"Come Holy Spirit,
Come by means
of the powerful intercession
of the Immaculate Heart of Mary,
Your Well Beloved Spouse"

Mary's Immaculate Heart
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Pope John Paul II
1920 - 2005


"Be Not Afraid"

".... I have looked for you, now you have come to me, ....... I thank you"

Welcome to this very special site entitled ~~~ The Mystical City of God ~~~ a name given to denote The Blessed Virgin Mary. It brings into view Her unique and special role that the Divine Will of God has bestowed upon Her. Mary is truly God's Masterpiece of Creation. In a singular way She alone retained that original state of unity with the Divine Will, unlike our first parents Adam & Eve who fell from the original state of grace and unity with God.

Mary is also our Mother, not in some esoteric sense, but in a very real way. For She was given to all of us,......... all of humanity by Her Beloved Son, Who Is the Divine Will. He gave Her to us, as He lay dying on the cross to repair what Adam had broken, when He said,......"Women, behold your Son, then turning to John said, behold your Mother." Mary, from that point on received all peoples and nations as Her own children. And She takes Her role as Mother very seriously.

Mary is also "The Women", that Great Sign which appears in the Heavens. She is the one who does battle with the serpent and in the end crushes his head. She is also the one who binds the serpent with the keys to the abyss. Thus in the end, She is victorious. As sin entered the world through the first Eve, so to, will the defeat of the serpent come about through the action of the second Eve.

Mary is therefore intimately involved in the Divine Will. And She wants Her children to once again come to live in the Divine Will, as did once innocent Adam. As a true mother, She wants only the best for us. She never lets devotion to Her end with Her but always leads us to a deeper union and knowledge of Her Divine Son, Who is our true end. Thus the words of the Saints ring true........"To Jesus, Through Mary". What better way to fully know Jesus than to be taught by His own Mother!

Where does She keep the knowledge of Her Divine Son? Where else but in Her Heart. The Bible states that Mary kept all these things in Her Heart.

This site is dedicated to Our Lady's most treasured Love. The Love of the Divine Will. This was also the Great Love of Jesus when He said,......."My food is to do the Will of My Father in Heaven". This site is composed of three sections, corresponding to the three era's of God's Salvation History, in which can be explained God's plan for His creation.

The three era's comprise the three great Fiats, namely:

Fiat Lux ~ which means 'let there be light'
Fiat Mihi ~ which means 'let it be done to me'
Fiat Voluntas Tua ~ which means 'thy will be done'

The First Fiat uttered by God brings about the Creation. The Second Fiat, spoken by Mary, brings about the Redemption. The Third Fiat brings about the Kingdom of God on earth in Its perfection, when God's Will is done on earth as It is in Heaven! We still wait for the Third Fiat to be pronounced.

Now let us enter Her Heart, for the time has come to reveal the fullness of the Divine Will and how It longs to be reunited with mankind as It was in the Garden of Eden.

Mary's Immaculate Heart

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