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Greetings! Many thanks to the following Akina fans for signing my guestbook.

Roberto Minami - 01/07/00 06:16:10
My Email: minami@apcd.org.br
Location: Brazil

This HP is Excellent! I enjoyed very much...

Allan Nagel - 12/31/99 04:14:47
My Email: ANagel3450@aol.com
Location: California

This is a great a great webpage for fan's of Akina Nakamori. Put an Akina Nakamori CD on and enjoy the tour. Thanks for a great webpage

Linda Krause - 12/14/99 20:02:30
My Email: lkrause@trammellcrow.com
Location: Seattle, Washington

I can't believe there is an Akina website! Well, I can but... I use to live in Okinawa from 1980-1986 and loved Akina...This is great! If Steve Thomas sees this, contact me! I bet you are still a fan!

Wai - 12/12/99 18:56:27
My Email: waichu66@hotmail.com
Location: Hong Kong

CJ, your site is the best of all.

Benito - 12/10/99 07:41:38
My Email: benito17@hotmail.com
Location: Canada

This is truly a wonderful web page. I was very impressed when I first knew about Akina in 1984. Not only is her voice uniquely powerful and magnetic but her look is remarkably attractive and sexy.

alshehri - 11/28/99 10:31:15
My Email: halshehri@hot mail.com
Location: saudi arabia

itsumo kerei neeeee watashi wa from saudi arabia dakedo nihon de benkyo shteta ,,karada o kitsukete kudasai. mai bann ibbai dake nonndemo yorushi desuwa gomenn ne , nihono softo nai kara kono henna moji deteketa .soreja gekide

kskoh - 11/21/99 13:34:23
My Email: kks627@hotmail.com
Location: Singapore

i love akina!

Alexander Honda - 10/11/99 21:27:42
My Email: poloplayer3@hotmail.com
Location: São Paulo - Brazil

Great Page. Brought me good memories. I've been far from japanese music for soo long that was so nice to see a familiar name again. Keep up the good work!

Norman Ng - 10/08/99 04:49:20
My Email: norman_17@hotmail.com
Location: Toronto, Canada

I think Akina's music is the best I've ever heard. Namie Amuro doesn't even come close to her. Keep it up CJ! Can anyone tell me where to buy Akina CDs in Toronto?

Alex Chan - 09/26/99 03:07:52
My Email: teledir@hkstar.com
Location: Hong Kong

I'm a loyal Fans of Akina...It's has been over 10 years now. It's a pitty that she never come to Hong Kong for any concert... Please e-mail me for any of her news...

Lik Djuwono - 09/16/99 08:59:45
My URL: http://www.ukdw.ac.id
My Email: vincent@fiberia.com
Location: Kunti 32 Pekalongan,Indonesia

I like your music, and can You give me the new album ? Thank's

yuji kono - 09/11/99 12:35:42


Tony Lam - 09/09/99 07:54:44
Location: Southern California

This is a spectacular site! I love Akina. I think her voice is much better than her contempory like Seiko Matsuda, who sounds like a teenager.

CJ - 09/05/99 05:50:25
My URL: http://webspace.webring.com/people/cu/um_2456
My Email: akina_fan@geocities.com
Location: U.S.

Greetings! My guestbook was down for a bit, sorry! Some sort of technical problem. Anyway, it seems to have been resolved. If you haven't already, please do sign. I'd love to hear from you. Thanks!

robert grover - 08/28/99 03:10:04
My Email: bgrover250@aol.com
Location: los angeles USA

Your website is a blessing. by listing her discography i have been able to track down a few of her cd's. i think her music is some of the very best.

park jung-ah - 08/18/99 02:39:37
My URL: http://www.shizuko@hanmail.net
My Email: www.shizuko@hanmail.net

akina is diva.. akina`s music is so great. nanpasen,,,,

Mi-chan - 07/16/99 01:35:14
Location: NYC

Nice page you've got here! Akina's songs are so nice... :)

AKINAMAIL - 07/01/99 03:33:30
My Email: akinamail-owner@onelist.com

Join AKINAMAIL list at : http://www.onelist.com/subscribe/akinamail

CJ - 06/19/99 23:14:14
My URL: http://webspace.webring.com/people/cu/um_2456
My Email: akina_fan@geocities.com
Location: U.S.

Greetings! I've just added another new page to my guestbook! It is truly encouraging to know that there are so many loyal Akina fans. Thanks again to everyone who has signed this guestbook. And to those of you who haven't, please do. I'd love to hear from you.

Michael Briggs - 06/19/99 00:35:14
My URL: http://www.aofas.org
My Email: michael@aofas.org
Location: Seattle, Washington

As an American, I have listened to Akina for many years. I honestly think she is extremely beautiful, and if I could meet her in my life, I would be thankful to God. Michael@aofas.org

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