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    As you heard your friends' say, I got a new job this July.
    This is the first column at my new office.
    Now as you know, you heard a crisis in Japan. Tokai Village is located at Ibaraki Prefecture. Ibaraki Prefecture is close to Tokyo. And Tokai Village has several research institutes related with nuclear sciences. Over 33,000 people live there.
    Ibaraki Prefecture was formerly called Hitachi. The capital has been Mito. In the Edo Era, Mito Clan was lacated there and its feudal lord was Mito Tokugawa Family. Mito Tokugawa Family was one of three important families that claim kindred to Tokugawa Shogunate.
    If you like Japanese sword fight shows, you would hear Mito's Goroukou (the retirement lord). Mito's Goroukou or Mito's Koumon means Feudal Lord Mitsukuni Mito Tokugawa. He was one of Ieyasu Tokugawa's grandsons. He is one of senior advisers of Tokugawa Shogunate. As you know, he invited ministers of Late Ming Dynasty from Taiwan. He began to edit the general history book of Japan.

    Recently an anime title became popular. It is "Stella-Buster Mito's Great Adventure." It is braodcast in both Tokyo and Osaka. Space Pirate Mito (CV: Tomoko Kawakami, after Ms Megumi Hayashibara was married, Ms Kawakami is the most skillful voice actress in Japan.) was a princess of Space Kingdom. But her relative Ranban(CV: Rumi Kasahara) plotted for the coup d'état. In the Space Kingdom, royal family members do not have sex. Their sex differentiates in Coming of Age Day. Because of the nature, they can make love with every type of space intelligent beings.
    On the other hand, Mito bacame a female child. But Ranban's sex did not differentiate. Ranban was expelled. Therefore Ranban wanted to expel Mito.
    At last Ranban expelled Mito. Ranban worked as the Commissioner of the Galaxy Patrol. Mito had to escape from the Space Kingdom. Mito began to form the Space Pirate. Space Pirate Leader Mito often attacked Galaxy Patrol.
    An inspector of Galaxy Patrol died because he did not obey Ranban's order. His son and daughter had to bear up the cross under Ranban. His son's name is Masatsuki Nenga (CV: Yumiko Kobayashi). His daughter's name is Mutsuki Nenga (CV: Kyouko Tsuruno/ Former Mifuyu Hiiragi).
    Mito often went to the earth. One day she went to Amanohara-chou, Japan, to meet a man. His name was Kagerou Mitsukuni (CV: Kazuhiko Inoue). Thereafter he was married with Mito. Mito gave birth to a boy. His name is Aoi Mitsukuni (CV: Souichirou Hoshi). Mito hided her true character. She acted as a fashion model in front of Amanohara-cho people. Kagerou died young.
    One day Aoi knew Mito's true character. Model-type Mito is tall. Mito's true body looks like a small child. He was very much shocked. Then Galaxy Patrol attacked Mito and Aoi.
    Mito has a lot of follower fighters. Two of them are deputy commanders. They are Sukesaburou (Sabu) (CV: Motoko Kumai, she is also very skillful.) and Kakunoshin (Shin) (CV: Yu Asakawa). Two women guarded Aoi. They are Ms Miyako Oukubo, a school teacher (CV: Machiko Toyoshima), and Ms Kafuko Kakugeiin (CV: Omi Minami).
    Kafuko Kakugeiin loves Aoi but he does not love her. Kafuko is Town Headman's daughter. She is also skilled in military arts.
    On the other hand, Galaxy Patrol sent Mutsuki and Masatsuki to Amanohara-chou. Mutsuki approached Aoi as a school mate to kill Aoi. But Mutsuki loved Aoi. Mutsuki and Masatsuki are men from outer space that utilize nitrogen Water melts their body. Fungi and mushrooms in the earth grow on their hair.
    Masatsuki uses his robot-type weapon called Kaizoukun but was often defeated. At last Ranban appeared in front of Mito and Aoi. Then Aoi began to have superhuman power. Ranban was defeated...(Part 1)

    Aoi was a boy. But after Ranban was defeated, Aoi became a girl. Aoi ascended to the throne as the Queen of Space Kingdom. Ranban, Mutsuki and Masatsuki worked as Aoi's followers.
    Then the first queen of the Space Kingdom appeared. Her name is Hikari (CV: Hiroko Konishi). She was an essential existence of the space. She made all stars and livings. But she was too bored to destroy a lot of stars. She found a human boy. His name was Akitsu. She loved Akitsu but Akitsu does not love her. Akitsu wanted to guard people. At last he was killed by her. She was sealed by his Kageridama (Negative Gem).
    Of cource she died long time ago. She does not have her real body. To revive her body, she had to collect three holy items. They are Hikaridama (Positive Gem), Mirror (Former Queen's body) and Sword (a space ship called Dainagon).
    By capturing Mutsuki's body, Hikari defeated Aoi. Aoi, Ranban, Mito and Kafuko escaped. What? Kafuko can escape Hikari's attack! Ranban saw this and let Kafuko guard Aoi. Mito's mother Soubou (CV: Sakiko Tamagawa) was the predecessor queen. Her body is the mirror. Soubou was defeated. Then Hikari collected the three holy items. Aoi began to love Mutsuki. Hikari left Mutsuki's body. Aoi, who has Kageridama, challenged Hikari...(Part 2, Futari No Joousama)
    These series were produced by Director Takashi Watanabe. A female classmate Azuki is not popular. Ms Mikako Takahashi, which is a young pretty tennager girl, played the role of Azuki. Her manager wants to make her name famous as an idol star.

    Asahi Newspaper dealed with this title two times in 1999. The space opera is a parody of Mitsukuni Mito's folklore.
    Sumitomo Metal Mining Co. began nuclear solid fuel business since 1957. Their skill was a conversion technology of UF6 to UO2. Their Tokai Plant started since 1973. The plant became a subsidiary company of Sumitomo Metal Mining Co. since 1980. The company name became JCO Co. since 1998. JCO makes UO2 powder (718,000 kilograms as Uranium a year).

    As you know, the critical mass accident was saved and Tokyo did not have panic. But Germany laid stress on the accident and mocked Japan. Japanese nuclear facilities are regarded as black boxes. Therefore people at Tokai Village did not know JCO's business. Those who deal with nuclear business must realize accountability.... Tokai Village is close to Mito City and Mito's folklore.

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