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A MASSPRODUCTION COLUMN (05/08/98, 05/13/98, 05/18/98, 06/02/98, 02/16/99, 10/01/99 Revised)

    Do you love Akihabara?

    "Yoshitaka Fujimoto's CYBER TEAM in Akihabara (Japanese title: Akihabara Den-nou-gumi)" started on 04/04/98 in Tokyo.
    You know I have got a new job near Akihabara, Tokyo this April. I came to Tokyo recently.
    This May, I came back to Osaka temporarily. Osaka Mainichi Broadcasting System (MBS) does not think the anime is important. In Osaka, this anime is broadcast midnight of every Saturday. (Timelag between Tokyo and Osaka is 7 days.)
    Apparently this anime is made for elementary school girls. Few children will see the program on 2:40 a.m.

    You know Japanese system in private broadcasting station. After World War II, the first private station in Japan, Osaka MBS was established. Thereafter Osaka Asahi Broadcasting Company (ABC) was established. These two have both TV stations and AM Radio stations.
    You know almost all of TV programs in Japan are produced in Tokyo. However these MBS and ABC in Osaka have strong power on broadcasting planning.
    You know Osaka ABC and Osaka MBS reporters cover accidents all over the world. At normal broadcasting system in Japanese private stations, reporters working for key TV stations in Tokyo cover abroad accidents. However ABC and MBS send reporters to foreign countries. It is uneconomic. Many audiences blame those activities. However those reporters went to Kamchatka, the Philippines and Korea to made these people angry. You know Japanese Government had to pay a lot of money for consolation because those reporters made Asian people angry. This time ABC reporter went to Indonesia to cover students' demonstration. He was injured. It is a nonsence. Tokyo reporters must go to get injured this time.
    These two often produce their original programs. Therefore many anime programs have been ignored. For example, you know "SLAM DUNK." This title was a very popular anime. It was broadcast in Tokyo on 19:30 every Saturday. In Osaka, Osaka ABC has a famous original program on 19:30 every Saturday. This title is "Bucho-Keiji (Urban Police 21)." This means unit chief among Detectives. This Drama show program started in 1950's. It is cooperated by Osaka Prefectural Police Headquaters. It is regarded as a kind of public relations of Osaka Police. I could not see SLAM DUNK on 19:30.
    Another example was shown. In Osaka, Kansai Television (KTV) braodcasts Fuji Telecast's program. Kansai Television has a famous original program titled "Sanma No Manma." It is very popular in Osaka. This title is a talk show by Sanma Akashiya, a popular comedian. It is broadcast on 19:00 every Tuesday. You know Rurouni Kenshin is broadcast on 19:30 every Tuesday. Kenshin team often broadcasts special program as weaving on 19:00. In Osaka, those weaving stories of Kenshin are ignored because Sanma No Manma must be broadcast.

    On the other hand, Yomiuri Television in Osaka (YTV) broadcasts Nihon Television's programs. However YTV has a lot of popular anime titles. YAWARA!, Detective Conan, Magic Knight Rayearth, Kyojin No Hoshi, etc. Osaka people can often see revival of these titles.

    You know TV-Tokyo broadcasts a lot of anime titles everyday. Half of these are broadcast only in Tokyo. You know MEE's Hyper Police was broadcast only in Tokyo.
    TV-Osaka broadcasts TV-Tokyo's programs. However TV-Osaka broadcasts many anime titles produced by other stations, for example, Fuji Telecast.

    A new wave appeared. Sun Television in Kobe is a small TV station. In 1995, this station was destroyed by the Hanshin Earthquake and was rebuilt. Sun Television is famous for Hanshin Tigers' baseball game lives. Its announcers take sides with Tigers even if they were NHK retirees. The live can be sometimes seen in Tokyo (Chiba Television, TV-Kanagawa, etc.). Sun Television started an anime title "Legend of Basara." Unfortunately Sun Television, TV-Kanagawa, and Chiba Television are independent UHF stations. Therefore visual quality is very bad.

    This April, a lot of anime titles started. CYBER TEAM in Akihabara is not normal among those titles. Of course, Jiku Tenshou NAZCA is more curious.

    You know All-purpose Cultural Cat Girl Nuku Nuku was broadcast from this January to March in TV-Tokyo. The director was Mr. Yoshitaka Fujimoto. Yoshitaka Fujimoto and Ashi Production produced TV-animation type Nuku Nuku in their original way. Yoshitaka Fujimoto's feature is pictorial letters. Their hieroglyphic pictures show static pictures' mean.

    Animators must express action and characters only by pictures. He gave up pictorial expression. He used letters in order to express the conditions. This is illegal. "Kosoku Ihan Yo! Pi Pi Pi!" (You ignored rules! Pi! Pi! Pi!)

    Some critics blamed him. However he established his own letter-using anime system.

    His new work is CYBER TEAM in Akihabara. If you do not live in Tokyo, you hardly see it. Tokyo Broadcasting System (TBS) broadcasts the title on 17:00 every Saturday. It is near future Akihabara's robot story anime.
    The title has a wirepuller. His name is Mr. Toshitomo Ootsuki. You know (if you read my EVA page) he is a great producer from King Records (Star child Label). He produced Neon Genesis Evangelion. Thereafter he began to blame EVA fans. He told EVA fans to discard EVA. He made this EVA huge world. He must manage those EVA world. We EVA fan will not give up EVA world.
    Producer Toshimichi Ootsuki established KA-NON, an anime group. It is like Be-papas by Kunihiko Ikuhara. KA-NON started a serial cartoon at monthly magazing for girls "Nakayoshi" published by Kodansha this February. Sega-Toys started action figure doll project for KA-NON. This time TV-anime type CYBER TEAM in Akihabara started.

    In near future Akihabara, some evil capitalists manage Akihabara electric store street. They want new trade rights. The principal of Akihabara Third Junior High School, Mr. Washu Ryugasaki (CV = Hirotaka Suzuoki, He plays the role of Hajime Saitou from Rurouni Kenshin) started Pata-Pi project.Moreover mayor of Akihabara aids Mr. Ryugasaki.
    Pata-Pi is a small-sized electric robot as a pet. Many girls bought Pata-Pi's. Pata-Pi consists of a lot of electric parts. Users can tune it up by exchanging those parts. Therefore many girls studied electrical handicraft skill.
    Mr. Ryugasaki expect Pata-Pi's awakening. To awaken them, he sent his follower "Shooting Star, Black Prince" (CV = Mr. Tomokazu Seki, He played the role of Touji Suzuhara from EVA).
    The heroine, Ms Hibari Hanakoganei (CV = Ms Ryouka Shima) is a first grade student (Class A) of Akihabara Third Junior Highschool. She did not have her own Pata-Pi. One day she met a boy "White Prince" (CV = Mr. Kappei Yamaguchi). He gave her Pata-Pi "Densuke" (CV = Ms Megumi Niiya).
    On the other hand, Black Prince's follower Ms Jun Goutokuji (CV = Ms Chieko Honda), an office worker, attacked her as Blood-Falcon. Then Densuke woke and changed herself into Diva-type Densuke. Diva-type Densuke looks like an adult-female shaped robot. Densuke defeated Blood-Falcon and her follower monsters.
    An electronical parts shop "Mimizuku-dou" owner Shimabukurou Sengakuji (CV = Mr. Kenichi Ogata) watches Hibari. He is Kamome Sengakuji's grandfather.
    On the other hand, Hibari's parents are engineers. Her mother is Ms Hinako Hanakoganei (CV= Ms Hiromi Tsuru) and her father is Mr. Tokijirou Hanakoganei (CV =Mr. Takuma Suzuki).
    Hibari's intimate friend Suzume Sakurajousui (CV = Ms Kozue Yoshizumi, a very pretty voice actress) has her tuned-up Pata-Pi "Franchesca" (CV = Ms Yui Horie). Franchesca has bomb shooting units and fortunetelling function. Fortuneteling function "Camellia Maki" is a premium of Misdo doughnut. Sakurajousui Family is very rich. Her father's friend presented the unit for her. Her class is 1-A.
    Blood-Falcon attacked Hibari again. Then Diva-type Densuke was pinched. Suzume was jealous of Densuke's metamorphosis. When Suzume was angry, Franchesca woke and change herself into Diva-type Franchesca. Franchesca defeated Blood-Falcon.
    Ms Tsugumi Higashijujou (CV = Ms Yu Asakawa) is also a first grade student (Class B) of Akihabara Third Junior Highschool. She graduated from Akihabara First Elementary School. Suzume and Hibari graduated from Akihabara Third Elementary School. These two did not know her. Tsugumi is good at sports. She wants to be an idol star such as Ms Hatoko Daikanyama (CV = Ms Yumi Kakazu).
    Her Pata-Pi "Tetsurou" (CV = Ms Motoko Kumai) is also powerful. Tsugumi's father Kamonosuke Higashijujou (CV = Mr. Nobuo Tobita) is a judo school owner. Tsugumi's mother Misako Higashijujou (CV = Ms Yumi Kakazu) is a professional wrestler "Rosario Misa."
    Near Akihabara, "Nishi Ryougoku University" is located. In a laboratory, Shooting Star's follower Miyama Soshigaya (CV = Ms Sakiko Tamagawa, she played the role of Natsumi Tsujimoto from You're Under Arrest. This evil character was called Miyama Nakameguro in the beginning.) studies computer science. Ms Soshigaya attacked Suzume as Death Crow.
    When Tsugumi feared, Tetsurou woke and changed herself into Diva-type Tetsurou.

    On the other hand, Ms Hatoko Daikanyama (CV = Ms Yumi Kakazu), an idol star, attacked Hibari, Suzume and Tsugumi as Dark Vision. She is a follower to Black Prince.
    Another character Kamome Sengakuji (CV = Ms Miki Nagasawa, she played the role of Vampire Miyu.) will appear. She speaks Osaka-dialect. Her Pata-Pi is Billiken (CV =Ms Wasabi Mizuta.)

    Girls who can awaken these Diva-type Pata-Pi are called "Anima Mundi."
    Diva-type Pata-Pi's energy is neutrino from "Primum Mobile."
    Diva-type Densuke is called Aphrodite (2.22 meters, 222 kilograms). She is good at speedy kicking and chopping. Diva-type Franchesca is called Hestia (2.25 meters, 231 kilograms). She can make repulsion field. Diva-type Tetsurou is called Athena (2.23 meters, 243 kilograms). She is good at wrestling. Diva-type Billiken is called Amphitrite.

    5 episodes were broadcast. However Diva's true character and Principal's aim have not been shown yet.
    This deals with near future Akihabara. However this Akihabara is as unclean as Akihabara at present.
    The principal asked those three if they loved Akihabara. He always looks at Akihabara street. Must unclean Akihabara be changed?

    Divas are very sexy and Hibari, Suzume and Tsugumi are very pretty. Moreover voice actresses for Hibari, Suzume and Tsugumi are very beautiful. We expect this anime and media-mixture.

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