"A forum and sanctuary for males of all ages, races, and sexual orientations to celebrate our self-worth and pride. Females are certainly welcome here too, of course; but this website is primarily male-oriented"

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I Voted for Bill Bradley!

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And I'm not even a Democrat!

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Before entering this page, please read my open letter to all visitors of "Dude Power!"

Please read with an open mind and an open heart.

The reason I created this page is so we as males can have a place to feel comfortable with our masculinity without having to conform to ridiculous stereotypes set by society. Together, we can achieve TRUE gender equality in society by preventing and fighting against the permanent degradation of our gender, while upholding fairness and equality between and among the female and male genders.

I constantly think to myself about how societal leaders and the media are always touting the notion of "Girl Power!" in American society. Well when the media spins the true essence of "Girl Power" to be female-exclusive, how do you think that makes young boys, teenage guys, and men feel? Left out? That's an understatement! I have nothing against females celebrating and exerting "Girl Power" - - but at the same time, it is only fair that we males get to have "Dude Power." And that's what this page is all about.

I've visted many "Girl Power" webpages and read up on the movement. I think the movement is great, if handled properly. That is what led me to create the "Dude Power" movement. "Dude Power" is basically the male equivalent of "Girl Power." We don't preach sexism or machismo - - we express love and regard for individuals of both genders who treat others right. If you ever see anyone (on the net or in real-life) whom you think may be abusing or misusing the concept of "Dude Power," please e-mail me and we'll talk about it.

"Dude Power" is not exclusive to certain "types" of males. I invite all guys - - boys, teens, adults, heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, black, white, Latino, Asian, biracial - - to explore this page and take pride in your gender! It's part of who you are.

This page includes many of my own personal beliefs, but also a chance for you to express your own. So read on, post on the discussion board, sign the guestbook, and remember...


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A special thank you to my man Jason for designing such an awesome "Dude Power!" banner and background for my website. Jason is heterosexual, by the way, just so there are no misconceptions. ;-)

We were Proud Supporters of

Squash Gore 2000

Let's keep this disgraceful nitwit out of office!

Oh, and did I mention that

I Voted for Bill Bradley!

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And I'm not even a Democrat!

Support the fight against Internet and public censorship, namely combating Tipper Gore's PMRC (Parent's Music Resource Center) and allies of the Christian Coalition, et. al.

We cannot let these imbeciles violate our free speech and 1st Amendment rights!

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