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Japanese anime characters against crimes
CharactersCharacter VoicesTitlesBroadcast at PresentFeatureSuitable or not
Natsumi TsujimotoSakiko TamagawaYou're Under ArrestFormerly broadcastA powerful policewoman good at riding a motorcycle. Popular among young male adults. Rather minor.Rather good.
Kankichi RyoutsuLassalle Ishii (a famous comedian)Kochi-KameBroadcast at PresentA lazy policeman good at high technology. Very popular among adults and children in Japan.Suitable.
Kenshin HimuraMayo Suzukaze (a musical star)Rurouni KenshinBroadcast at PresentA swordsman. He always appeals to children for the living will. Very popular among young women. However he has a sword by Shakku Arai.We must prohibit
children from using
knives, swords and
guns at present.
Not suitable.
Sanosuke SagaraYuji UedaRurouni KenshinBroadcast at PresentA former fighter of Sekihotai. A comrade of Kenshin's. Yuji Ueda is also a famous disc jockey. He appeals to children as an elder brother.Rather good.
Misao MakimachiTomo SakuraiRurouni KenshinBroadcast at PresentA ninja girl. A comrade of Kenshin's. Rather popular among children. She also has her radio entertainment programs.Rather good.
Natsuki SasaharaYuko MiyamuraHyper PoliceFormerly Broadcast only in TokyoA young goblin cat policewoman using magic. The title was not broadcast at almost of districts in Japan.Not suitable.
Nuku Nuku NatsumeMegumi HayashibaraNuku NukuBroadcast at Present (till March 1998)A robot from a cat. She fights against an evil C.E.O. of Mishima Industry. Rather popular among children. She often goes too far. However Megumi Hayashibara is the most popular voice actress in Japan. She has many radio entertainment programs.Not unsuitable.
Akari KanzakiRio NatsukiBattle Athletess DAIUNDOUKAIBroadcast at Present (till March 1998)A young female athlete aiming at the cosmo beauty in 4999. She is pretty and cheerful. Very popular among young adult and children. One of image-up characters for the new postal code system of Japanese Government.Rather good.
NakoruruHarumi IkomaSamurai ShodownThe title is one of videogames.An ainu fighter in the Tokugawa Shogunate. She always fight for the protect of environment. Very popular among young adult. Rather minor. One of image-up characters of Mitaka City.Rather good.
Asuka Langley SoryuuYuko MiyamuraNeon Genesis EvangelionFormerly BroadcastEVA is one of the most popular titles in Japan. Asuka is also very popular. She always speaks to Shinji in a commanding tone. Yuko Miyamura also has a radio entertainment program.Rather good.
Touji SuzuharaTomokazu SekiNeon Genesis EvangelionFormerly BroadcastA friend of Shinji's. He always shows a chivalrous spirit. Not popular.Not unsuitable.
Misato KatsuragiKotono MitsuishiNeon Genesis EvangelionFormerly BroadcastShinji's protector. Very popular among children.Rather good.
Ranma Saotome(Female) Megumi HayashibaraRanma 1/2Formerly BroadcastA very famous character in Japan. However Ranma often box the principal.We must prohibit
children from boxing
teachers at present.
Not suitable.
Lina InverseMegumi HayashibaraSlayersFormerly BroadcastA powerful magician female fighter. A former robber. Not persuasive.Not suitable.
Hikaru ShidouHekiru ShiinaMagic Knight RayearthFormerly BroadcastA young female magician fighter against Zagato. She became the tentative Pillar of Cefiro in CLAMP's original comics. Formerly popular but not popular at present.Not suitable.
Usagi TsukinoKotono MitsuishiSailor MoonFormerly BroadcastShe fought against the evil as the Sailor Moon. She emphasized the friendships. Of course, very famous. Not popular at present.Not unsuitable.
AtomMari ShimizuAstroboyFormerly BroadcastTeduka's powerful robot for the Japanese Government. However Osamu Teduka was dead. He always made anime for himself as well as the original comics. We cannot make Teduka-like propagandas using Atom.Not suitable.
Tsukushi MakinoMaki MochidaHana Yori DangoFormerly BroadcastA poor and powerful high school student. She is rather opposed to the authority. She is very popular among female children.Not unsuitable.
Utena TenjouTomoko KawakamiUTENA -La Fillette Révolutionnaire-Formerly BroadcastA powerful high school female student. A very famous character. However the story of UTENA was not for children.Not suitable.
Sakura KinomotoSakura TangeCard Captor SakuraThe title will be broadcast from Broadcast Satellite.A very popular character by CLAMP. A magical girl. However the title will be broadcast from BS. Many children cannot see the character.Not suitable.
Hyuma HoshiTouru FuruyaKyojin No HoshiFormerly BroadcastA very famous character in Yomiuri Giants. He has been often chosen as image-up symbols in commercial films. Not popular among children.Not unsuitable.
Lupin IIIKanichi Kurita (at present)Lupin IIIFormerly BroadcastA very famous character. He has been often chosen as image-up symbols in commercial films. However he is a thief after all. Not popular among children.Not suitable.
Yawara InokumaYuko MinaguchiYAWARA!Formerly BroadcastA young judo girl. Champion at two Olympic games. A very famous character. However the real character, Ms Ryouko Tamura for Toyota Corp., is more popular than Yawara Inokuma.Not unsuitable.
RyoukoAi OrikasaNo Need For Tenchi!Formerly BroadcastNo Need For Tenchi by AIC is a tear-jerking program. However a popular character Ryouko is a Space Pirate. She plays the role of an elder sister of children.Not suitable.
Masaki TenchiMasami KikuchiNo Need For Tenchi!Formerly BroadcastRyouko loves Tenchi. Tenchi is an irresolute boy. He fights against the evil.Not unsuitable.
Sasami JuraiChisa YokoyamaNo Need For Tenchi!
Pretty Samy
Formerly BroadcastA child in the Masaki Family. A very popular magical girl. It is thought that she is normal.Rather good.
LumAya HiranoUrusei YatsuraFormerly BroadcastA very famous character. A thunder girl. However most of children do not know her.Not unsuitable.
Meimi HaneokaTomo SakuraiSaint Tail@Formerly BroadcastA thief girl fighting against the evil. Formerly very popular. She is a thief after all.Not suitable.
Sakura ShingujiChisa YokoyamaSakura WarsAn OVA title.The heroine from a very popular video game. However the game is for Sega Saturn. Many children do not know her.Not suitable.
MiyuMiki NagasawaVampire MiyuBroadcast at Present only in Tokyo and Osaka.A vampire fighting against Goddemons. Rather minor. The title is broadcast only in Tokyo and Osaka.Not suitable.
Shirou KamuiTomokazu SekiXA cinema title.An student with supernatural power. He fought against Fuma Monou for the old authority at last. Rather minor.Not suitable.
Cha ChaMasami SuzukiRed Riding Hood Cha ChaFormerly BroadcastA magical girl. A very famous character. Very popular among female children.Rather good.
Sana KurataShizue Oda (a disc jockey)Kodomo No OmochaBroadcast at PresentAn actress and high school student. Very popular among young female adult and female children.Rather good.
Akito HayamaTatsuya NakazakiKodomo No OmochaBroadcast at PresentA friend of Sana's. However he often has quarrels with friends and teachers.We must prohibit
children from boxing
teachers at present.
Not suitable.

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