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Compilation Releases

AKINA NAKAMORI ~ 20th Anniversary Best

Two more compilations are scheduled for release in November and December. The first is entitled "AKINA NAKAMORI - 20TH ANNIVERSARY BEST" and will be released by Warner Music on November 11. This two disc set will feature a selection of eighties hits from Akina's Warner days plus a pair of tracks recorded with Universal.

SUPER VALUE Nakamori Akina The other compilation, "SUPER VALUE Nakamori Akina," will be released by Universal Polydor on December 19. This value-priced CD will feature a selection of both original and revisited hit songs from Akina's Universal days.

While these titles merely present two more entries in a string of compilations that have been released in recent years by Akina's previous record companies, both would nevertheless make nice additions to your CD collection.

Concert Tour Revisited


Live 2001 Fans who were unable to attend Akina's 20th Anniversary Concert Tour are in luck...for two reasons.

1) Footage of Akina's June 22 concert at the Tokyo International Forum will be televised on BS-i on September 9th. The 2-hour broadcast will air in Hi-Vision from 7:00 to 9:00pm and will include all 20 songs she performed.

2) A DVD (also featuring the June 22 concert) will go on sale on September 27th.

Entitled "Akina Nakamori 2001" (TKBU5082), the DVD will be released by Tokuma Japan Communications.

Updated Dinner Show Schedule


Four additional venues have been added to Akina's 2001 Christmas Dinner Show schedule:

Dec. 2 (Sun) Ehime Imabari Kokusai Hotel
Tel: 0898-36-1111
Tickets available now
A seat: ¥32,000 / B seat: ¥29,000 / C seat: ¥26,000
1st: 4:00 pm
2nd: 7:30 pm
Dec. 7 (Fri) Aomori Towada Fujiya Hotel
Tel: 0176-23-1000
Tickets available 9/10 (Mon) 10:00 am
SS seat: ¥32,000 / S seat: ¥30,000
1st: 6:20 pm
2nd: 9:20 pm
Dec. 9 (Sun) Akita Hotel Kazuno
Tel: 0186-30-4111
Tickets available 9/1 (Sat) 10:00 am
S seat: ¥32,000 / A seat: ¥30,000
1st: 5:15 pm
2nd: 8:30 pm
Dec. 16 (Sun) Toyama Oaks Canal Park Hotel, Toyama
Tel: 076-433-1122
Tickets available 9/1 (Sat) 10:00 am
S seat: ¥39,000 / A seat: ¥38,000
1st: 6:00 pm
2nd: 9:30 pm
Dec. 18 (Tue) Niigata Hotel Okura
Tel: 025-224-6166
Ticket availability TBA
1st show: ¥32,000 / 2nd show: ¥35,000
1st: 5:00 pm
2nd: 9:00 pm
Dec. 20 (Thu) Nagoya Hilton, Nagoya
Tel: 052-201-5566
Tickets available 9/9 (Sun) 11:00 am
All seats ¥40,000
7:50 pm
Dec. 22 (Sat) Tokyo Hotel New Otani
Tel: 03-3234-7777
Tickets available 10/1 (Mon) 9:00 am
S seat: ¥44,000 / A seat: ¥39,000
8:30 pm
Dec. 24 (Mon) Osaka Rihga Royal Hotel
Tel: 06-6776-1199
Tickets available 9/22 (Sat) 10:00 am
All seats ¥44,000
7:30 pm
Dec. 25 (Tue) Saitama Kawagoe Prince Hotel
Tel: 0492-27-1111
Tickets available now
All seats ¥38,000
6:30 pm

Happy Birthday, Akina!

Happy Birthday, Akina


Akina turns 36 on July 13 (Friday the 13th is a good thing!).

Best wishes to Akina for both a wonderful birthday and fabulous finale for her "All About Akina" summer concert tour.

2001 Christmas Dinner Shows


Akina will once again be performing her Christmas dinner shows this year. So far three dates have been scheduled, as follows. This information was provided in a flyer which was distributed to fans in attendance at the summer concerts.

Dec. 20 Thu Hilton, Nagoya
Dec. 22 Sat Hotel New Otani, Tokyo
Dec. 24 Mon Rihga Royal Hotel, Osaka

Concert Tour Update


From all accounts, Akina's summer concert tour "All About Akina" has been quite a success. The 18-date tour began on June 6 and concludes on Akina's birthday on Friday, July 13.

Evidence of Akina's drawing power is the fact that tickets for the first and final shows sold out within an hour. One of three outfits worn by Akina during the concert

The program for the June 22 concert in Tokyo was as follows:

  1. FIN
    [ Talk ]
  3. Slow Motion
  4. Solitude
  5. Sand Beige
  6. Kita Wing
    [ Talk ]
  7. Futari Shizuka
  8. LIAR
  9. Second Love Akina's cow-girl outfit
  10. Mizunisashita Hana
    [ Talk ]
  11. Meu Amor é
  12. Jukkai (1984)
  13. 1/2 no Shinwa
  15. Shojo A
    [ Band Introduction ]
  16. TATTOO
  17. Kazarijanainoyo Namidawa
  18. DESIRE
    [ Encore ]
  19. It's Brand New Day

New Single

It's Brand New Day

Featuring an R&B rhythm, Akina's new single is entitled "It's Brand New Day" and couples with "Stay in Love" (@ease NNCC-10001; manufactured and distributed by Net Entertainment Transfer Inc.).

The songs will initially be available only via paid download (¥200 per song) from the internet on May 31. The CD single will be available for purchase on the internet in early July and is scheduled to be released in stores in August.

For more information–including an interview with Akina and lyrics for the new songs–check out music@nifty.

Upcoming DVD Releases


On June 20, Warner music will be releasing DVDs for Akina's three non-concert videos. Originally released in the '80s, these videos were previously only available in video tape and laserdisc formats.

June 20 NEW AKINA Etranger ~ Nakamori Akina in Europe WPB6-90021
June 20 Hajimemashite Nakamori Akina WPB6-90022
June 20 Cross My Palm WPB6-90023

2001 Summer Concert Tour


Akina will commemorate her 20th Anniversary with a nation-wide concert tour entitled "All About Akina." Beginning in June and running up to Akina's birthday on July 13, the summer tour schedule will include a total of 18 concerts.

June 6 (Wed)


Izawamachi Bunka Sozo Center (capacity: 800)
Tickets: TBA
Info: TBA
June 8 (Fri)


Yamanashi Kenmin Bunka Hall (capacity: 1990)
Tickets: Available in mid-March
S seat: ¥6,500; A seat: ¥5,500
Info: Kyodo - Tokai
Phone: 052-962-0511
Acct. #: 00880-7-90386
June 10 (Sun)


Fukuoka Shimin Kaikan (capacity: 1770)
Tickets: Available April 8
All seats: ¥6,000
Info: Kyodo Nishi Nihon
Phone: 092-714-0159
Acct. #: 01910-2-27901
June 14 (Thu)


Niigataken Ryotsu Shimin Kaikan (capacity: 1350)
Tickets: TBA
Info: TBA
June 16 (Sat)


Hokkaido Kouseinenkin Kaikan (capacity: 2300)
Tickets: Available April 7
All seats: ¥6,000
Info: Kyodo Sapporo
Phone: 011-221-0144
June 18 (Mon)


Sendai Sun Plaza Hall (capacity: 2700)
Tickets: Available April 16
S seat: ¥6,000; A seat: ¥5,000
Info: Kyodo Tohoku
Phone: 022-296-8888
Acct. #: 02270-7-31994
June 20 (Wed)


Nagoya Shimin Kaikan (capacity: 2311)
Tickets: Available March 24
S seat: ¥6,500; A seat: ¥5,500
Info: Kyodo Tokai
Phone: 052-962-0511
Acct. #: 00880-7-90386
June 22 (Fri)


Tokyo Kokusai Forum, Hall "A" (capacity: 5012)
Tickets: Available April 1
S seat: ¥6,000; A seat: ¥5,000
Info: Odyssey
Phone: 03-3796-9999
Acct. #: 00120-0-69798
June 24 (Sun)


Kagawa Kenmin Hall "Grand" (capacity: 2001)
Tickets: Available April 19
S seat: ¥6,000; A seat: ¥5,000
Info: Duke Takamatsu
Phone: 087-822-2520
Acct. #: 01620-6-9447
June 28 (Thu)


Kanagawa Kenritsu Kenmin Hall (capacity: 2500)
Tickets: Available April 1
All seats: ¥6,300
Info: Kyodo Yokohama
Phone: 045-671-9911
Acct. #: 00200-2-32081
29 June (Fri)


Kobe Kokusai Kaikan (capacity: 2112)
Tickets: Available March 25
S seats: ¥6,500; A seats: ¥5,500
Info: Kobe Kokusai Kaikan
Phone: 078-230-3300
Acct. #: 00960-8-112376
July 1 (Sun)


Osaka Kouseinenkin Kaikan (Dai Hall) (capacity: 2400)
Tickets: Available March 25
S seats: ¥6,500; A seats: ¥5,500
Info: Kyodo Osaka
Phone: 06-6233-8888
Acct. #: 00960-8-112376
July 2 (Mon)


Omiya Sonic City (capacity: 2505)
Tickets: Available April 1
All seats: ¥6,000
Info: K Point
Phone: 048-881-2200
July 5 (Thu)


Kyoto Kaikan Daiichi Hall (capacity: 2015)
Tickets: TBA
Info: TBA
July 7 (Sat)


Isezaki Bunka Kaikan (capacity: 1500)
Tickets: Available April 1
All seats: ¥6,500
Info: Kiriyu Onkyo
Phone: 0277-53-3133
Acct. #: 00590-9-5223
July 8 (Sun)


Utsuminoya Bunka Kaikan "Dai Hall" (capacity: 2000)
Tickets: Available April 7
All seats: ¥6,500
Info: Tochigi Onkyo
Phone: 028-622-4101
July 11 (Wed)


Okayama Symphony Hall (capacity: 2001)
Tickets: TBA
Info: TBA
July 13 (Fri)


Suzuka Shimin Kaikan (capacity: 1278)
Tickets: Available March 24
All seats: ¥6,500
Info: Suzuka-shi Bunka Shinko Jigyodan
Phone: 0593-84-7000
Acct. #: 00880-7-90386


  • Reservations/Payment for shows in Sapporo (Hokkaido) and Utsunomiya (Tochigi) are made by phone.
  • Reservations/Payment for the show in Omiya (Saitama) are by Registered Mail.
  • Reservations/Payment for all other shows are via Post Office Transfer (See above for account numbers).

Concert DVDs


Warner music will be releasing DVDs for four of Akina's past concerts which were previously only available in video tape or laser disc format.

Please note that the four DVDs will most likely be coded for region 2 (as was "Akina East Live," released in August, 2000).

April 25 Bitter & Sweet ~ 1985 Summer Tour WPB6-90012
April 25 Yume ~ 1991 Akina Nakamori Special Live WPB6-90013
May 23 Live in '87 ~ A Hundred Days WPB6-90014
May 23 Live in '88 ~ Femme Fatale WPB6-90015

New CM


Aojiru CM For the first time in ten years, Akina is appearing in a television commercial. The new CM is for a vegetable juice called Aojiru produced by Fancl, a company specializing in health and beauty aids.

Aojiru is targeted mainly to women between the ages of 20 and 40. Akina's notoriety with women in this age group combined with the fact that she herself favors the product, made her the ideal candidate for the spot which began airing on February 15.

2001 Concert Tour


As indicated by Raku Music Productions, Akina's 2001 Concert Tour will take place during June and July. The schedule of tour dates and venues has yet to be announced. Stay tuned for more details.

2000 Christmas Dinner Show


This past December, I went to Japan for two weeks. Of course, the reason for the trip was to attend Akina's 2000 Christmas Dinner Show. I attended the show at the Hotel New Otani, Tokyo on Friday, December 22.

I truly enjoyed the show (and the dinner as well). Once again, Akina was fabulous. Her performance included the following songs:

    2000 X'mas Dinner Show
  1. Nanpa Sen
  2. Gypsy Queen
  3. Ophelia
  4. Second Love
  5. Slow Motion
  6. Twilight
  7. Appetite
  8. Moonlight Shadow
  9. Southern Wind
  10. Kazarijanainoyo Namidawa
  11. Desire
  12. Aibu
  13. Meu Amor é...

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