United States Naval Aviation Part 2

Active Squadrons and Recently Disbanded Units

VP-60 P-3B Orion Glenview NAS Cobras - Res Unit - Disb 1994
VR-60 C-9B Memphis NAS Volunteer Express - Disb 1995
VR-61 C-9B Whidbey Island NAS Islanders - Reserve Unit - WA
VP-62 P-3C Orion Jacksonville NAS Broad Arrows - Reserve Unit
VR-62 C-130T Brunswick NAS Motowners - Reserve Unit
VP-64 P-3C Orion Willow Grove NAS Condors - Reserve Unit
VA-65 A-6E Oceana NAS Flying Tigers - Disb 1993
VP-65 P-3C Orion Point Magu NAS Tridents - Reserve Unit - CA
VA-66 A-7E Corsair Cecil Field NAS Waldos - Disb 1986
VP-66 P-3C Orion Willow Grove NAS Flying Sixes - Liberty Bells
VP-67 P-3B Orion Memphis NAS (Res) Golden Hawks - Disb 1994
VP-68 P-3C Orion Andrews AFB Reserve Unit
VP-69 P-3C Orion Whidbey Island NAS Totems - Reserve Unit
VA-72 A-7E Corsair Cecil Field NAS Blue Hawks - Disb 1991
HSL-74 SH-2F South Weymouth NAS Demon Elves - Res - Disb1994
VF-74 F-14B Oceana NAS Bedevillers - Disb 1994
HS-75 SH/HH-60H Jacksonville NAS Emerald Knights - Res Unit
VA-75 A-6E Oceana NAS Sunday Punchers - Disb 1997
VFA-75 F-18C Hornet Cecil Field NAS Blue Blasters - Formed 1996
VAW-77 E-2C Atlanta NAS Reserve Unit
VAW-78 E-2C Atlanta NAS Escargots - Reserve Unit
VFA-81 F-18C Hornet Oceana NAS Sunliners - AA
VFA-82 F-18C Hornet Oceana NAS Marauders - AB
VFA-83 F-18C Hornet Oceana NAS Rampagers - AC
HSL-84 SH-2G North Island NAS Thunderbolts (Reserve Unit)
VF-84 F-14 Tomcat Oceana NAS Disbanded 1995
HC-85 SH-60F North Island NAS Golden Gators - Disb
HS-85 SH-60F Alameda NAS Renamed HC-85 - 1994
VA-85 A-6E Oceana NAS Black Falcons - Disb 1994
VA-86 A-7C Corsair @ As of 1972 Renamed VFA-86 - 1987
VFA-86 F-18C Hornet Oceana NAS Sidewinders - AB
VT-86 T-39N Pensacola NAS Sabre Hawks
VFA-87 F-18C Hornet Oceana NAS Golden Warriors - AJ
VAW-88 E-2C Marimar NAS (Res) Cottonpickers - Disb 1994
VP-90 P-3B Orion Glenview NAS Lions - Res Unit - Disb 1994
VP-91 P-3C Orion Moffett Field NAS Stingers/Black Cats - Res Unit
VP-92 P-3C Orion Brunswick NAS Minutemen - Reserve Unit
VA-93 A-7E Corsair Lemoore NAS Ravens - Disb 1986
VP-93 P-3B Orion Detroit NAS Executioers - Res Unit - Disb 94
VA-94 A-4E Fm VF-94 Renamed VFA-94 1991
VFA-94 F-18C Hornet Lemoore NAS Mighty Shrikes - NH
HSL-94 SH-60 Willow Grove NAS Titans - Reserve Unit
VP-94 P-3C Orion New Orleans NAS Crawfishers - Reserve Unit
VA-95 A-6E Whidbey Island NAS Green Lizards - Disb 1994
VP-95 P-3C Orion New Orleans NAS Reserve Unit
VA-97 A-7E Corsair Est 1967 (As of 1973) Renamed VFA-97 - 1991
VFA-97 F-18C Hornet Lemoore NAS Warhawks - NH
VF-101 F-14D Oceana NAS Grim Reapers
VF-102 F-14B Oceana NAS Diamondbacks
VF-103 F-14B Oceana NAS Jolly Rogers
VFA-105 F-18C Hornet Oceana NAS Gunslingers - AC
VFA-106 F-18C Hornet Oceana NAS Gladiators - AD - FRS
VAW-110 E-2C Miramar NAS Firebirds - Disb 1994
VAW-111 E-2C Disbanded 1988
VF-111 F-14A Marimar NAS Sundowners - Disb 1995
VAW-112 E-2C North Island NAS Goldenhawks
VA-113 A-7E Corsair Renamed VFA-113 - 1983
VAW-113 E-2C North Island NAS Black Eagles
VFA-113 F-18C Lemoore NAS Stingers - NK
VAW-114 E-2C Marimar NAS Hormal Hawgs - Disb 1995
VF-114 F-14A Oceana NAS Aardvarks - Disb 1995
VA-115 A-6E Atsugi NAF Arabs/Eagles - To VFA-115
VAW-115 E-2C Norfolk NAS Liberty Bells
VFA-115 F-18C Lemoore NAS Eagles
VAW-116 E-2C North Island NAS Sun Kings
VAW-117 E-2C+ North Island NAS Wall Bangers
VAW-120 E-2C Norfolk NAS Grey Hawks - FRS
VAW-121 E-2C Norfolk NAS Bluetails
VA-122 A-7 Cecil Field NAS Disb 1991
VAW-122 E-2C Norfolk NAS Disb 1996
VFA-122 F-18E/F Lemoore NAS FRS for the F-18E/F conversion
VAW-123 E-2C Norfolk NAS Screwtops
VAW-124 E-2C Norfolk NAS Bear Aces
VF-124 F-14A/D Oceana NAS Gunfighters - Disb 1994
VAW-125 E-2C Norfolk NAS Tigertails
VFA-125 F-18s/T-34C Lemoore NAS Rough Riders - FRS - NJ
VAW-126 E-2C Norfolk NAS Seahawks
VF-126 F-16/A-4/F-5 Marimar NAS Bandits - Disb 1994
VFA-127 F-18, F-5E/F Fallon NAS Desert Bogies - NJ - Disb 1996
VA-128 A-6E Whidbey Island NAS Golden Intruders - Disb 1995
VAQ-129 EA-6B Whidbey Island NAS New Vikings - USAF as Well
VAQ-130 EA-6B Whidbey Island NAS Zappers
VAQ-131 EA-6B Whidbey Island NAS Lancers
VFA-131 F-18C Oceana NAS Wildcats - AG
VAQ-132 EA-6B Whidbey Island NAS Scorpions
VFA-132 F-18C Lemoore NAS Privateers - Disb 92 - AE
VAQ-133 EA-6B Whidbey Island NAS Wizards - Disb 1992
VAQ-134 EA-6B Whidbey Island NAS Garudas - Disb ???
VAQ-135 EA-6B Whidbey Island NAS Black Ravens
VAQ-136 EA-6B Atsugi NAF Gauntlets
VFA-136 F-18C Oceana NAS Knighthawks - AG
VAQ-137 EA-6B Whidbey Island NAS Rooks - Disb 1994
VFA-137 F-18C Lemoore NAS Kestrals - NE
VAQ-138 EA-6B Whidbey Island NAS Yellow Jackets
VAQ-139 EA-6B Whidbey Island NAS Cougars
VAQ-140 EA-6B Whidbey Island NAS Patriots
VAQ-141 EA-6B Whidbey Island NAS Shadowhawks
VAQ-142 EA-6B Whidbey Island NAS Grim Watchdogs - Disb 1991
VF-142 F-14A Oceana NAS Ghostriders - Disb 1995
VF-143 F-14B Cecil Field NAS Pukin Dogs
VA-145 A-6E Whidbey Island NAS Swordsmen - Disb 1993
VFA-146 F-18C Lemoore NAS Blue Diamonds - NG
VFA-147 F-18C Hornet Lemoore NAS Argonauts - NG
VFA-151 F-18A Hornet Lemoore NAS Vigilantes - NE
VF-154 F-14A Oceana NAS Black Knights
VA-155 A-6E Whidbey Island NAS Silver Foxes - Disb1993
VFA-161 F-18A Hornet Lemoore NAS Chargers - NN - Disb 1988
VA-165 A-6E Whidbey Island NAS Boomers - Disb 1996
VF-171 F-4 Phantom Oceana NAS Aces - Disb 1982
VA-174 A-7 Corsair II Cecil Field NAS Hell Razors - Disb 1988
VA-176 A-6E Oceana NAS Thunderbolts - Disb 1992
VA-185 A-6E Atsugi NAF Nighthawks - Disb 1991
VF-191 F-14 Tomcat Oceana NAS Disbanded 1988
VFA-192 F-18C Hornet Atsugi NAF Golden Dragons - NF
VF-194 F-14 Tomcat Marimar NAS Red Lightning - Disb 1988
VFA-195 F-18C Hornet Atsugi NAF Dambusters - NF
VA-196 A-6E Whidbey Island NAS Main Battery - Disb 1997
VF-201 F-14 to F-18 Fort Worth NAS Hunters - Reserve Unit
VF-202 F-14A Dallas NAS - Reserves Superheats - Disb 1995
VFA-203 F-18A Hornet NAS Atlanta Blue Dolphins - Reserve Unit
VFA-204 F-18A Hornet New Orleans NAS River Rattlers - Reserve Unit
VA-205 A-6E Atlanta NAS (Reserve) Green Falcons - Disb 1994
VA-206 A-6E Disb
VAQ-209 EA-6B Washington NAF Star Warriors - Reserve Unit
VF-211 F-14A Oceana NAS Flying Checkmates
VF-213 F-14A Oceana NAS Black Lions
VF-301 F-14A Marimar NAS (Res) Devils Deciples - Dis 94
VF-302 F-14A Marimar NAS Stalions - Res Unit - Disb 94
VFA-303 F-18A Hornet Lemoore NAS Goldenhawks - ND - Disb 1994
VA-304 A-6E Alameda NAS (Res) Firebirds - Disb 1994
VFA-305 F-18A Hornet Point Magu NAS Lobos - ND - Disb 1994
VAQ-309 EA-6B Whidbey Island NAS Axemen - Res Unit - Dis 1994
VF-1285 F-14 Desert Storm/Shield Fighting Fubijars - Disb 1991
CFLSW C-20G MCAS Kaneohe Bay Reserve Unit
NATU T-43/T-37B Randolph AFB
NAWC-AD NF-18A/C/D Patuxent NAS SD
NAWC-WD NF-18A/B/C China Lake NAWS Dust Devils
NFDS F-18A/B Hornet Pensacola NAS Blue Angels - BA
NFWS F-18A/B Hornet Fallon NAS Top Gun
NSWC F-18A/B Hornet Fallon NAS Strike U
NWEF F-18A Hornet Kirtland AFB NWEF Albuquerque - Disb
USN Test F-18B Hornet Patuxent NAS Test Pilot School
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