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How I began collecting vintage Barbies:

I began collecting Barbie dolls after I realized that my ex-husband sold all of my childhood memories in a garage sale. I had gone to France for six weeks to school and when I returned home the neighbors told me that he had a garage sale because he wanted to "clean out all of the junk."

Soon after that, we went our separate ways and I moved all of my belongings out. I started going through the boxes and the only things I found were a smattering of Ken clothes, my Allan doll and a flocked-hair Ken without the flocking.

But the Barbies, Skipper, Skooter, Dreamhouse, four-poster bed, Austin-Healy car, and clothes were gone.

I started my search on the internet for Barbie doll information and found an auction place called, "eBay." I was amazed at how many listings there were for Barbies and Barbie accessories.

There are other auction places as well: Yahoo auctions, Collecting Nation auctions, Up4bid, and Amazon auctions. In fact, it you search for a book title, Amazon will also give you an auction alert on similar items that are up for bid.

At first, I was skeptical about sending strangers money, but I soon realized that I wasn't the only one who had a "trust issue." There are many sellers who want a money order only (I NEVER send m.o.s...my opinion is that they can wait until my check clears).

UPDATE! I have now sent three money orders to sellers and so far have not had any problems. I still don't feel comfortable, but I have found that if I want something within a couple of weeks, money orders are the way to go. I have also sent a cashier's check although it's a pain in the caboose to go to the bank right away to get one.

After one year of intense searching through eBay auctions, I finally replaced all of the dolls that I had lost. EBay is an auction service that is free of charge to the buyers. I've never been "stung" although I did think at one point that one seller was going to scam me on an item. Anyway, it's fun...and addictive. I've made some great contacts through eBay. If you bid on eBay, have fun but: BUYER BEWARE!!!

There is a new book on the shelves entitled, EBay for Dummies. I haven't read this book but the "Today Show" interviewed the author (9/1/99 who has bought and sold on eBay and it sounds like she has the experience.

Before you buy, if you want to check out some of my auctions wins here, I've updated the links with dolls, vinyls and cars.

See some of my auction wins here.

Even more auction wins here.

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Ken doll

Restoration tips

The September issue of Miller's Fashion Doll magazine has a great article on reflocking Ken dolls on page 100 by Maryann Roy: "She met Ken".

HEY...for all of you Ken doll fans, check out this link: Keeping Ken

How do you tell the difference between a White Ginger, Platinum, Brassy Blond, and an Ash Blond Bubblecut?

To look and read about these differences and more, try this link:
Vintage Barbie Photos My personal collection of bubble cuts

These are some of my best tips. If any of you have more ideas, send them to me and I will post them on this page along with your name.

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Let's go shopping!


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Butterfly Art Barbie is only $5.99 at toyswhypayretail.com. It is also $7.99 at eToys.com. This might save you from having to buy this on the secondary market.

Stuffed Animals & Dolls

These are darling keychains at e Toys. Go to the e Toys search box below and type in Barbie keychains. They cost $3.49 each (without tax and shipping). You won't believe the detail in these keychains!

e Toys search:


Barbie Bazaar
Miller's Fashion Doll

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Below, I've listed some books that I've found helpful, entertaining and educational.
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