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Greetings! Many thanks to the following Akina fans for signing my guestbook.

Harry Cheung - 03/05/98 15:19:26
My Email: harrych@rocketmail.com
Location: Hong Kong

I have never seen this kind of well-organised homepage

Joyce Leong - 02/27/98 10:47:55
My Email: azina@hotmail.com

I am a Malaysian Akina's fan, Akina's CD album is seldom available in market. I am hoping all of yours can help me to getting Akina's former album & best collection CD and all about Akina's latest news and music. Do always keep in touch!!! Thank you.

pokpak - 02/25/98 16:51:33
My Email: kanyajj1@asiaaccess.net.th
Location: Bangkok, Thailand

I was her fan since I was 17 years old. she is my best favourite japanese singer. She was 2 days older than me. Thinking of the past, I collected all her pictures and of course Music Video when she travelled in US. Her best song that I love most is Second Love. Up to now I still keep this album and oftenly play this song. Today is the happiness of my life to get in her homepage and get some further news about her. I was shock when I heard from my friend in Japan, she was trying to suicide because of loved hurt from her husband. Anyway good luck to you and best wishes to you and your family.

Anthony Ho - 02/12/98 05:37:38
My Email: anthonyho@attmail.com
Location: Hong Kong


Kai Kit, Wong - 02/10/98 19:44:41
My Email: eewkkit@ee.ust.hk
Location: Hong Kong

It's really a very good Akina webpage that I have never seen before. Keep it up. BTW, I'm very happy to know that there are many Akina's fans supporting her restlessly, like me.

David - 01/30/98 10:24:56
Location: San Francisco

Akina is my first japanese idol, I really like her style since 84. I bought "Posibilities" as my first Japanese tape, her voice is really fascinated. right now I have all of her albums and few LD, photo albums, magazines...i really see her "grown up"!! You did a great job on your webpage, very detail and updated,I bet you if Akina sees your homepage she'll get touched and cry. good luck

Masayuki Kikumoto - 01/25/98 15:46:03
My Email: kiku@interlink.or.jp
Location: Tokyo,Japan

I'm Akina's fan since 1982 (her debut). This page is great one. You know very well about Akina's news and so on than I who live in Japan. And I'm surprised that there is so many Akina's fans on any other countries.

Mr H.C. - 01/24/98 16:10:08
My Email: evedes@hkstar.com
Location: Hong Kong

I think I am the youngest one who like Akina because someone who likes Akina must be an old one. You may be amazed I am only 15! Akina had become my favourite singer since 1995 by her album Akina Best 95. I'm very happy to have a tour in this homepage and I can get a lot of information here.

Tony So - 01/23/98 18:11:53
My Email: tso@ouhk.edu.hk
Location: Hong Kong

Great! CJ! You have a very very good web site for Akina, even better than offical one! Akina became my idol since 1984 when I saw her sang the song "Kinku" in TV. I try my best to buy all Akina's CD, photo book, cassette, LD, etc. But, it's difficult to have all. When I listen the Akina's ballad songs, just like Nanpan sen, Eki, Liar, Yokan, etc., I will cry. For the recent years, mostly only bad news from Akina. It's make me feel worry about her own life and career. I wish Akina have a true love and great future. If you also a fan of Akina, please email to me. I want to make a friend with you! Akina, I will always love u!

Sung-Fan Peng - 01/13/98 21:06:30
My URL: http://www.lehigh.edu/~sfp4
My Email: sfp4@lehigh.edu

To be a fan of Akina Nakamori, I think you really did a nice job.

Liu Ting Ho,Henry - 01/09/98 08:51:28
My Email: henrythl@netvigator.com
Location: HKG

I'd like AKINA very very much and I was collect most of her singles,CD,album,video........ Also,last year I was saw her concert in Tokyo.It's great. Who every like her,please do share your experience with me. I like her since 1983.

bobo - 12/27/97 17:06:56
My Email: limbt@usa.net
Location: Singapore

Fan since 1983. I guess you could say that her songs had accompanied me throughout my teens. Kindly add me to the mailing list.

Ray - 12/27/97 16:27:20
My Email: solitude_sad@yahoo.com
Location: HongKong

I am only 16 but I love her songs much...Akina's voice is very special,wonderful and attractive. Her songs are now getting better and better.

daniel lim - 12/23/97 14:24:47
My URL: http://www.geocities.com/tokyo/garden/3185/index.htm
My Email: xomaru@mbox3.singnet.com.sg
Location: Singapore

hiyee pal. kudos to your comprehensive and informational site on akina. i must say there aren't many aesthetically pleasing sites of akina on the net...but boy am i relieved to see yours. oh, by the way, i'm in the process of creating a site myself too and i had downloaded some of your neat jpgs. i would like to post them on my site but it'll be subjected to ya kind approval. i would also like to include a link to your website. is there a banner or icon you can email me?? okay dockey, i hope to get your green light asap. till then, keep up ya good work and stay akina. cheerios to ALL AKINA FANS too. and yes, merry xmas.

Matthew Ota - 12/20/97 04:12:59
My URL: http://www.collinssigns.com
My Email: matto@mail.collinssigns.com
Location: Bellflower, California USA

Fan since 1984

Donald Lee - 12/17/97 21:23:09
My Email: donaldlee@netsol.net
Location: Los Angeles

Dude, your Akina page is awesome! It inspired me to run an Akina listening marathon. Currently my CD player is spinning "Stock" track 7 whatever she's singing I adore! Keep it up!

Anthony Chan - 12/06/97 03:31:47
My Email: canthony@interlog.com
Location: Canada

By far the best Akina Nakamori web site I have visited.

Frankie Ng - 12/04/97 15:58:16
My Email: nakamori@hkstandard.com
Location: Hong Kong

I have been a great fan of Akina Nakamori since 1982. I have bought all Akina's CDs and photo books. I also enjoy her LDs, too. I want to make friend with other people who like Akina Nakamori.

Jack L - 11/21/97 16:32:33
My Email: jack823@hotmail.com

I'm so happy to hear Akina will appear in tv again, I love this homepage, I love AKINA!

Aldi - 11/19/97 02:40:21
My URL: http://www.angelfire.com/ak/maghor
My Email: ealdi@hotmail.com
Location: Everywhere !!!!!

xxx things are important for my life: - Jesus Christ - my involvement on Music scenes (I play ffor a Heavy metal band) - My occupation, I love Graphical Designs - Spending time listening music, especiallly to AKINA...... Akina Rulz !!!!!

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