New Drama

Akina will star in the upcoming Yomiuri TV production "Border" which will begin on January 11, 1999. Akina will portray Kirie Sugishima, a police psychologist investigating unusual and atrocious crimes.

Filming for Border has commenced. The drama is scheduled to air Mondays on NTV at 10:00pm (the same time slot that "Tsumetai Tsuki" held). Akina will also sing the theme song, entitled "Ophelia," which will be released as a single (GRDO-21) on January 21, 1999.

Click here for the press release.

Nakamori Akina no Sekai

Special Cassette

On December 20, Universal Victor released a cassette-only compilation entitled "Nakamori Akina no Sekai" (The World of Akina Nakamori). The cassette includes ten songs (renewed versions of some of Akina's older songs) which were originally included in the 1995 release "True Album."

1998 Christmas Dinner Show Schedule

During December, Akina performed her dinner shows at a number of hotels throughout Japan. The schedule was as follows. Click on the links for hotel information.

Dinner Show
Dec 3 (Thu) Kanazawa ANA Hotel Kanazawa
Dec 9 (Wed) Gifu Grand Hotel
Dec 11 (Fri) Kofu Fujiya Hotel
Dec 15 (Tue) Kyushu Kitakyushu Prince Hotel
Dec 18 (Fri) Yokohama Yokohama Prince Hotel
Dec 20 (Sun) Osaka RIHGA Royal Hotel
Dec 21 (Mon) Osaka RIHGA Royal Hotel
Dec 22 (Tue) Kyoto Kyoto Hotel
Dec 24 (Thu) Tokyo Le Meridien Grand Pacific Tokyo
Dec 25 (Fri) Tokyo Le Meridien Grand Pacific Tokyo

The program was as follows:

  1. Koun no Yakusoku
  3. Refrain
  4. Exotica
  5. Tomadoi (New Version)
  6. Lodge de Matsu Christmas (Yuming)
  7. Tooigai no Dokokade (Nakayama Miho)
  8. Christmas Eve (Yamashita Tatsuo)
  9. Kita Wing
  10. Meu Amor é...
  11. DESIRE
  12. Aibu
  13. Kazarijanainoyo Namidawa
  14. Yuki no Hana ~White X'mas~


1998 Autumn Live

Akina's "Symphonic Concert '98" was held at the Tokyo International Forum on two nights: Tuesday, November 3 and Wednesday, November 4.

The program was as follows:

  1. Akina Single Medley (Orchestra solo)
    Slow Motion, Kita Wing, Jukkai(1984), Kazarijanainoyo Namidawa, DESIRE, Gypsy Queen, Kisei ~Never Forget~
  2. Second Love
  3. Futarishizuka
  4. Four Seasons Medley (Harmonica solo)
    Haruno Ogawa (Akina & harmonica), Umi, Chisai Aki Mitsuketa, Akatonbo, Petica, Yuki no Furumachiwo
  5. Kata Omoi
  6. Slow Motion
  7. Mizunisashita Hana
  8. Orchestra Medley - Bizet's "Carmen" Suite No. 2
  9. Meu Amor é...
  10. SAND BEIGE -Sabakuhe-
  11. Cosmos
  12. Nanpa Sen
Encore (November 3rd)
  1. Yokan
  2. Tsubasao Kudasai
  3. Yumesaki Annainin (Yamaguchi Momoe)
  4. September (Mariya Takeuchi)
Encore (November 4th)
  1. Yakusoku
  2. Arifureta Fukei
  3. Watashi wa Kaze
  4. Refrain
  5. Yokan

1999 Calendar

The release of Akina's '99 calendar was cancelled. For reasons that are not yet clear, the publishing company decided not to go through with it. Very disappointing!


Re-release Of Early Singles

On November 26, Warner Music Japan re-released Akina's original 26 singles (WPC6-8658~83) in standard CD (5 inch) format. Each disc contains the title and C/W songs along with a live version. The 12-inch single "Akaitori Nigeta" was not included in the set.

1Slow MotionWPC6-8658
2Shojo AWPC6-8659
3Second LoveWPC6-8660
41/2 no ShinwaWPC6-8661
5Twilight - YuuguretayoriWPC6-8662
7Kita WingWPC6-8664
8Southern WindWPC6-8665
9Jukkai (1984)WPC6-8666
10Kazarijanainoyo NamidawaWPC6-8667
11Meu Amor é...WPC6-8668
12SAND BEIGE -Sabakuhe-WPC6-8669
14DESIRE -Jounetsu-WPC6-8671
15Gypsy QueenWPC6-8672
19Nanpa SenWPC6-8676
24Dear FriendWPC6-8681
25Mizunisashita HanaWPC6-8682

Best Collection

New Collection

On October 21, Universal Victor released "Best Collection." The two-disc set features 28 songs including a mix of singles and songs from previous albums.

Radio/TV Appearances

Akina's fall schedule included the following radio and television appearances:

Oct 4 (Sun)   Sunday Good Selection
Oct 7 (Wed) 2:45 ~ 3:15am NTV Pocket Music
Oct 24 (Sat) 10:00pm NTV The Yorumo Hippare
Oct 29 (Thu) 3:00pm Tokyo FM Afternoon Breeze

Hong Kong Charity Concert

The Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center was the site of "Food Aid Concert" held on October 15 - 17. Akina was to join Jose Carreras and other singers for the charity concert which benefit the children of North Korea.

Originally scheduled to perform "Tomadoi" and "Good-Bye My Tears" on the 17th, Akina was not able to appear at the concert as planned. This development came as an unfortunate consequence of the political strain between Japan and North Korea following the North's controversial rocket launch.

Initially believed to be a ballistic missile test, the launch was later determined by experts to have most likely been a failed attempt to put a satellite into orbit.

Nevertheless, in keeping with Japan's sanctions against North Korea, Akina's production company was compelled to cancel her appearance. As an advocate of charitable causes, Akina accepted the decision with regret.


New Single

Akina sang the theme song for the TBS Ai no Gekijo drama "39 Sai no Aki." The drama began August 31 and starred Nagisa Katahira and Mako Ishino. The single, entitled "Tomadoi," was released on September 25.

The C/W song "Good-Bye My Tears" is the theme song for a drama entitled "Nananin no OL Sommelier." The 2-hour special drama starred Akina and was broadcast by TBS on September 25.

Regeneration II

Another Remix

Warner Music released a second compilation of re-mixed songs on September 25. The CD is entitled "Regeneration II ~ Nakamori Akina Remix II."

For details, please see the discography.

Happy Birthday, Akina!

Akina's Birthday

Akina celebrated her 33rd birthday on July 13, 1998. Here's hoping she had a fabulous birthday! And many more to come...

Also on that day, CJ's Akina Page celebrated its first anniversary--one year on the web!



Warner Music has released yet another compilation. This one is entitled "Regeneration ~Nakamori Akina Remix~" and features re-mixed versions of some of Akina's older songs. It went on sale June 25, 1998.

For more, check out the discography.


New Album

Released on June 17, 1998, "SPOON" is Akina's first album under the Gauss Entertainment label. The album features 11 songs and includes her recent singles "Konya, Nagareboshi" and "Kisei ~Never Forget~"

For details, please see the discography.


New Compilation

On May 25, 1998, Warner Music released a compilation entitled "Recollection ~ Akina Nakamori Super Best." The 2 disc set features Akina's earlier singles.

Konya Nagareboshi

New Single

Look for Akina's latest single entitled "Konya, Nagareboshi" released by Gauss Entertainment on May 21, 1998.


Fan Club News

Check it out! Alteracion's official home page ALTERA-NET is up.

Basic features include Akina's profile, discography (with RealAudio) and fan-club application. Special "members-only" features include "Altera News" (the latest news and announcements), "Altera Gallery" (a photo gallery featuring Macromedia's Shockwave Flash), "Akina Altera Aid" (charity fund raising events), and a fan image gallery and contest.

The 5-day fan club tour to Malaysia (scheduled for April 16 - 20) was cancelled because Akina fell ill at the end of March. This news was very disappointing for the 100 fans who had arranged to attend.

1998 Concert Tour Schedule

Akina's 1998 Concert Tour "SPOON" included 15 concerts in 14 cities. The schedule was as follows:

June 21 (Sun) Yokohama Pacific Yokohama
June 23 (Tue) Kagoshima Shimin Bunka Hall
June 26 (Fri) Fukuoka Sun Palace
June 28 (Sun) Osaka Koseinenkinkaikan
June 30 (Tue) Kyoto Kyoto Kaikan
July 3 (Fri) Suzuka Shiminkaikan
July 5 (Sun) Kobe Harbor Land Plaza
July 7 (Tue) Okayama Symphony Hall
July 10 (Fri) Nagano Kenminbunkakaikan
July 15 (Wed) Shizuoka Shiminbunkakaikan
July 17 (Fri) Sapporo Kouseinenkinkaikan
July 22 (Wed) Sendai Sun Plaza
July 24 (Fri) Gunma Kiryuu shi Shiminbunkakaikan
July 26 (Sun) Tokyo Kokusai Forum
July 27 (Mon) Tokyo Kokusai Forum

The program was as follows:

  1. Your Birthday
  2. Norma Jean
  3. Lonely Journey
  4. Milonguita
  5. Kagami no Naka no J
  6. Korekara Naturally
  7. Tsubaki Hime Julianna
  8. Amish
  9. Blue On Pink
  11. Angel Eyes
  12. Abunai Mon Amour
  14. Koakuma Rupuazon
  15. Bara Hitoyo
  1. Koiji
  2. Rakuen no Megami
  3. Genwaku
  4. Arashi no Nakade
  5. Konya, Nagareboshi
  10. Meu Amor é...
  11. Kazarijanainoyo Namidawa
  12. Dear Friend
  13. Eki
  14. Kisei ~Never Forget~


Radio Shows

Akina made appearances on the following radio shows during March and April:

3/16 "Notteke Terry" on Nippon Broadcast* (13:30~14:30)
3/16 "Emotional Beat" on T-FM* (18:30~19:00)
3/30 "Yoshida Terumi no Yaruki MANMAN" on Bunka Broadcast
4/?? "Elwellness" on JFN
*live broadcasts

Super Best

New Album

A new album entitled "Akina Nakamori Super Best" was released by Universal Victor on March 4, 1998. The album is a compilation that includes many of Akina's previous singles.

For more information, please refer to the discography.

Kisei ~Never Forget~

New Single

Akina's first single of 1998 is the theme song for her drama series "Tsumetai Tsuki."

The single--entitled "Kisei ~Never Forget~" was released on February 11, 1998 by Gauss Entertainment.

Attention gamers: Akina also sings the theme song for the Play Station game "Wizardry ~Llygamyn Saga." The title of the song is "Tsuki no Hohoemi" (The Moon's Smile). Look for the Akina-like singer in the bar.

Charity Fund Raising

On January 14, Akina performed at a live benefit concert in Gobo City, Wakayama Prefecture. The name of the event was "Charity Live in Gobo ~ Moving Life ~" and tickets were sold out. Each year, Gobo city invites a singer to take part in the live benefit for the handicapped. Akina is also actively involved in charity through her fund-raising organization Akina and Alteracion Aid (AAA).

The program was as follows:

  1. Slow Motion
  2. Gekka
  3. Tsuki no Hohoemi
  6. Meu Amor é...
  8. Kazarijanainoyo Namidawa
  9. Nanpa Sen (acappella)
  10. Second Love
  11. Tsubasao Kudasai

Tsumetai Tsuki

TV Drama

Akina, who had not appeared in a series drama since 1992's "Sugao no Mamade" (Fuji TV), played the leading role in the recent romantic suspense drama entitled "Tsumetai Tsuki" ("The Cold Moon"). A Yomiuri TV production, the 10-episode series debuted on January 12, 1998 and aired Mondays on Nihon TV at 10:00pm. Produced by Yoshikazu Horiguchi and directed by Akihiro Karaki and Yoshikazu Tanaka, the series also starred Hiromi Nagasako, Koji Matoba, Ryo Karawatari, and Takeshi Ihara.

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