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Hello, my name is Subaru Sumeragi and I live in Tokyo. I work as an Onmyouji, beacuse I'm the 13th head of the Sumeragi clan. Now I'll explain you my tragic story, explained in seven TOKYO BABYLON volumes. Here you can see pictures of me when I was 16 years old.

She is my dear twin sister, Hokuto. I can't explain how much I loved her and I can't forgive me for lead her to death and being unable of avoid it....

He is my loved-hated fried Seishiro Sakurazuka. He is an Onmyouji too, actually, he is the Sakurazukamori, my enemy. He works as a veterinary in Shinjuku and he liked to say that he loved me. I was so innocent and I trusted so much on him that i belived him. I'm still punishing me for this... He still likes to smoke. Here you can see two pictures of him when he was 25 years old.

Well, so here is my story. When I was a child I saw the Sakurazukamori killing a girl. My fate was to dead, but how I was so innocent and opposite to him, he decided to make a bet. When we'll meet me again, he will live with me during one year, taking care of me and loving me. If after this year he feel somethig about me I shall live, if not I shall die. He marked my hands whith inverted pentagrams, to remember that I was his prey.

Of course, I didn't remember that bet when I met him at Ikebukuro Station. And my poor grandmother had covered my hands with magical gloves, that I never could put off, to protect me from him. But they didn't worked, my destiny was written and he recognized me.

Can you believe? He said he loved me, he cared me... and after a year.... he said that he didn't feel anythig for me. He had to kill me and he tried. But my grandmother saved me. Why, I had to die, It would have been better if I was dead. I wanted to die when he said I was like a stone in his path. My heart was broken and I was sleeping inside myself, without say anyting, without move...

Until a voice called inside my dream. She was Hokuto and she needed my help. She was changing our fates, she was giving her live for me, she died in Seishiro's hands instead of me.

Why? Why she had to do such thing? To save my miserable live? Now my only wish is to kill Seishiro. The person I loved, the person who killed my sister, and I'll do it, or I'll die doing it.

Here more pictures of me. I still can't believe how I could be so stupid..

Here you can see pictures of Seishiro and me. How nasty I feel now seeing me in his hands.

Now I'm 23 years old and my live is to work and to train myself until be able of kill him. Smoking reminds me him and my mission.

Well, I've a new fried, Kamui Shirou. He has a tragic live like me. He's destiny is to save the Earth but he has lots of troubles, so I'll help him. Here anohter picture of me.

And here some pictures of Kamui and his friend/enemy Fuuma.

Here you'll find my favourite song Kiss Kiss. It's the ending song of the first Tokyo Babylon OVA. And here you'll find lyrics.

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By Kris "Su-chan" Huguet

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