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What is a Paloano?
A Paloano is a native of, a resident or former resident of Palo, Leyte.
Where is Palo, Leyte?
The town of Palo is on the island of Leyte in the Philippines.
When was the organization formed?
It was formed during the summer of 1993.
Why was the organization established?
The Paloanos of the East Coast, USA organization was set up to create and establish fellowship and bond among Paloanos and respective families living particularly, but not limited to, the East Coast of the United States and to support the development of the municipality of Palo, Leyte, Philippines.
How many members does it currently have?
There are currently 66 individual members in 25 families. (unofficial)
Who were the past sponsors of the annual fiesta celebration and where was it held?
1993: Mrs. Consorcia Gardiola (Newark, New Jersey)
1994: Mrs. Ophelia Ante-Fornillos (Jersey City, New Jersey)
1995: Mr. & Mrs. Noel/Jane Bautista-Advincula (Norfolk, Virginia)
1996: Mr. & Mrs. Nieto/Florence Urbina (Belleville, New Jersey)
1997: Mr. Ed Mueva (Baltimore, Maryland)
1998: Mr. & Mrs. Gary/Rosie Lee-Guzman (Westland, Michigan)
1999:Mr. & Mrs. Don/Carina Woods-Velasco (Norfolk, Virginia)
2000: Mr. & Mrs. Tommy/Carmelita Aquino (Aug. 4-5, 2000)
Do you have newsletters?
Yes.  We have two newsletters. They are:

"Bahalina" - A quarterly a year issued newsletter that contains articles about the most latest news about the organization, waray stories and poems, and the updated version of the members directory. This newsletter is mailed to all the members.

"Hinumduman" -It's an annual yearbook given out to all the members on the the day of the annual fiesta. It has articles and photos from the past year's fiesta.

What is the official homepage of the Paloanos of the East Coast, USA?
The organization's official homepage address is http://webspace.webring.com/people/cu/um_2636
When was the homepage created?
Our homepage was created on January 14, 1997.
What is the organization's official e-mail address?
You can send your e-mails to maraksot@hotmail.  It is not the official e-mail address though but it will be sent to the appropriate person eventually.

Last Updated:  December 23, 2000
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