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Appearing in her first series drama since 1992's "Sugao no Mamade," Akina played the leading role in the recent suspense drama "Tsumetai Tsuki" ("The Cold Moon"). A Yomiuri TV production for Nihon TV, the 10-episode series aired Monday nights at 10:00pm from January 12 to March 16, 1998.

The Story

Tsumetai Tsuki As the drama begins, Kiyoka Shiina (Akina) is on top of the world. A skilled surgeon in her professional life, Kiyoka is happily married to the popular television newscaster Kohei Shiina (Takuro Tatsumi) and seven months pregnant with their first child.

Meanwhile, Misaki Morishita (Hiromi Nagasako), who works as an Italian-language interpreter, is happily married to Mansaku (Takeshi Ihara) and also expecting a child.

Driving home on a rainy night, Kohei accidentally hits a woman at a crossing. In a fit of panic, he flees the scene. Unbeknown to Kohei is that the whole incident was witnessed by Misaki, who calls in the emergency. In critical condition, the woman is rushed to the hospital where Kiyoka performs life-saving emergency surgery.

Following the incident, Kiyoka is puzzled by Kohei's strange behavior in response to the topic of the hit-and-run victim. Her suspicion is aroused further by her husband's damaged car. Kiyoka confronts Kohei, who breaks down and pleads for her help. Desperate to cover for the man she loves, Kiyoka has the car destroyed.

Akina and co-star Hiromi Nagasako As Kohei and Kiyoka agonize, Misaki is also troubled. Not wanting to be incovenienced during her pregnancy, yet feeling compelled to come forward with her information, she is indecisive. Her desire to do the right thing is ultimately stronger and so she notifies the authorities.

Unable to deal with his guilt and pressured by the law closing in on him, Kohei commits suicide. In her overwhelming grief, Kiyoka suffers a miscarriage. At the hospital, Kiyoka awakes to the devastating news. With her husband and unborn child both gone, Kiyoka loses her will to live.

Following a failed suicide attempt, Kiyoka learns that it was Misaki who identified Kohei as the hit-and-run driver. Filled with rage, she blames Misaki for her husband's death and subsequent miscarriage. Consumed by her hatred for Misaki, Kiyoka finds a new purpose in life... Vowing to make Misaki's life every bit as miserable, Kiyoka plots her revenge...

The Cast

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