A Development Agenda

Uswag! is a waray term that has different meanings for different people in different circumstances. What is common in this diversity are its positive connotations. It is a welcome invitation for someone at the door. It is the nicest way to let a friend into your house. It is also a call to prosperity for a people wallowing in poverty.

Uswag! connotes togetherness, unity and participation! It is an invitation to be together, to be one, to belong. It is a welcome for a long lost friend, even political ones, leaving grudges and discussing differences in a most creative and productive manner.

Uswag! is a call, a challenge! A call to do, to move, to be a part of a great endeavour that is change. A quest to change people's lives and community to something better.

USWAG, PALO! ,therefore, is an invitation and at the same time a challenge! It is an invitation for the people -- the Paloaono people - - to particiapte and get involve in the development process. This is a call for everyone to share his/her talents, skills and competencies for the welfare of the community and the people that live in it. This is an invitation and challenge for every Paloano to be a part of the process of development; from planning, to its implementation and monitoring and evaluation; and also to equitably enjoy the fruits of all our labors.


USWAG, PALO! envisions a community where the people have equitable access to economic opportunities, and factors of production, greater control of their lives and the capability to govern themselves under the reign of peace; where the people's organizations, non-government organizations and the local government units, from the barangay to the municipal level, are working harmoniously and symbiotically to attain an acceptable degree of social, cultural, political, moral and economic development; where every venture, especially economic ones, are focused towards the preservation and conservation of the fragile eco-systems to sustain any attained development.


USWAG, PALO! is in itself a mission! A quest for every Palon-on to be a Palon-on and share whatever he/she can muster for the good of everyone. It is our mission to provide everyone with the basic neccessities and support to live a humane and decent life. It is also our mission to encourage friends, neighbors and everyone we know to participate in the formulation, implementation and monitoring of programs, projects and activities that your govern- ment delivers to compensate for what you - - the Palon-on - - have given to your government.

It is our misison to bring everyone and every sector to the threshhold of development by working together as a team to bring about socio-economic development, achieve a more equitable distribution of wealth and gain through the equitable allocation and access to economic, social and cultural especially educational opportunities, thereby, promoting and actualizing self-governance and self-sufficiency.


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