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LadySheira: Hi there minna-san! I am your web hostess Lady Sheira, but please call me Sheira. Thank you for visiting my Slayers Page. Unfortunately I am very busy with my Senior year, so I will haveto leave you in the care of my very good friends. I'm sure that the three of you will find your way around my site.

Zelgadis: Hi Sheira, I see we have guests.
Sheira: Yeah could you go get Xellos please.
Sheira bathes in sweatdrops and Zel leaves
Sheira: Thanks Zel.
Sheira smiles nervously and backs away all the while nodding her head. ^_^
Sheira: Da!
Sheir frowns and scratches the back of her head.
Sheira: I have been watching too much Fushigi Yuugi.
Zell enters in with a disgruntled Xellos walking behind him.
Xellos: So help me if a pack of raving females attacks me, I swear!

Sheira: Calm down Xellos. Our guests wouldn't be rude enough to attack you our entry way. But in their fanfics, your open season. Well I have to go now. Zel, Xellos, now you two behave! And watch out for falling objects, this place is under major construction.
Sheira leaves, and Xellos smiles at you.
Xellos: Hello. Welcome to Lady Sheira's Slayers Fanfiction Page and Zelgadis shrine. What I don't get one?
Zelgadis: No


Xellos hit Zel over the head with his staff. Zel growls and holds his hand in front of his body.

Zelgadis: Ra-Til!
Xellos clamps his hand over Zel's mouth.
Xellos: Don't do it. Sheira told up to behave. Besides, considering how new this page is, your Ra-Tilt will probably bing the page down around our ears.
Zelgadis: o_0;;
Xellos: Well let's get on with the page ne?
Zelgadis: Ano, didn't you forget something?
Xellos: Oh, all the neat fanart on this page was done by Eugene. Her e-mail is Here Now on with the show!
Xellos waves his staff, and a portal appears before you.
Xellos: Now choose your path.
A green door apears before you
Xellos: This is Sheira's Library

Sheira's Library

Xellos waves his staff and another door, this time blue, apears next to it
Xellos: Please Visit Sheira's Shrine to Zelgadis

Zel's Corner

Xellos points at a red door
That is the Sheira's Shrine to Rezo the Red Priest over there. And I still don't have one!

Rezo's Laboratory

Xellos: Don't forget to visit the links page
Xellos gestures at a small notebook lying on a table next to the green door.


Xellos waves his staff once more, and a book apears upon the table next to the notebook.
Xellos: This is our picture album, there isn't much here right now, but we are working on it


Zelgadis: Hey check out or newest addition, the Spellroom


Xellos: Yes well before I was so rudely interupted
Xellos glares at Zelgadis
Xellos: Please visit our Guestbook.
Xellos points at book lying on the table next to the blue door

Sign Guestbook | View Guestbook

Xellos: See how many people have visited us

Xellos: Check out Zelgadis' Ring Of Power

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