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This site was registered at Nakoruru Association.
このサイトは「We Love Rimururuキャンペーン」に賛同しています。

This site supports "We Love Rimururu Campaign."
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Our Nakoruru Association participated in the Comic Market 55 at Tokyo Bigsite on 12/30/1998 Wednesday.
Nakoren Booth is located at "Japanese-hiragana-letter Ta"-09a in Hall "West-2."
The second Doujinshi Comics was titled "iyayraykere."
"Iyayraykere" means "Thank you."
Dr. FangLang drew twelve pages there. 24 good fans only bought the Doujin-shi cartoon books.
The first period of the Nakoruru Germinizing Project has finished on 11/30/97. And the second period of the Nakoruru Germinizing Project has finished on 12/30/98.

This site is on Nakoruru and Samurai Shodown series.
Nakoruru (CV = Ms Harumi Ikoma) was born in Kamui Kotan village, Hokkaido, 10/11/1771. She is the heroine there, as you know.

Here are my banners!
A Large-sized Banner of Germanizing Nakoruru
A Small-sized Banner of Germanizing Nakoruru
"Bushidohretsuden - Shinsetsu Samurai Spirits" Copyright (c) 1997 SNK, Fuji Telecast, Asatsu
My second BBS started! Sorry, it is written in Japanese.
However, if you have Japanese character set, please write your opinion on Nakoruru, sweet cakes, and Japanese video games here.

This site is registered at MAML, a famous anime link site in Germany. Please refer to it.
Formerly this corner was a part of assorted anime column. The following lines are linked with other anime columns and my top page.
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