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New Releases

Trust Me Akina's new single "Trust Me" and album "Will" were released on December 1st. For details, click on the links to view the discography.


Charity Appearance

On November 16th, Akina was one of 23 entertainers who participated in "Heart Aid," a charity concert to benefit the victims of the recent earthquake in Taiwan. The event was held at the Tokyo International Forum and was Akina's first public appearance since her recent problems were made public. Akina performed "Dear Friend" in addition to an old Yamaguchi Momoe song "Iihi Tabidachi" and was warmly received by the fans in attendance. She also assured the fans that she would continue to fight on in spite of the negative publicity.

Akina's Troubles

At this point, I am sure that most of you have heard about Akina's current troubles. Up until now, I had opted not to post any kind of statement. However, given the circumstances, I feel there is little choice.

Akina is once again the subject of negative publicity. The latest media onslaught began with the disclosure that fans who had purchased tickets to the cancelled birthday concerts have yet to be reimbursed. The implications arising from this lengthy delay combined with the amount of money involved (estimated to be around 23 million yen) have left Akina under personal attack and have even fueled speculation regarding her possible retirement.

Indeed, there have been serious developments: Akina's production company has reportedly cancelled its contract with her effective the end of October. In addition, Akina's record company (Gauss) may elect not to re-sign her to a new contract (her current contract finishes at years end).

More than ever before, Akina truly needs the support of all her fans. I know I am not alone in hoping that these issues are resolved as quickly as possible and in a manner most favorable to Akina.

1999 Christmas Dinner Show Schedule

Akina will once again perform a number of hotel dinner shows in December. The schedule is as follows:

Dec 17 (Fri) Kobe Okura Kobe Hotel 078-333-0111
Dec 18 (Sat) Nagoya Nagoya Kanko Hotel
First Show: 4:00pm
Second Show: 7:15pm
Dec 20 (Mon) Osaka RIHGA Royal Hotel 06-6232-9944
Dec 21 (Tue) Osaka RIHGA Royal Hotel 06-6232-9944
Dec 22 (Wed) Kyoto New Miyako Hotel 075-771-7159
Dec 24 (Fri) Tokyo Hotel New Otani
First Show: 4:00pm
Second Show: 8:30pm
Dec 25 (Sat) Chiba Makuhari Prince Hotel 043-296-1111

Upcoming Releases

The release date for Akina's new single "Trust Me" and album "Will" has been delayed to December 1st. The single had been previously scheduled for release on November 21st and the album on November 22nd.

As reported earlier by Sean, the new album includes some re-worked tracks from Spoon with a spanish guitar/latin beat style.

The C/W song for "Trust Me" is "Yuki no Hana ~ White X'mas" (chamber music version). The single also includes karaoke (voiceless) tracks for both songs.

The song list for "Will" is as follows:

  1. Tobira (Overture)
  2. Garnet
  3. Trust Me (all espanola)
  4. Pretend
  5. Arashi no Nakade (misterioso "A")
  6. Genwaku (anabile "A")
  7. Kisei ~ Never Forget (Taste "A")
  8. Konnanimo...
  9. Tsuki no Hohoemi (Accoustic Version)
  10. Will
  11. Tomadoi
  12. Ophelia

Special Best

Newest Compilation Album

Universal Victor released another compilation album entitled "Nakamori Akina Special Best" on October 20, 1999.

For details click here.

Wizardry ~DIMGUIL~ Soundtrack

Wizardry Game Song

The soundtrack for the video game Wizardry ~DIMGUIL~ (TYCY-10020) was released by Toshiba EMI on August 18th. The CD includes two versions of the song "Tsuki no Hohoemi" (The Moon's Smile) with vocals by Akina.

Click here for more information.

Happy Birthday, Akina!

Akina's Birthday

Happy Birthday Akina!

Akina will be celebrating her 34th birthday on July 13, 1999.

On a secondary note, CJ's Akina Page will be celebrating its second anniversary.

17th Anniversary

May 1, 1999 marked the 17th Anniversary of Akina's career as a recording artist. Since her debut in 1982, Akina has topped the music charts with many a single and album. Over the years, she has been the recipient of numerous awards including the prestigious Record Taisho in 1985 (Meu Amor é...) and 1986 (Desire). In addition, she has had starring roles in a number of made-for-TV specials and drama series.

Best wishes to Akina for continued success in all of her endeavors!

Akina Hospitalized!

In late January, while filming an action sequence for "Border," Akina fell and was struck hard on the chest. After the accident, it initially appeared that Akina had not been seriously injured.

In early February however, she began to experience discomfort. A doctor's examination revealed that she had suffered fractured ribs. Displaying her characteristic determination, Akina donned a supporter and continued filming the drama. Then in mid-February, her condition was further complicated when the injury became infected. After filming the 8th episode on February 23rd, Akina was hospitalized in severe pain and fever. On the advice of her doctor, Akina suspended all activities.

With Akina unable to complete filming of the final episodes, YTV has opted to rewrite the script to end with the 9th episode. Extremely disappointed with the outcome, Akina is currently recovering in the hospital. She is expected to be released from the hospital the first week of March.

I know I am not alone in wishing Akina a speedy and complete recovery.


New Single

Akina's newest single "Ophelia" was released by Gauss Entertainment on January 21, 1999. The C/W song is titled "To Be" and features all-English lyrics (the first such single to be released by Akina).

"Ophelia" is the theme song for Akina's NTV drama series "Border."

New Drama Series

Be sure to check out Akina in the new Yomiuri TV production "Border". Akina portrays police psychologist Kirie Sugishima. The 10 episode series also stars Tsutsui Michitaka and Sato Hitomi.

Border will air on Monday nights at 10:00pm beginning January 11, 1999. The theme song "Ophelia" is Akina's next single and will be released by Gauss on January 21, 1999.

Click here for the press release.

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