Nakamori Akina Hello! I'm CJ (my first name is actually Charles). I first learned of Akina in December of 1982. Then, during a visit to Japan in the summer of 1985, I fell in love... I've been a die-hard Akina fan ever since! I live in the U.S. (near Los Angeles, California) which makes following Akina's career somewhat difficult. My dream for many years had been to some day attend one of Akina's live performances. Now, I'm happy to say that this dream has been fulfilled (twice over)! I was able to attend Akina's Dinner Show at the New Otani in Tokyo in December 1999 and 2000. Akina's performances were fabulous!!!

This site is dedicated to Akina Nakamori and all loyal fans of Akina. Those of you familiar with Akina will no doubt agree that she possesses a great singing voice, is quite attractive, and has a style all her own. If you're not familiar with yourself a favor and check her out ASAP.

This site is currently only available in least for now. If you are looking for sites in Japanese and/or Chinese, check out my Links page for some great sites.

The only tools I have used to create and maintain this site are:

  1. A text editor for coding the raw HTML
    (Lately, I've been using NoteTab, which I would highly recommend to anyone looking for a more feature-rich text editor. Best of all, the Light version is completely free, so you can try it out at no cost.)
  2. Paint Shop Pro, a relatively low cost, yet powerful software package for creating graphics and editing photos (also highly recommended)
  3. Web browsers (Internet Explorer, Netscape, etc.) for testing the resulting pages

Thanks for visiting. Enjoy!

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