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Re-release Album Compilations

UNBALANCE+BALANCE+6 On December 4, 2002, Universal Japan released 4 new compilation CDs: "UNBALANCE+BALANCE+6" (UMCK-1149), "Utahime Special Edition" (UMCK-1150~1), "La Alteración+4" (UMCK-1152), and "SHAKER+3" (UMCK-1153).

Each disc is a re-release of one of Akina's earlier albums with added bonus material. The Utahime Special Edition packages the original cover album with an instrumental version. Each of the other three titles include bonus tracks which consist of Akina's original singles released around the time of the original albums' release dates.

Musica Fiesta Tour 2002

Concert DVD/Video

A new DVD entitled "Akina Nakamori ~ Musica Fiesta Tour 2002" is now on sale. Featuring footage from Akina's summer concert tour, the concert video is available in both DVD (UMBK-1046) and VHS videotape (UMVK-1046) formats.

Akina performs a total of 22 selections including a number of her classic older hits as well as songs from her recent albums "Resonancia" and "ZERO album."

Please refer to the Videography for additional information.

New Album

Utahime Double Decade

Akina's new CD is a self-cover album entitled "Utahime Double Decade" (UMCK-1139) released by Universal Japan on December 4, 2002.

The album contains a selection of 12 hit songs from Akina's Warner days along with two instrumental tracks. All of the songs feature new musical arrangements.

Please refer to the Discography for additional details.

2002 Dinner Show Schedule


Faith Way has announced Akina's 2002 Christmas Dinner Show schedule. The show dates and venues are as follows:

(FW Members)
12/3 Toyama ANA Hotel (Toyama) *17:00/18:00 *20:30/21:30 ¥38,000 9/11~9/17 Ticket Desk 9:00~18:00
12/6 Hotel Metropolitan Sendai (Miyagi) *17:00/18:20 *20:15/21:35 ¥36,000 9/13~9/20 Event Div. 10:00~18:00
12/9 Keio Plaza Hotel Sapporo (Hokkaido) *18:00/19:15 *21:30/22:15 Dinner: ¥38,000 Cocktail: ¥28,000 9/24~9/27 Kyodo Sapporo 10:00~17:00
12/11 Gifu Grand Hotel (Gifu) *17:00/18:15 *20:00/21:15 SS ¥42,000 (private) S ¥39,000 A ¥37,000 9/11~9/20 General No. 10:00~18:00
12/15 Hotel Clement Tokushima (Tokushima) *17:00/18:00 *20:00/21:00 ¥37,000 9/11~9/20 Reservations: 9:00~19:00
12/17 Hotel Granvia Okayama (Okayama) *17:30/18:40 *20:30/21:40 SS ¥38,000 S ¥35,000 A ¥32,000 9/11~9/20 Sales Div. 9:00~16:00
(M~F) 086-234-7000
12/19 Hilton Hotel Nagoya (Aichi) *18:30/19:50 ¥42,000 9/11~9/25 FAITH WAY
For More Info:
13:00~17:00 (M~F)

*Details Below

12/21 Yokohama Prince Hotel (Kanagawa) *18:30/20:00 ¥40,000 9/11~9/25  
12/22 Hotel New Otani Tokyo (Tokyo) *18:00/19:30 Regular S ¥44,000 Regular A ¥39,000 9/11~9/25  
12/24 Rhiga Royal Hotel Osaka (Osaka) *18:30/20:00 ¥40,000 9/11~9/25  
12/25 Otsu Prince Hotel (Shiga) *17:30/19:00 *20:00/21:30 ¥36,000 9/11~9/25  
12/27 Grand Hyatt Fukuoka (Fukuoka) *17:30/18:35 *20:35/21:40 S ¥40,000 A ¥38,000 9/11~9/20 Akina Dinner Show Div. 10:00~18:00 (M~F)
(Toll Free)

*For tickets handled by Faith Way only:
  1. Use a Japanese Postal Transfer Form
  2. Account #00110-9-190991
  3. Payee: Faith Way
  4. Own name & address as well as name, address, and phone no. of where tickets are to be sent
  5. Faith Way membership number, Date of dinner show, location, and number of tickets desired
  6. Ticket cost plus ¥500 for shipping/handling (within Japan)
Tickets will be mailed in late October.

For Dear Friends

New Box Set Released

A new box set entitled "For Dear Friends ~ Single Collection Box" (WPC7-10152~55) was released by Warner Music on August 21.

The set which contains 53 songs on 4 CDs, focuses primarily on Akina's '80s hit singles (beginning with her debut single "Slow Motion") but also includes some tracks originally released by Gauss.

Musica Fiesta Concert Tour

Akina Live Akina completed her summer concert tour on July 13.
The program for the concert was as follows:

  1. Genshi, Onna wa Taiyou Datta
  2. Ophelia
  3. Gypsy Queen
  4. Nanpa Sen
  5. Second Love

  6. Missed U
  7. Siesta
  8. Carnaval
  9. Carmesi

  10. The Heat ~ musica fiesta

  11. Medley: Aibu / Moonlight Shadow /
    Jukkai (1984) / 1/2 no Shinwa /
    Kazarijanainoyo Namidawa / DESIRE

  13. TATTOO
  14. Southern Wind
  15. Meu Amor é...

  16. Cosmos

  17. Ruriiro no Chikyuu
  18. Kisei ~Never Forget (selected venues)

Happy Birthday Akina!

Happy Birthday Akina!


Akina celebrates her 37th birthday today. Saturday also marks the final performance of her Musica Fiesta 2002 summer concert tour.

Best wishes to Akina for a wonderful birthday and fabulous finale to her concert tour!


Music DVD Release

Akina's newest music video entitled "Apasionado" (UMBK-1040) was released by Universal Music on July 10.

Available on DVD and VHS, the video includes songs from Akina's latest album "Resonancia" and features footage from the shooting of her promotional video for "The Heat ~musica fiesta~" in Spain.

"Fun" Guest Appearance


FUN On June 7th, Akina will appear in the "Fan Box" segment on the NTV program "FUN." In this part of the show, the guest artist is given the opportunity to speak directly with a group of fans.

My 'net-friend and fellow Akina fan, Austin Moore, was among the select group of long-time fans who were invited for an audition and ultimately selected to participate in the taping, which took place on the night of May 16. Here he relates some details of the night's events:

Twenty-three of us met at Keio-Inadazutsumi Station (on the Keio Line) and were given big pin-on badges with numbers. I was 14. We were loaded onto a TV Station bus and taken about ten minutes away to the recording studio. It was a big place called "Ikuta Studio."

We took our seats in a tiny box-like room with a big TV monitor on the wall. Akina was elsewhere. So when it finally came time to converse, it was all done via satellite. That of course was disappointing. But it was Akina talking with our group, live.

Once inside we were all told what we were supposed to talk about if the show's MC (Norika Fujiwara) called on us. I was pretty sure that I would be called because two weeks ago, a Canadian woman was on the show and was given quite a lot of time to talk about her interest in Mr. Children. (In retrospect, that may be why I wasn't selected this time. I mean, giving foreigners that much special treatment can't go over very well with the Japanese fans!)

Anyway, it was quite an interesting mix of fans. Nearly everyone had traveled considerable distance (one woman from Hokkaido) to Tokyo twice in a week to be on the show. The ones who were ultimately chosen to speak were: 1) a woman who used to lead a 'cheering squad' that attended Akina's concerts together; 2) a guy who liked impersonating Akina's dance routines; 3) a woman who got married on the stage where Akina's held her first concert in Tokyo. Some other very colorful but unchosen fans included a woman dressed in a handmade replica of the 'kimono' that Akina wore when she sang Desire and a guy with three preserved roses that Akina had handed him from the stage at a concern ten or so years ago.

The cheerleader was very good and Akina actually started crying when she saw the cheer sheets that the woman's group had kept for twenty years.

When everything was over, I hoped and hoped that Akina would come to our studio or come back on the monitor to speak with us. But that didn't happen.


New Album: "Resonancia"


Akina's new original album, "Resonancia," (Kitty MME: UMCK-1111) went on sale on May 22. The album contains 13 tracks featuring a latin-style sound. A special version of her latest single "The Heat ~musica fiesta~" is included.

The album's provocative jacket photo produced something of a stir in the entertainment sector. Following the curious "skin-head" photo which graced "ZERO album," "Resonancia" features a "nude" shot of Akina enveloped by the arms, torsos, and legs of several male models (strategically positioned to conceal her private parts). The two album jackets are contrasting in their colors as well as themes. With white in prominence, "ZERO" depicts a quiet beauty, while "Resonancia" centers on red and celebrates passion and the beauty of motion. Akina's creative juices have certainly been flowing!

The Heat

Upcoming New Releases


In May, Akina has both a new single and album scheduled for release by her new record label Kitty MME.

The maxi single, entitled "The Heat ~ musica fiesta" (UMCK-5060), will be available on May 2nd, while the as-yet-untitled album (UMCK-1111) is slated for release on May 22nd.

ZERO album

"ZERO album" Reaches
Oricon Top 10


This month, Akina's "Zero album" cracked the Oricon Top 10. It marks the first time in seven years that Akina has had an album achieve a top 10 ranking. Her last top 10 album was 1995's "La Alteración," which reached number 7 on the chart.

Additional Concert Date


Faithway sent a notice to inform fan club members that one more date has been added to Akina's 2002 concert tour. The additional concert will be held at Tokyo International Forum on July 9th. This second Tokyo venue was added because all tickets to the May 27th concert at Tokyo Shinjuku Koseinenkin Kaikan were sold out within 15 minutes.

A photo from the 'Talk Event'

Special Event


Faith Way has announced a special "Talk Event" that Akina will be having to commemorate the release of her Zero Album.

On Tuesday, March 19th from 6:30 p.m., Akina will be at HMV Ikebukuro Metropolitan Plaza (record store) to talk to her fans. Admission to this event will be limited to the first 200 persons who pre-pay for Zero Album at HMV Ikebukuro Metropolitan Plaza beginning on March 17th at 11:00 a.m.

For more information, call HMV Ikebukuro Metropolitan Plaza at 03-3983-5501. Please note that camping out in front of the store overnight is prohibited!

2002 Concert Tour


Titled "Akina Jounetsu no Love Letter ~ Musica Fiesta", Akina's 2002 Spring/Summer concert tour will run from late May through mid July. The schedule includes the following dates and venues:

Musica Fiesta Schedule
May 27
Tokyo Venue: Tokyo Koseinenkin Kaikan
Tickets on Sale: March 2
Information: Odyssey; Tel. 03-5736-9999
May 30
Tochigi Venue: Sano Lyceum
Tickets on Sale: February 16
Information: Sano Lyceum; Tel. 0284-72-8268
May 31
Tochigi Venue: Utsunomiya Lyceum
Tickets on Sale: February 23
Information: Tochigi Onkyo; Tel. 028-622-4101
June 5
Hokkaido Venue: Hokkaido Koseinenkin Kaikan
Tickets on Sale: February 16
Information: Kyodo Sapporo; Tel. 011-221-0144
June 9
Fukuoka Venue: Fukuoka Shimin Kaikan
Tickets on Sale: March 30
Information: Kyodo Nishi-Nihon; Tel. 092-714-0159
June 11
Kagoshima Venue: Kagoshima Shimin Bunka Hall-1
Tickets on Sale: March 16
Information: Kyodo Nishi-Nihon; Tel. 092-714-0159
June 13
Ehime Venue: Matsuyama Shimin Kaikan
Tickets on Sale: March 16
Information: Matsugeki Kogyo; Tel. 089-933-7880
June 14
Hyogo Venue: Kobe Kokusai Kaikan
Tickets on Sale: March 24
Information: Kyodo Osaka; Tel. 06-6233-8888
June 16
Nagoya, Aichi Venue: Aichi Geijutsu Bunka Center
Tickets on Sale: March 23
Information: Kyodo Tokai; Tel. 052-962-0511
June 22
Osaka Venue: Osaka Kokusai Kaigijo
Tickets on Sale: March 24
Information: Kyodo Osaka; Tel. 06-6233-8888
June 23
Kanagawa Venue: Kanagawa Kenmin Hall
Tickets on Sale: March 2
Information: Kyodo Yokohama; Tel. 045-671-9911
June 25
Shizuoka Venue: Shizuoka Lyceum
Tickets on Sale: March 23
Information: Kyodo Tokai; Tel. 052-962-0511
June 29
Gunma Venue: Gunma Kenmin Kaikan
Tickets on Sale: March 10
Information: Kiryu Onkyo; Tel. 0277-53-3133
June 30
Saitama Venue: Omiya Sonic City
Tickets on Sale: March 2
Information: K-Point; Tel. 048-881-2200
July 2
Saitama Venue: Iruma Shimin Kaikan
Tickets on Sale: April 14
Information: Iruma-shi Shimin Kaikan; Tel. 042-964-2411
July 5
Kochi Venue: Kochi Kenmin Bunka Hall
Tickets on Sale: April 7
Information: Duke Kochi; Tel. 088-822-4488
July 6
Kagawa Venue: Kagawa Kenmin Hall
Tickets on Sale: April 7
Information: Duke Takamatsu; Tel. 087-822-2520
July 9
Tokyo Venue: Tokyo International Forum A
Tickets on Sale:
Information: Odyssey; Tel. 03-5736-9999
July 11
Chiba Venue: Matsudo Mori no Hall 21
Tickets on Sale: March 2
Information: K-Point; Tel. 048-881-2200
July 13
Osaka Venue: Osaka Kouseinenkin Kaikan
Tickets on Sale:
Information: Kyodo Osaka; Tel. 06-6233-8888

Upcoming Releases


ZERO album As a sequel to her hit 1994 album "Utahime," Akina will release a new cover album entitled "Zero Album - Utahime 2" (UMCK-1093). The CD is scheduled for release by Universal Victor on March 20. The CD will include 9 tracks, each a classic hit by other female Japanese pop vocalists including Yamaguchi Momoe ("Cosmos"), Takeuchi Mariya ("Single Again"), Takahashi Mariko ("Momoiro Toiki"), Matsuda Seiko ("Ruri iro no Chikyu"), Teresa Teng ("Wakare no Yokan"), and others.

More great news: Akina is also recording a second album consisting of all new tracks most likely to be scheduled for an early May release date.

Radio and TV Appearances


Akina is scheduled to make the following television and radio appearances in February.

Feb 3 Tokyo FM "Fruits Jam" Radio guest appearance
Feb 9 TV Shinshu "2002 Nagano Winter Festival" TV appearance limited to the Nagano area
Feb 16Bunka Housou "Say Young 21 Special" Radio guest appearance

Special Concert 2002

January Special Concert


Akina performed a one-shot special engagement titled "Akina Nakamori Special Concert 2002" at Omiya Sonic City on January 26. The event was sponsored by Toyota Motor Cars who also held a drawing in which 2500 tickets were given away to some very lucky fans.

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