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  1. 12/04/98; New data on Anime Column were added.
  2. 12/05/98; I went to Osaka. I went to Nipponbashi to obtain SEGA's Dreamcast. But I could not get it. Asahi newspaper reported that Sega wanted to release over 500,00 sets of Dreamcast in this December. But Persons who reserved Dreamcast in Osaka have not obtain the sets yet.
  3. 12/08/98; My EVA page was revised.
  4. 12/09/98; New data on My EVA page were added.
  5. 12/11/98; "Anime Column 100 on 12/11/98" campaign started.
  6. 12/18/98; Cool Links were revised.
  7. 12/19/98; I went to Yotsuya, Tokyo, to see Mr. Gnu Richard Stallman.
  8. 12/21/98; Anime Column linked Stallman with EVA.
  9. 12/26/98; Dr.FangLang saw Ms Yun Kouga, a famous cartoonist in Japan, at Matsudo Isetan, a department store. She held a meeting for her autographs that day. She gave about 300 fans her autographs.
    By the way, that day Kadokawa's Monthly Shounen Ace February 1999 Issue was published. In that issue, CLAMP's latest work "Angelic Layer" started.
  10. 12/28/98; New data on anime column were added.
  11. 12/29/98; I went to Tokyo Big Sight to see Comike 55. Kochi-Kame appeared at Shueisha's Monthly Ribbon February 1999 issue.
  12. 12/30/98; Comike 55 was held. Nakoruru Association had a booth that day.
  13. 12/31/98; I saw Go Nagai's "Devilman Lady" pictures at Umeda Loft, Osaka.
  14. 01/01/99; The webmaster has not obtained a set of SEGA's Dreamcast yet.
  15. 01/14/99; New data on Anime Column were added.
  16. 01/17/99; Thank you very much for 6,500 hits of my top page.
  17. 01/18/99; New data on my Kenshin page were added.
  18. 01/19/99; New data on my Kenshin page were added.
  19. 01/22/99; New data on my EVA page were added.
  20. 01/26/99; I cought cold...
  21. 01/28/99; In Geocities.com/Tokyo, some conscientious pages were deleted.
  22. 01/29/99; Anime Column was revised.
  23. 01/31/99; Because of the decrease of the turnover, Nihonbashi Branch of Tokyu Department Store, Tokyo was closed that day. That day I bought a book at the 7th floor. The store, Former Shirokiya, had been managed for 336 years. The last day as "Makuhiki Senshuraku," it invited a famous grand sumo wrestler "Kyokushu-zan" and was closed with the performance of "Sumo Jinku" song at 8 p.m. As you know, the store was burn out in 1932. Thereafter it was reopened. It was called Shirokiya. In 1967 it was purchased by Tokyu Department Store.
  24. 02/05/99; New data on My Kenshin page were added.
  25. 02/07/99; I went to Tokyo Big Sight, Tokyo, to see Wonder Festival.
  26. 02/10/99; New data on My EVA page were added.
  27. 02/12/99; Anime column was revised.
  28. 02/13/99; Dr. Fanglang applied for a booth in Comike 56. The entry was for a Doujin-shi comic book of Animator Keiji Gotou.
  29. 02/14/99; The webmaster went to Kawasaki Daishi temple in order to drive away evil spirits. I got in JR Nanbu Line. (Sofmap began to sell Sega Dreamcast to common customers in Japan. Before the day, it sold Dreamcast only to pre-arranged customers.)
  30. 02/16/99; New data on My Nakoruru page were added.
  31. 02/18/99; New data on Anime Column were added.
  32. 02/19/99; New data on my Kenshin page were added.
  33. 02/21/99; I obtained a tape of Kenshin OVA "Memories, an assassin man."
  34. 02/25/99; I worked for the execution of an entrance examination of a university. Therefore I could not revise my pages.
  35. 03/03/99; I caught cold again. Since then my terminal has crashed for three weeks.
  36. 03/06/99; I came back home to Esaka, Suita city after two months' interval. I went to Neo Geo Land head office near my house to play Samurai Shodown arcade game. I won and won against Asura. But I was sick severely.
  37. 03/12/99; Temporarily updated. My PC is still crashed.
  38. 03/14/99; SNK did not announce its holding of Neo Geo DJ Station Live in Tokyo to Dr. FangLang. I had the mumps.
  39. 03/19/99; My boss is going to be transferred and promoted to be a deputy-director of a university hospital secretariat. Therefore we had to hold a farewell party in the evening.
    That day, as you know, a new Neo Geo World, an theme park including arcade games, was opened at Odaiba, Tokyo. I was not invited. On the same day, all data of my crashed machine were salvaged. Thereafter a standby machine came to me. I had to set it up till 11 PM!
  40. 03/20/99; 2nd day of Tokyo Game Show (1999, Spring). I'm still tired. It was a rainy day. In Japan, recently, archade game manufacturers release a new type game client using a new type interface. Such interfaces use an I/O device using human foots (and legs) or arms (not fingers!). When you play the game, you have to dance timing your steps to the display served by the game software. Of course a hard work! Now some game manufacturers release game software for private use. As you know, houses (or rooms) in Japan are very small. If you in Japan play such games, people in the neighborhood will get very angry! They will say, "Don't make so much noise!!!"
    As you know, Giant Baba (Mr. Shouhei Baba, a famous wrestler) was dead in 1999. Therefore martial art game softwares dealing with All Japan Professional Wresting were released. They often include Baba's real sound and performaces. Baba's follower Misawa, a rather famous wrestler, promoted such softwares.
    I saw Mr. Keiji Gotou. He is a famous and popular animator in Japan. He worked as a character designer in Martian Successor Nadesico. This time a new adventure game "Gatekeepers" is going to be released by Kadokawa Shoten Co. He works as a character designer and a cartoonist. He started a cartoon "Gatekeepers" at Kadokawa's monthly comic magazine "Ace Next."He is rather shy. Fight! Challenge!
    I saw Konami Yoshida, Hiroko Konishi, Chinami Nishimura, Yuko MIyamura and Haruna Ikezawa.
    That day I went to Akihabara to buy a set of DOS/V personal computer. My terminal was crashed and my private PCs were also crashed. I bought a set at Sofmap, Akihabara. It was a 1996 model. Of course rather old. The price was 81,000 yen.
  41. 03/21/99; 3rd day of Tokyo Game Show. I was very much tired. I was too tired to input commands of Sony Playstation demonstrative game software. I was so tired that I began to blame guests of booth events. I saw Mikako Takahashi, Hiroko Konishi, Ayako Kawasumi, Masami Suzuki and Maria Yamamoto. It began to rain when I came back.
  42. 03/22/99; I set up my new private PC.
  43. 03/23/99; The new environment started!
  44. 03/25/99; New data on my Kenshin page were added.
  45. 03/26/99; My EVA page was revised. The last episode of Kare-Kano was broadcast in Tokyo and Osaka. That day I also had a farewell party for my boss in the evening.
  46. 03/27/99; I went to Tokyo International Forum, Tokyo, to listen to a lecture by a scholar from Spain.
  47. 03/28/99; The last episode of Gasaraki was broadcast in Osaka and Tokyo.
  48. 03/29/99; New data on my Kare-Kano section were added. TBS (Tokyo) started short-sized TV-anime type "You're Under Arrest".
  49. 04/01/99; Sunrise and TV-Tokyo started a new anime title "Better Man".
  50. 04/02/99; TBS (Tokyo) broadcast a new episode of "You're Under Arrest" in Tokyo.
  51. 04/03/99; TV-Aichi started Atsuko Ishida's "Shin Hakken Den". ANB (Tokyo) broadcast the last episode of TV-anime type "Mamotte Shugogetten".
  52. 04/04/99; J.C.Staff and TV-Osaka started TV-anime type (not OVA!) "Soreyuke! Uchusenkan Yamamoto-Youko". Sun-TV started TV-anime type "To Heart". I obtained English-edition of "You're Under Arrest" at Shibuya Branch of "Tower Records". (As you know, Darkhorse Co. has publsihed English-edition of Kousuke Fujishima's works in Canada and USA. But it had not published paperback-type "You're Under Arrest". Paperback-type one was published in 1997 in USA. But it was not sold in Japan. At last that day I obtained one.)
  53. 04/05/99; New data on my Anime Column were added. TV-Tokyo started Akitarou Daichi's "Juubei-chan Lovely Eyepatch's Secret". Hiroko Konishi plays the role of the heroine Jubei Yagyu Junior. Harumi Ikoma plays the role of her classmate "Maro" who speaks Osaka-dialect. The anime's original story and cartoon are drawn by Director Akitarou Daichi himself. TV-anime type "Arc the Lad" also started...
  54. 04/06/99; New data on my Anime Column were added. Second Part of TV-anime type "Card Captor Sakura" started...
  55. 04/07/99; "Tenshi Ni Naru-mon! (I'll be an Angel!)" and "Angel-Links" started.
  56. 04/08/99; AIC's "Dual! Parallelun-lun Story" started.
  57. 04/09/99; "Turn A Gundam" started. You think First World War era. But then several children came from the moon to the earth. They get in a kind of Gundam. It is said the story includes all the Gundam stories. Kia Asamiya's "Collector Yui" started.
  58. 04/10/99; Non-charged type TV-anime "Card Captor Sakura" started.
  59. 04/11/99; I set up my new computing environment.
  60. 04/12/99; New data on Anime Column were added.
  61. 04/21/99; I obtained a tape of Kenshin OVA "Memories 2, a stray cat."
  62. 05/06/99; I was suffering from SPAM attack. I had a medical examination. Doctor pointed out my liver disease.
  63. 05/07/99; New data on my Kenshin page were added.
  64. 05/11/99; I saw cinema-type "No Need For Tenchi - in Love 2." The director must reflect himself.
  65. 05/15/99; In Osaka, MBS began to broadcast mini-sized TV-anime type "You're Under Arrest."
  66. 05/16/99; My front page got 7,000 hits.
    I saw cinema-type "You're Under Arrest." You should see it. Great!!
  67. 05/25/99; Volume 1 of "Melty Lancer the Animation" was released.
  68. 05/26/99; National Police Agency of Japan began to expose illegal copy through internet using MP3 technology. Perhaps those who live abroad as well as in Japan cannot use anime songs as your homepage BGMs from now.
  69. 05/30/99; I obtained 3rd volume "Ah! My Goddess" written in English at Shibuya branch of Tower Records.
  70. 05/31/99; My front page was renewed.
  71. 06/05/99; I obtained a new scanner set.
  72. 06/06/99; My entry of Summer Comike was rejected again.
  73. 06/12/99; My Geocities 2nd Anniversary

    (What was going to happen?)

  74. 06/15/99; I sympathized with my junior partner about his mother's death. (But he is older than I.) So I went to Musashi-Ranzan, Saitama Prefecture, to keep vigil over her. I do not like Musashi-Ranzan. A woman who lived there let me close my Slayers fan page 30 months ago.
  75. 06/22/99; NHK broadcast the last episode of the second period of BS-anime type "Card Captor Sakura." At last Sakura defeated Yue which means Moon (a Chinese word). Yue installed Sakura as the new master of Clow Cards.
  76. 06/23/99; Suddenly I got a new job at Ebisu, Tokyo, since 07/01/99.
  77. 07/01/99; I began my new work at Ebisu. Those days, farewell parties were held day after day. But the new office did not hold a reception.
  78. 07/24/99; I went to Tokyo Big Site to see the first day of Tokyo Character Show. At Kodansha's booth, I bought a set of Belldandy figure(3,600 yen). At Tomy's booth, I obtained three sets of cellophane picture of "Fortune Quest L" (4,500 yean). At Bandai's booth, I obtained a set of manju bun of Card Captor Sakura (1,000 yen) and a fan of Card Captor Sakura (500 yen). That day's hightlight was Maria Kawamura's talk show. President Tsuguhiko Kadokawa of Kadokawa Shoten Co. appeared once. An elder female guard had recourse to violence to the audience.
  79. 07/25/99; I went to Tokyo Big Site to see the second day of Tokyo Character Show. At Pioneer LDC's booth, I obtained one set of diary refill with Kiyohiko Azuma's cartoons (1,000 yen). Pioneer LDC (located at Ebisu-Minami) is very close to my office. By the way, the event was planned by Broccoli. Broccoli's anime shop "Gamers" also sold advance tickets of the event. If you obtained one there, you would have a plastic sheet with a picture of a pretty character "Di Gi Charat."(Tuiteru-nyo.)
  80. 07/28/99; I went to Nagoya to meet executives of Aichi Prefecture. Before I left Nagoya, I went to Oosu to obtain a private videogame software named "Asonde Shugogetten." But it was sold out.
  81. 07/30/99; I went to Kyoto to join a meeting.
  82. 08/08/99; I went to Tokyo Big Site to see Wonder Festival. Kaiyoudou (Osaka) holds the event twice a year. It thought "Creating private figure dolls" was a special hobby for elite. Therefore it is not a good tendency that the hobby is popularized. Kaiyoudou started a new bland "Wonder Showcase" in order to promote several original and radical figure doll creators under its protection at Wonder Festival. Thus several creators were designated as "Wonder Showcase" there. Of course I did not such blands. (Very expensive.)
  83. 08/13/99; The first day of Comike 56 (Tokyo Big Site). I arrived at Tokyo Big Site at 5:50 a.m. But thousands of people had already waited there. I waited and waited. At last I got a doujinshi cartoon book drawn by Uroboros (Hiroyuki Utatane).
  84. 08/14/99; The second day of Comike 56 (Tokyo Big Site). It rained.
  85. 08/15/99; The third day of Comike 56 (Tokyo Big Site). I joined a CG anthology produced by Nakoruru Association. 24 sets were sold.
  86. 08/27/99; I went to Ariake Zepp Tokyo to see a newly developped videogame title presentation produced by SNK.
  87. 08/29/99; I went to Shinjuku Piccadilly -3 theater to see cinema-type Card Captor Sakura. The anime movie was very popular in Japan.
  88. 09/03/99; I got four sets of Ty's Beanie Babies at Shibuya Branch of Sony Plaza.
  89. 09/07/99; I got three sets of Ty's Beanie Badies at Ginza Branch of Sony Plaza.
  90. 09/10/99; Rururu Kondou, a famous cartoonist in Japan, started his latest series "Kokuran" at Kadokawa's monthly comic magazine "Ace Next" (since 1999 October issue).
  91. 09/11/99; I went to Makuhari-Messe to see World PC Expo. Apple's iBook was very heavy.
  92. 09/12/99; I went to Tokyo Big Site to see Amusement Machine Show. Its highlight was Capcom's booth. But SNK and Capcom did not show their cooperation. I got two sets of Ty's Beanie Badies at Shinjuku LUMINE-2 Branch of Sony Plaza.
  93. 09/13/99; Nobuhiro Watsuki wrote at the latest issue of Weekly Shounen Jump, "The next episode of Rurouni Kenshin will be the last episode." Ah! What a pity! Sony Computor Entertainment released the outline of the newly developped videogame client "PlayStation2." I determined that I would stop doing my DUTY to SEGA.
  94. 09/15/99; I started an event-list on Tokyo Game Show at my homepage at Japan-Geocities (Playtown/4081).
  95. 09/17/99; At last I revised my Yahoo-Geocities homepage (Tokyo/4081). TV-anime type Corrector-Yui was broadcast. There "Corrector Haruna" suddenly appeared!
  96. 09/18/99; I went to Makuhari Messe to see Tokyo Game Show 1999 Autumn. I obtained a novelty presented by ASCII on Rururu Kondou's "Ten Carat Torte."
  97. 09/19/99; I went to Makuhari Messe to see Tokyo Game Show 1999 Autumn. I saw a show performed by Tomokazu Seki and Miki Nagasawa supported by Director Otakkie Sasaki.
  98. 09/20/99; At last the last episode of Rurouni Kenshin was presented by Shueisha.
  99. 09/21/99; I went to Kyoto to join a meeting at Kyoto University.
  100. 09/22/99; I went to go to Osaka and Kyoto to join a meeting. I obtained three sets of Ty's Beanie Badies at Kyoto Kawaramachi Branch of Sony Plaza. I obtained two sets of Ty's Beanie Badies at Osaka Umeda Branch of Sony Plaza
  101. 09/23/99; I obtained two sets of Ty's Beanie Badies at Osaka Umeda Branch of Kiddy Land. I came back to Tokyo because of approach of a typhoon.
  102. 09/24/99; I saw cinema type of Utena and Cyber Team in Akihabara at Shinjuku Toei Palace-2.
  103. 09/29/99; New data were added.
  104. 09/30/99; At Tokai Village, Ibaraki Prefecture, a company "JCO" made a nuclear accient which hit critical mass.
  105. 10/02/99; New data were added.
  106. 10/03/99; I went to Waseda, Tokyo, to obtain second-handed academic books. But I could not obtain a purpose written by Hiroki Azuma.
  107. 10/05/99; At Amazon.com, I bought several books on credit. If I fail to pay the debt, Sakura Bank's examine on my credit information is regarded as very easy.

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