The Century of AKINA

Warner Box Set


The 10-disc box set released by Warner Music on November 22 is titled "The Century of AKINA -Warner 30th Anniversary Box-" (WPC7-10090~9). For details, please refer to the Warner Music web site or check out the updated discography.

2000 Dinner Show Schedule


Below is Akina's 2000 Christmas Dinner Show schedule with updated links.

Dec. 13 Wed Harborview Hotel, Okinawa  
Dec. 19 Tue Hilton, Nagoya Info
Dec. 20 Wed Nara Royal Hotel   (2 shows) Info
Dec. 22 Fri Hotel New Otani, Tokyo Info
Dec. 24 Sun Rihga Royal Hotel, Osaka Info
Dec. 25 Mon Makuhari Prince Hotel, Chiba Info

Warner To Release Box Set


As part of its 30th anniversary celebration, Warner Music will release a box set of Akina's re-mastered recordings on November 22, 2000. The 10-disc set is titled "Nakamori Akina Warner Box Set" (WPC7-10090~9).

2000 Dinner Show Update


Two additional dates and venues have been added to Akina's 2000 Christmas Dinner Show schedule:

Charity Concert Performance


Akina will join a number of other female performers for a charity concert entitled "Ladies Act Against AIDS 2000" on November 27th. The concert will be held at Tokyo Koseinenkin Kaikan. All tickets cost ¥5,000 and will go on sale beginning September 29th. Proceeds from the event will go toward furthering AIDS awareness.

For more details, please refer to the Raku Kobo web site.

Akina To Sing Duet


Akina will sing "Second Love" in a duet with Kisugi Takao, the singer-songwriter who composed the music for the song (he also composed "Slow Motion" and "Twilight"). The duet will be included in Takao's upcoming CD "Dear My Company," which will commemorate his 25th anniversary in music. The CD is scheduled for release on November 10th. It will be Akina's first ever duet to be released.


Akina East Live DVD


On August 23rd, Warner Japan will be releasing a DVD of "Akina East Live Index-XXIII," the 1989 concert that featured performances of her first 23 singles.

Happy Birthday, Akina!

Akina's Birthday


Akina will be celebrating her 35th birthday on July 13th.

Happy Birthday, Akina! I wish you all the best. May all your wishes come true.

2000 Dinner Show Update


Two more dates/venues have been added to Akina's 2000 Christmas Dinner Show schedule:

DVDs Released


On June 16, Universal Victor released concert DVDs for "Utahime: Akina Nakamori Parco Theater Live" and "Felicidad ~ Akina Nakamori Live '97." These concert videos were previously only available in videotape and laserdisc format.

For details, please refer to the videography.

Tokyo Concert Reviews


Akina Live 2000 (photo: ZAKZAK) Akina Live 2000 (photo: Sponichi Annex) Akina's initial concert on May 18 in Tokyo was met with glowing reviews.

Some 1200 fans were in attendance at Aoyama Gekijo. The 2-hour 30 minute performance included a total of 18 songs and opened with a series of ballads. The highlight of the show was a powerful performance of "Meu Amor é..." which was met with a very enthusiastic response from the audience. The concluding encore featured a pair of ballads.

Akina's fashions included a long, open-backed, light-pink Victorian-style dress (pictured), a flamenco-style dress, and a white wedding dress which she wore for the encore.

The program was as follows:

  1. Hikari no nai Mangekyou
  2. Eien no Tobira

    [ talk ]

  3. Yokan
  4. Necessary
  5. Mizunisashita Hana
  6. Arifureta Fukei

    [ talk ]

  7. Ame no Hi wa Ningyo
  8. Ame ga Futteta
  9. Catastrophe no Amagasa
    [ change ]

  1. Ophelia
  2. Gekka
  3. Futarishizuka
  4. Al-Mauj
  5. Genshi, Onna wa Taiyou Datta
  6. Arashi no Nakade
  7. Meu Amor é...

    [ Encore ]

  8. Ranbi
  9. Kangerou

The following links (Japanese-language sites) provide additional details:

Fan Club Newsletter


The first volume of Faith Way's newsletter was published on May 15, 2000. The initial issue features a message from Akina, announcement of Akina's new production company Raku Kobo, the 2000 concert tour schedule, and fan club membership information.

Enclosed with the newsletter was an announcement for the 2000 Christmas Dinner show. The following two dates and locations were indicated:

18th Anniversary


As you are well aware I'm sure, May 1, 2000 marks Akina's 18th anniversary in the music industry. Many of you (and I as well) have expressed the hope that 2000 would bring about a fresh start for Akina. After some tough times, I know we are all ready to support Akina as she begins a new chapter in her life and career.

With a new fan club, a new production company deal, and an upcoming concert tour, things are looking good!

New Production Company


On April 18th, Akina announced that she had signed a contract with a new production company, Raku Kobo. Tokyo-based Raku Kobo was formed in 1993.

A information page for Akina is currently under construction and will be included on the company's web site.

Fan Club Membership


Akina's new fan club, Faith Way, recently announced its membership and renewal procedures. Click here for the details.

Additional Concert Dates


Three additional concert dates have been added to Akina's 2000 Tour. The information is as follows:

June 2 (Fri) 6:30pm Kobe (Hyogo)
Kokusai Kaikan

Tickets: Available Now
No ticket prices announced

Information: Kyodo Osaka, 06-6233-8888

June 13 (Tue) 6:30pm Niigata
Kashiwazaki Shiminkan

Tickets: Available Now
No ticket prices announced

Information: Kyodo Hokuriku, 025-245-5100

June 16 (Fri) 6:30pm Numazu (Shizuoka)
Shimin Bunka Kaikan

Tickets: Available Now
No ticket prices announced

Information: Kyodo Tokai, 052-962-0511

2000 Concert Tour


I just received this fabulous news: Akina will be holding a Millenium Concert Tour in May and June! Here is the schedule:

May 18 (Thu) 7:00pm Tokyo
Aoyama Gekijo

Tickets: March 19
S seats: ¥8,000; A seats: ¥7,000
(¥600 handling charge*)

Information: Odyssey, 03-3796-9999

May 19 (Fri) 7:00pm
May 20 (Sat) 5:00pm
May 21 (Sun) 2:00pm
May 30 (Tue) 6:30pm Osaka
Koseinenkin Kaikan

Tickets: April 1
S seats: ¥6,500; A seats: ¥5,500
(¥350 handling charge*)

Information: Kyodo Osaka, 06-6233-8888

June 4 (Sun) 5:00pm Sapporo
Hokkaido Koseinenkin Kaikan

Tickets: March 11
All seats: ¥6,000 (Telephone Only)

Information: Kyodo Sapporo, 011-221-0144

June 6 (Tue) 6:30pm Shizuoka
Shimin Kaikan

Tickets: March 25
S seats: ¥6,500; A seats: ¥5,500
(¥500 handling charge*)

Information: Kyodo Tokai, 052-962-0511

June 9 (Fri) 7:00pm Niigata
Niigata Terusa

Tickets: April 16
All seats: ¥6,000 (¥600 handling charge*)

Information: Kyodo Hokuriku, 025-245-5100

June 18 (Sun) 5:00pm Yokohama
Kanagawa Kenritsu Kenmin Kaikan

Tickets: April 19
All seats: ¥6,300 (¥500 handling charge*)

Information: Kyodo Yokohama, 045-671-9911

June 22 (Thu) 6:30pm Fukuoka
Sun Palace

Tickets: Mid-April
All seats: ¥6,000 (¥500 handling charge*)

Information: Kyodo Nishi Nippon, 092-714-0159

June 25 (Sun) 5:00pm Nagoya
Aichi-ken Geijutsu Gekijo

Tickets: March 25
S seats: ¥6,500; A seats: ¥5,500
(¥500 handling charge*)

Information: Kyodo Tokai, 052-962-0511

June 27 (Tue) 6:30pm Sendai
Sun Plaza

Tickets: TBA
S seats: ¥6,000; A seats: ¥5,000
(¥600 handling charge*)

Information: Kyodo Tohoku, 022-296-8888

* Tickets for the Sapporo show are available by telephone only at the listed number. Tickets for all other shows must be ordered through the Japanese Post Office with the indicated handling charge (per order).

New Fan Club


Were you a member of Akina's prior fan club(s)? Have you been wanting to join? Great news! Akina has a new fan club and it is called "Faith Way."

The address is:

2-20-1 Kyodo, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo 156-0052

Fax: 03-3439-3636

The fan club is requesting that all correspondence be sent via mail or fax.

Akina's New Year Message

Click here to view Akina's personal message which was sent to her fan club members.

1999 Christmas Dinner Show

I returned from Japan on January 6th, and I'm happy to report that Akina's performance at the 1999 Christmas Dinner Show was truly fabulous!!! I was fortunate to attend the December 24th show at the Hotel New Otani in Tokyo.

The program for the show was as follows:

  4. Fin
  5. Gypsy Queen
  6. Second Love

    [ Talk & change ]

    Cover Songs

  7. Miraiyosouzu II (Dreams Come True)
  8. Anata no Sora wo Tobitai (Takahashi Mariko)
  9. Aitai (Sawada Chikako)

    [ Talk & change ]

  10. Aibu
  12. Jukkai (1984)
  13. Kinku
  14. Kazarijanainoyo Namidawa
  15. DESIRE
  16. Meu Amor ...

Click here for more details.

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