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Greetings! Many thanks to the following Akina fans for signing my guestbook.

Jin Kyungsuk - 11/17/97 06:35:41
My Email: ksjin@lgsemicon.co.kr
Location: Seoul KOREA

I Love Akina

Esther - 11/13/97 21:28:07
My Email: guoy1@gusun.georgetown.edu
Location: Washington, DC USA

To whom it may concern: If it's possible,would you please update about Akina's message or activity around this coming x'mas. I am planning to Japan during the winter vacation. I hope to see her in person when I visit Japan. Thank you!

Nancy A. - 11/04/97 05:24:51
My Email: akinan09@ksc.th.com
Location: Bangkok, Thailand

Great! Cool! Wonderful! How can I find words to explain my feeling about your homepage. I've been Akina's fan for over 10 years and I hardly found her story on the internet. I really love this very much. Please keep on updating her news. I'll check back very often. Thanks.

Sammi Wong - 11/01/97 16:21:39
My Email: sammi.wong@writeme.com
Location: Taiwan, ROC

If you're a real fan of Akina, you'll love this homepage!!

Timothy Chow - 10/23/97 19:54:48
My Email: chowtkw@asiaonline.net
Location: H.K.

What I can say about your homepage? It is great !!! I love it very much...especially AKINA's pictures and discography. AKINA is the best of the best ...ever!

Bats Pak - 10/12/97 19:09:11
My Email: batspak@hkstar.com

This is very great page. I love your page. I love AKINA.

Kuniko Robeen - 10/08/97 17:50:34
My Email: grobeen@lc.cc.il.us
Location: Illinois, U.S.A.

Since the day I found your site, I've gone crazy. I did not realize I could see Akina in internet. I've been always Akina's fan, I've been missing her singing, and also her pictures (I really think her pictures are artisticly done). I'd like to know if there is anybody, who would like to sell me Akina's concert panflets? Since my hometown is Kagoshima, Akina used not to come there so often, I think I have 2 panflets in my home in Kagoshima, but I'd like to check out all, you know. So, please contact me, anybody you know about that.

David - 10/07/97 05:02:16
My Email: cyb@mindspring.com
Location: New York, NY USA

Very well done, good photos and lots of info on Akina. A must for loyal Akina fans out there.

Enrico Aldi - 10/04/97 03:37:30
My Email: ealdi@hotmail.com
Location: Cartago, Costa Rica Central America

I love your site !!!!.... more stuff you will find in a letter later...so write me... i like to get friends thru email... especially with Akina fans!!!!

Hans (ハンス)Frueh - 10/02/97 19:09:03
My Email: hfrueh@v-wave.com
Location: Edmonton, AB Canada

Being a fan of Akina for many years, I enjoy and appreciate the webpage on her very much.

Loong Chow-Yii - 09/27/97 05:13:48
My URL: http://student.curtin.edu.au/~eloong1/
My Email: eloong1@cc.curtin.edu.au
Location: Perth, Australia.

Hi, Charles, great work!!! There are very few English websites on Akina Nakamori that are are noteworthy. Yours knocks 'em flat down. Readiblity and navigation is easy, not to mention the currency of the information. Thanks.

Sammy Leung - 09/26/97 23:12:19
My URL: http://sammyl
My Email: sammyl@rogers@wave.ca

The site is informative!

April - 09/21/97 15:31:40
My URL: http://www.geocities.com/tokyo/flats/9481
My Email: aauld@gate.net
Location: Florida, USA

I love your page! I like when I can learn more about my favorite singer! Nice page! Thank you! April

Mauricio Higashioka - 09/19/97 02:27:25
My Email: noboru@amazonet.com.br
Location: Brazil

Hi C.J. !!! I'm very Akina's fan, but it's very difficult to get news, CD or LD in Brazil. Many thanks for your usefull page. I love it. Best regards

C.J. Moody - 09/02/97 02:00:34
My Email: cjms@vnet.net
Location: Charlotte NC , USA

Wow, what a comprehensive page on one of the greatest Singers and artists of all time. This is a true Akina Page! The Discography is VERY informative (especially with the JPG cover to go along with), and I enjoy the photo page!! Besides having CJ as my first name, we also share a common interest in Akina Nakamori! Thanks for sharing your page!

Yoshiaki Nishio - 08/18/97 13:17:32
My URL: http://www.se.hiroshima-u.ac.jp/~nishio/
My Email: nishio@se.hiroshima-u.ac.jp
Location: Japan

Hi,Charles! I was surprised that you made Akina page in a quite short term. Moreover, it's so great! Especially her photo page can be thanked by all Akina fans. Sorry for signing late. And thanks for sending me many pics of her. Let her be known all over the world!

Marcus Hsu - 08/09/97 04:12:19
My URL: http://www.cc.chpi.edu.tw/~marcus/akina/
My Email: marcus@cc.chpi.edu.tw
Location: Taiwan, ROC

Charles, you did a very great work! I hope every Akina's fan in Internet can build a home page for her.

Steven Yau - 07/28/97 11:54:14
My URL: http://www.ee.cityu.edu.hk/~edap007
My Email: steven@chevalier.net
Location: Hong Kong

Finally you've put up a Akina page! It's very great, with so simple but very well design! And I must thanks for your photos you send me, and also the information in my Akina page! And it's too great to see that more and more Akina page is up now! Keep on your good works!

Denise Lau - 07/23/97 05:15:10
My URL: http://www.geocities.com/Tokyo/Towers/1873/
My Email: xxcherxx@geocities.com
Location: Vancouver B.C., CANADA

Hi! I have been a fan of Akina for 14 years. I'm so glad to see a brand new Akina Page of my best email pal CJ. He really did alot of good jobs and provided some unique information on it. I must say a million thanks! I'll check it out more often to find out more about AKINA.

Pipat K. - 07/19/97 00:36:29
My Email: pipatk@hotmail.com
Location: Boston, MA, USA

I knew your homepage from Denise. It's very good that there is new Akina homepage. Your homepage is very good that has information in English. I'm Akina fan over ten years. I wish I will have my Akina homepage too.

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