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    The Queen of Shopping

    As you heard your friends' talk, my new office is very close to Westin Hotel, Yebisu, Tokyo.
    One day a famous female novelist came there because she granted an interview to Asahi Newspaper's reporter. That day an auction sale of branded goods was held there. Most of such branded goods are made in France or Italy. Of course, they are very expensive. I cannot obtain them.
    But the female novelist can buy them. Her name is Usagi Nakamura. She is very famous for her fantasy fictions among anime fans in the foreign countries. But in Japan she is not so popular. Recently she began to write essays for businessmen. She is becoming popular.
    This September the last story of her title "Gokudou-kun Manyuki" was broadcast by TV-Tokyo. 13 volumes of her original novel "Gokudou-kun Manyuki" are published by Kadokawa Shoten Co.
    Perhaps she and her husband in Hong Kong earn a lot of money which we cannot imagine. (It is said that her father and mother are also very rich.)
    By the way, she has been suffering from shopping dependence for a long time. She lives in Azabu near Yebisu. There the price of all merchandise is very expensive. In fact, I pay 1,500 yen for my lunch everyday in Yebisu.

    Usagi Nakamura was born in 1958 in Fukuoka Pref. She graduated from Department of English Literature, Faculty of Letters, Doushisha University. Thereafter she worked as a copywriter.
    She always shops round. At her latest work, "The Queen of Shopping," she writes she fails to pay the resident tax. But she always shops round. She shops thing which costs several million yen. ???
    She has several credit cards. Its utmost limit of paying is very high. What a enviable situation it is! She calls herself "The Queen of Shopping."

    I wanted to buy things on credit because I often shops at Yebisu Branch of Mitsukoshi. Sakura Bank examined my credit information. The bank issued my credit card after three months. But its limit is very low. Of course, I cannot buy branded goods on credit. Ah.... (Maybe when I go abroad on business, I will have to make another credit card...)

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    Gokudou-kun Manyuki

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