Akina is fond of children and pets. She enjoys shopping and knitting (at least when she was younger). Akina likes New York and has made several trips there. Akina likes to cook and she enjoys curry rice, chicken, pasta, and traditional Japanese fare. She enjoys seafood, and is especially fond of shrimp. She doesn't seem to favor red meat very much. Akina likes to eat fruit and is particularly fond of melons. She was really fond of ice cream when she was younger. Recently, Akina seems to enjoy hot, spicy foods.

Children Pets Melon Ice Cream

Some of Akina's favorite movies include:

  • "Roman Holiday"
  • "My Fair Lady"
  • "The Seven Year Itch"
  • "Top Gun"
  • "Nine 1/2 Weeks",
  • "Splash"
  • "Mannequin"

Akina's favorite actress is Audrey Hepburn. Her favorite actors include Takakura Ken, Sugawara Bunta and Tom Cruise.

Some of Akina's favorite music:

  • works of her idols, Yamaguchi Momoe and Iwasaki Hiromi
  • "Jouji" (Eikichi Yazawa)
  • "Anniversary" (Yumi Matsutoya)
  • "Goodbye Girl" (Nakajima Miyuki)
  • "Purissima" (Taeko Onuki)
  • "Larger Than Life" (Jody Watley)
  • "Karen White" (Karen White)

Some of Akina's favorite magazines include:

  • "Elle"
  • "MORE"
  • "an an"
  • "croissant"

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