United States Naval Aviation Part 1

Active Squadrons and Recently Disbanded Squadrons

Squadron Aircraft



HS-1 SH-60F Jacksonville NAS Sea Horses - Disb 1997
VC-1 A-4E/TA-4J Barbers Point NAS Blue Alii - Disb 1992
VF-1 F-14 Tomcat Disbanded 1993
VP-1 P-3C Orion Whidbey Island NAS Screaming Eagles
VPU-1 P-3B Orion NAS Brunswick Association of the Old Buzzards
VQ-1 EP-3E Orion Agana NAS World Watchers
VR-1 Gulfstream III Washington NAF Star Lifters (Unit started 1998)
VX-1 P-3C Orion Patauxet NAS Pioneers
HC-2 SH-3G Seaking Norfolk NAS Fleet Angels - Disb 1996
HS-2 SH/HH-60H North Island NAS Golden Falcons
VF-2 F-14D Tomcat Oceana NAS Bounty Hunters
VP-2 P-3C Orion Whidbey Island NAS
VQ-2 EP-3E Orion Rota NAS Batmen
VT-2 T-34C Mentor Whiting Field NAS Doer Birds
HC-3 CH-46 North Island NAS Packrats
HS-3 SH-60F/HH-60H Jacksonville NAS Tridents
VQ-3 E-6A Tacamo Tinker AFB Tacamopac - Iron Men
VT-3 T-34C Mentor Whiting Field NAS Red Knights
HC-4 CH-53E Sigonella NAS Black Stallions
HCS-4 HH-60H Point Magu NAS ??? Red Wolves - Reserve Unit
HS-4 SH-60F/HH-60H North Island NAS Black Knights
VP-4 P-3C Orion Kaneohe NAS Skinny Dragons
VQ-4 E-6A Tinker AFB Shadows
VT-4 T-2C Buckeye Pensacola NAS Rubber Ducks
VW-4 WP-3A Orion Jacksonville NAS Hurricane Hunters - Disb 1997
VX-4 Various China Lake NAWS Evaluators - Disb 1996
HC-5 CH-46 Anderson AFB Providers
HCS-5 HH-60H Point Magu NAS Fire Hawks (See HRS-5)
HRS-5 HH-60H Point Magu NAS Firehawks - Reserve Unit
HS-5 SH-60F/HH-60H Jacksonville NAS Night Dippers
VC-5 TA-4J/SH-3G Cubi Point NAS Cherckertails - Disb 1992
VP-5 P-3C Orion Jacksonville NAS Mad Foxes
VQ-5 ES-3A Viking North Island NAS Shadows - Det A (Disb 2000)
VQ-5 ES-3A Viking North Island NAS Shadows - Det B (Disb 2000)
VQ-5 ES-3A Viking North Island NAS Shadows - Det C (Disb 2000)
VX-5 Various China Lake NAWS Vampires - Disb 1994
ANT-6 LC-130/UH-1N Point Magu NAS Puckered Penguins
HC-6 HH-46D Norfolk NAS Chargers
HS-6 H/SH-60F North Island NAS Indians
HT-6 TH-57C Whiting Field NAS
VC-6 RPV Norfolk NAS Skeet of the Fleet
VP-6 P-3C Orion Barbers Field NAS Blue Sharks - Disb 1993
VQ-6 ES-3B Viking Cecil Field NAS Black Ravens - Det A (Disb 2000)
VQ-6 ES-3B Viking Cecil Field NAS Black Ravens - Det B (Disb 2000)
VQ-6 ES-3B Viking Cecil Field NAS Black Ravens - Det C (Disb 2000)
VQ-6 ES-3B Viking Cecil Field NAS Black Ravens - Det D (Disb 2000)
VT-6 T-34C Mentor Whiting Field NAS Shooters
VXE-6 LC-130R Point Magu NAS CA
HS-7 SH-60H Jacksonville NAS Dusty Dogs
VP-7 P-3C Orion Jacksonville NAS Black Falcons
VT-7 TA-4J Meridian NAS Eagles
HC-8 CH-46 Norfolk NAS Dragon Whales
HS-8 SH-60F/HH-60H North Island NAS Eightballers
HT-8 TH-57B Whiting Field NAS CTW-5
VC-8 TA-45/SH-3G Roosevelt Roads NAS Red Tails - Status ???
VP-8 P-3C Orion Brunswick NAS Tigers
VXN-8 P-3C Orion Patauxet NAS World Travelers - Disb 1993
HS-9 SH-3H Jacksonville NAS Sea Griffons - Disb 1993
VP-9 P-3C Orion Kaneohe NAS Golden Eagles
VX-9 F-14D, Etc. Point Magu/China Lake Evaluators - also F-18A/B/C/D
HS-10 SH-60F North Island NAS Task Masters
VC-10 A-4E Skyhawk Guantonimo Bay MCAS Challengers - Disb 1993
VP-10 P-3C Orion Brunswick NAS Red Lancers
VT-10 T-34C/T-2C Pensacola NAS Cosmic Cats
HC-11 HH-46/UH-3H North Island NAS Gunbearers
HS-11 SH-60F/HH-60H Jacksonville NAS Dragonslayers
VF-11 F-14D Tomcat Oceana NAS Red Rippers - To Disband ???
VP-11 P-3C Orion Brunswick NAS Pegasus - Disb 1996
HM-12 CH/MH-53E Norfolk NAS Sea Dragons - Disb 1994
HS-12 SH-3H Seaking Yokusuko Wyverns - Disb 1994
VA-12 A-4E Skyhawk @ As of 1970 Flying Ubangis - Disb 1986
VFC-12 F-18A Hornet Marimar NAS Omars - Reserve Unit - AF
VP-12 P-3C Orion Disbanded Black Cats
VFC-13 F-18A Hornet Fallon NAS Saints - Reserve Unit - AF
HM-14 RH-53D Norfolk NAS Sea Stallions - To HM-18
HS-14 SH-60F/HH-60H North Island NAS Chargers
VF-14 F-14A Tomcat Oceana NAS Top Hatters
HM-15 RH-53D Norfolk NAS Black Hawks
HS-15 SH-60F/HH-60H Jacksonville NAS Red Lions
VFA-15 F-18C Hornet Oceana NAS Valions
HC-16 SH-3G/HH-1H Pensacola NAS Bull Frogs - Disb 1994
VP-16 P-3C Orion Jacksonville NAS Eagles
VP-17 P-3C Orion Barbers Point NAS White Lightning - Disb 1993
HM-18 RH-53D Norfolk NAS Norsemen - Disb 1996
HT-18 TH-57C Whiting Field NAS CTW-5
VP-18 P-3C Orion Jacksonville NAS Flying Phantoms
HM-19 RH-53D Alameda NAS Golden Bears - Disb
VP-19 P-3C Orion Moffett Field NAS Big Red - Disb 91
VT-19 T-2C Buckeye Meridian NAS Fighting Frogs
VF-21 F-14A Tomcat Oceana NAS Freelancers - To Disband
VP-21 P-3C Orion Brunswick NAS Black Jacks
VS-21 S-3B Viking Atsugi NAS Fighting Redtails
VT-21 T-45A Kingsville NAS Red Hawks
VFA-22 F-18C Hornet Lemoore NAS Fighting Redcocks - NH
VP-22 P-3C Orion Barbers Point NAS Blue Geese - Disb 1994
VR-22 K/C-130F Herc Rota NAS Medriders - Disb 1993
VS-22 S-3B Viking Cecil Field NAS Checkmates
VT-22 T-45A Kingsville nAS Golden Eagles
VP-23 P-3C Orion Brunswick NAS Sea Hawks - Disb 1995
VT-23 T-2C Buckeye Meridian NAS Professionals
VF-24 F-14A Tomcat Oceana NAS Fighting Renegades - To Disband
VP-24 P-3C Orion Jacksonville NAS Batmen - Disb 1995
VR-24 C-2A/CT-34G Sigonella Lifting Eagles - Disb 1993
VS-24 S-3B Viking Cecil Field NAS Scouts
VT-24 TA-4J Chase Field NAS Cougars/Bobcats - Disb 1992
VFA-25 F-18C Hornet Lemoore NAS Fist of the Fleet - NK
VP-26 P-3C Orion Brunswick NAS Tridents
VT-26 TA-4J Chase Field NAS Tigers - Disb 1992
VFA-27 F-18C Hornet Lemoore NAS Royal Maces/Chargers - NF
VS-27 S-3B Viking Cecil Field NAS Seawolves - Disb 1994
VT-27 T-34C Mentor Corpus Christi NAS Boomers
VS-28 S-3B Viking Cecil Field NAS Gamblers - Disb 1992
VT-28 T-34C Mentor Corpus Christi NAS Rangers
VS-29 S-3B Viking North Island NAS Screaming Dragonfires
HSL-30 SH-2F Norfolk NAS Disbanded 1993
VP-30 P-3C Orion Jacksonville NAS Pros
VRC-30 C-2A North Island NAS Providers - Reserve Unit - CA
VS-30 S-3B Viking Cecil Field NAS Diamond Cutters - was VS-801
HSL-31 SH-60B North Island NAS Arch Angels - Disb 1992
VF-31 F-14D Tomcat Oceana NAS Tomcatters
VP-31 P-3C Orion Moffet Field NAS Black Lightnings - Disb 1993
VS-31 S-3B Viking Cecil Field NAS Topcats
VT-31 T-44A Corpus Christi NAS Wise Owls
HSL-32 SH-2F Norfolk NAS Disbanded 1994
VF-32 F-14A Tomcat Oceana NAS Swordsmen
VS-32 S-3B Viking Cecil Field NAS Maulers
HSL-33 SH-2F North Island NAS Sea Snakes - Disb 1994
VAQ-33 ES/P-3 Orion Key West NAS Firebirds - Disb 1993
VF-33 F-14 Tomcat Oceana NAS Starfighters/Tarsiers - Disb 1993
VS-33 S-3A Viking North Island NAS Screwbirds - Disb 1988 ?
HSL-34 SH-2F Norfolk NAS Green Checkers - Disb 1993
VA-34 A-6E Intruder Cecil Field NAS Blueblasters - Now VFA-75
VAQ-34 EA-6B/EA-7L Lemoore NAS Aggressor - Disb 1993 - GD
HSL-35 SH-2F North Island NAS Magicians - Disb 1992
VA-35 A-6E Intruder Oceana NAS Black Panthers - Disb 1995
VAQ-35 EA-6B Prowler Whidbey Island NAS Grey Wolves - Disb 1993
VS-35 S-3B Viking North Island NAS Blue Wolves
HSL-36 SH-2F Norfolk NAS Disbanded 1992
VA-36 A-6E Intruder Oceana NAS Roadrunners - Disb 1994
HSL-37 SH-60B Barbers Point NAS Easy Riders
VFA-37 F-18C Hornet Oceana NAS Bulls - AC
VS-37 S-3B Viking North Island NAS Saw Bucks - Disb 1995
VS-38 S-3B Viking North Island NAS Red Griffins
HSL-40 SH-60B Norfolk NAS Air Wolves - FRS
VP-40 P-3C Orion Whidbey Island NAS Fighting Marlins
VRC-40 C-2A Norfolk NAS Rawhides
HSL-41 SH-2F North Island NAS Seahawks
VF-41 F-14D Tomcat Oceana NAS Black Aces
@VS-41 S-3B Viking North Island NAS Shamrocks
HSL-42 SH-60 Mayport NAS Proud Warriors
VA-42 A-6E Intruder Oceana NAS Green Pawns - Disb 1994
VP-42 P-3C Orion Whidbey Island
HSL-43 SH-60B North Island NAS Battlecats
VF-43 F-14A Tomcat Oceana NAS Challengers - Disb 1994
HSL-44 SH-60F Mayport NAS Swampfox
VP-44 P-3C Orion Brunswick NAS Golden Pelicans - Disb 1991
HSL-45 SH-60 Northh Island NAS Wolfpack
VF-45 F-18A/F-5E/F Keywest NAS Blackbirds - Disb 1996
VP-45 P-3C Orion Jacksonville NAS Pelicans
HSL-46 SH-60B Mayport NAS Grandmasters
VA-46 A-7E Corsair II Disbanded 1991
VP-46 P-3C Orion Whidbey Island NAS Gray Knights
VR-46 C-9B Dobbins ARB Reserve Unit - GA
HSL-47 SH-60B North Island NAS Saberhawks
VP-47 P-3C Orion Kaneohe NAS Golden Swordsmen
HSL-48 SH-60 Mayport NAS Vipers
VP-48 P-3C Orion Boomerangers - Disb 1991
VR-48 C-20G (Washington NAF) Reserve Unit - MD
HSL-49 SH-60B North Island NAS Scorpions
VP-49 P-3C Orion Jacksonville NAS Woodpeckers - Disb 1994
VP-50 P-3C Orion Moffett Field Blue Dragons - Disb 1992
VRC-50 C-2A, US-3A Anderson AFB Foo Dogs - Disb 1995 ????
HSL-51 SH-60B North Island NAS Warlords
VF-51 F-14A Marimar NAS Screaming Eagles - Disb 1995
VR-51 Gulfstream iii MCAF Kaneohe Bay Wind Jammers - New Unit 1998
VA-52 A-6E, KA-6D Oceana NAS Knightriders - Disb 1995
VR-52 C-9B Willow Grove NAS Reserve Unit - PA
VR-53 C-130T Washinton NAF Reserve Unit
VR-54 C-130T Andrews AFB Revelers - Reserve Unit - LA
VA-55 A-6E Intruder Oceana NAS War Horses - Disb 1991
VR-55 C-130T Moffett Field NAS Minutemen - Reserve Unit - CA
VA-56 A-6E Intruder Lemoore NAS Champions - Disb 1986
VP-56 P-3C Orion Jacksonville NAS Dragons - Disb 1991
VR-56 C-9B Norfolk NAS Globemasters - Reserve Unit - VA
VP-57 P-3C Orion Whidbey Island Status Unknown
VR-57 C-9B North Island NAS Conquisitors - Reserve Unit - CA
VR-58 C-9B Jacksonville NAS Sun Seekers - Reserve Unit - FL
VR-59 C-9B NAS Ft. Worth Lone Star Express - Reserve Unit

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