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Lisa & Tosha's Twins Page

Lisa ???Tosha ???

Can you tell who is who ??. . . .ok so it's not Lisa and Tosha,
But it should have been we may not have been born twins but in our hearts we are

No you are !Aug 97Aug 97we think your the brat
Tosha and Lisa may not live close to each other but they could fool you
by the amount of time they spend together can visit them on dalnet
in #MircAdvice most any evening ..bein Brat's and having a good time ..
They both love music and helping others, What one doesn't think of the
other will so if you see these 2 run hide you're not safe. Of Course their
friends are getting used to them.But people who don't know them think
they're awfully strange at times!

stars Tosha & Lisa Aug 97 stars

2 hearts
Twins all seem to share at least a few strange
coincidental stories about themselves,Tosha
and Lisa are no different many times they do
the same thing at the same time. Freaks even
themselves out !

Lisa ??? We'll always be together Tosha ???
Twins often report how they know when their sibling is in trouble or pain. Coincidences in thoughts and action are also thought of as normal and expected between twins.Studies have been conducted on twins' ESP abilities. Twins leading similar emotional lives are more likely to report ESP communications. They are also most likely to share interests and abilities in general. MZ twins most often report ESP and different sex DZ twins are least likely to report ESP. Most imperceptible communications between twins happen on a much smaller scale than the instances mentioned above, and fall into the day-to-day category of occurance.
Even Cyber Twins can report case of this esp, Many times Lisa and Tosha will know whats on the others mind or react to the same thing at the same time in the same manor lets face it ..They should have been born twins!!

Oh they can be so Evil Brats Brats Brsta
Yes they can
be Devlish,
The Brat's
The BrattyTwins

Are you sure we're not real twins ? Tell people to stop asking us these silly twin questions then ..hehe
I'm the Taz Woman Yeah I'm the evil one

Say Cheese !!!!!!!
If I hit your twin, will you feel it?
( No Silly ...I only feels it when she hits me )
Do you and your twin have E.S.P.?
( Hmm some people think so.. )
You know your twin said the same thing to me.
( We keep track of how to answer certain questions )
Can your parents tell you apart?
(Cyber twins never seem to have this problem )
Ever forget which one you are?
( One's a devil One's A taz ..thats easy )
Are you the same age?
( Another cyber twin advantage we don't have to be the same age )
Do you ever play tricks on people?
( Shhh Don't tell anyone, We thought we got away with it )

I think their brats

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Love ya, Lisa
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Love ya, Tosha

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