's "Amakakeru Ryu No Hirameki" was defeated. Enishi was wounded. However he was still alive. On the other hand, Enishi tired to kill Kaoru.

Saitou and Sanosuke fought against Kujiranami. Kujiranami was defeated. Kenshin went to save Kaoru Kamiya. But... What? Kaoru with a cross-shaped scar on her left cheek was killed by Enishi Yukishiro. He shouts, "My private punishment was completed!!!" (In the Weekly Shounen Jump 09/21/98)

Kaoru's funeral was held. But Kenshin missed. Kenshin went to a town "Rakunin-Mura." Enishi Yukishiro and Gein escaped.

Kaoru Kamiya was abducted by Enishi Yukishiro. His secret base was located at an island on Tokyo Bay. It was a strongfold in nature.

On the other hand, Kujiranami went mad and escaped from a Police station. Yahiko began to fight against Kujiranami. However Tsubame went to meet Kenshin. At last Kenshin came to his senses. Kenshin came to help Yahiko. Kenshin defeated Kujiranami.

When Kenshin lost his senses, Sanosuke left Tokyo. He went to Nagano and chanced to meet his father, sister and brother. His father, Mr. Kamishimo-emon Higashidani fought against a gang related with the local government. When Sanosuke defeated the gang, he found his way and he left Nagano.

At last Kenshin family with Hajime Saitou went to Enishi's fortress.

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