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As a result of the large numbers of requests for trading badges, I have decided to start a contact page. Instead of listing my trades which tend to change rapidly, it is my intention to provide contacts as well. Also, it is impossible for me to trade with everyone, so by providing me with information on your hobby interests, you can contact other traders and they can contact you.

Therefore, I invite anyone who would like to place their names on this list to forward your badge requirements to me by sending an e-mail to:

Minimal information that you should provide is your e-mail address, the badges you would like to trade and collect, and your regular mailing address. Please feel free to add any additional details or comments that you would like placed with your submission.

In closing, this service will be closely monitored. Should anyone have dealings with a trader who has been less than honest, please inform me ASAP so that I may delete that traders name from this group. Dishonourable collectors are not welcome in this group and will not be tolerated.

I look forward to adding your name to our group and hope that this service helps you and others in the hobby. Take care and all the best with your collection.

Cheers, FRED Paradie



The following is a list of the Squadrons, Museums, and people that I have bought or traded badges with. I hope to help people trade badges with fellow collectors or get them direct from the squadrons or museums.

Again, if there are any individuals or squadrons that would like to be added to this list, please contact me.

I have NOT been asked to do this by the squadrons, so if they would like anything removed, please contact me and I will remove the listing. Also, I would imagine that taxes and postage would have to be paid as well, so the best bet if buying badges, is to contact the squadron and get an estimate before forwarding a cheque to them.

Please contact the following people or addresses:


Barilovich, Mark

9166 West 75th Circle
CO 80005-4141

E-Mail =

Mark trades and sells USAF patches, both coloured and subdued. He has some really impressive badges from around the world as well as some very interesting F-4 Phantom related badges for sale on e-bay, etc.

Biermann, Felix, Robert

Backergasse 3

E-Mail =

Felix is interested in, and trades for, wing and squadron patches from around the world.

Biss, Gordy (Canadian Air Force (Ret))

2090 Lannan Road
Comox, British Columbia
V9M 3Z6

E-Mail =

Gordy will sell and trade various badges, etc. He has numerous Canadian Air Force flight-suit badges, both ops and heraldic. He also collects and trades Canadian aircrew and Parachutist qualification wings, cap badges and ball caps. He is very intersted in Tigermeet, TAMs, AACE, badges etc. Also interested in Large-size foreign flight jackets and UN-NATO pocket hangers.

Bjerg, John

John Bjerg Mollegade 50
DK 8660 Skanderborg
Phone: XX45-86-52-47-73
Fax: XX45-86-52-19-17

E-Mail =

John collects and trades the military uniform enamel pocket badges, and is searching for these items from all over the world.

Bogl, Craig

1135 Court Street
Port Huron
Michigan 48060

E-Mail =

Craig is interested in USAF, RAF, RAAF, Russian (including former USSR), and East or West Germany military aviation related badges

Botha, Stephan

P.O. Box 7261
South Africa 2572

E-Mail =

Stephan has South African Air Force issue patches, cap badges and wings for trade. He is looking for operationally used SAAF patches.

Cook, John W. (SMSgt - USAF Retired)

P.O. Box 288
Rose Hill, KS 67133-0288

E-Mail =

John buys, sells, and trades world-wide aviation patches, badges and insignia. Always interested in obtaining military items from Bermuda, Canada, South Africa and the USAF's Strategic Air Command (SEA and Vietnam War).

De Beuckeleer, Ludo

Kastanjestraat 20
B-2250 Olen

E-Mail =

Ludo collects most aviation related badges. He is very interested in CAF badges.

Egloff, Robert

99 Collins Ave
MA 01022

E-Mail =

Rob is interested in, and trades for, A-10 and F-16 related patches. He also wants to start a collection of CAF (ie. Balkan Rats) operation related patches.

Erwin, Kenis

Eikenlaan 17
3910 Neerpelt

Home Phone = 0032-11-66-15-89
Work Phone = 0032-495-54-76-95

E-Mail =

Erwin is interested and trades in "Tiger" badges. That is, any badge from a squadron that uses the "Tiger" as its' symbol. IE - Tiger Meets, etc.

Ferri, Carlo

Only have his e-mail right now

E-Mail =

Carlo collects Italian Air Force and NATO metallic badges.

Finch, Steve

115 St. Jiles Dr.
NC 27520, USA

E-Mail =

Steve collects and trades mostly fighter related badges from around the world.

Ford, Phil (USAF Retired)

331 Newman Drive
Kodak, TN

E-Mail =

Phil collects and trades USAF and other aviation related badges.

Gamsiz, Murat

Leyla Atakan Cad
Ataklar Apt 46/13
41950D Degirmendere

E-Mail =

Murat is interested in, and trades for, Air Force Insignia, badges and related patches from around the world.

Golinelli, Luca

Via Franklin 34
41100 Modeno-Mo

E-Mail =

Luca collects and trades F-104 Starfighter badges and material from around the world.

Hazel, Tony

91 Monkswood Avenue
Waltham Abbey
Essex EN9 1LJ, United Kingdom

E-Mail =

Tony collects and trades most aviation related badges. He is very interested in CAF and RAF badges.

Hummel, Frank (1st Lt. - German Army Reserve)

Windsheimer Str. 12A
90449 Nuernberg

E-Mail = frankhummel@01019freenet

Frank has for trade and sale - hundreds of cloth and metal badges and patches from the German Army, Navy and Air Force. His company produces badges and patches for these elements as well.

Ikin, Graham

71 Pennine Way
Straffordshire, ST8 7EB, England

E-Mail =

Graham collects fighter related badges from around the world.

Jensen, Chris (Airline Pilot)

25-3410 Vialoux Drive
Winnipeg, Manitoba
R3R 0A4
Phone: 204-896-9125

E-Mail =

Chris collects coloured and subdued CAF and foreign AF patches. He has contacts in Canada and Germany and is able to get quite a few patches.

Johnson, Dale (ASW-US Navy S-3B Aircrew)
1709 Silver Springs Ct
Virginia Beach, VA
USA 23456

Telephone: (757) 416-9160
Dale collects and trades all military aviation badges and is a great guy to trade with.

Regular E-Mail is:

Lohr, Albert

Box 498
APO AE 09180


Schanzerstrasse 13
66892 BR-Miesau

E-Mail =

Al collects and trades military related aircrew wings. He is also very intersted in military aviation books, etc.

McIntosh, Gary (Lt. USAFANG)

5043 Tuscarora Road
Niagra Falls, N.Y.

E-Mail =

Gary collects mostly non-US Aviation related badges, and will trade USAF and other aviation related badges. He is very interested in CAF and RAF badges.

Miller, Neil

10 Hunter Drive
Las Vegas
NV 89115

E-Mail =

Neil collects and trades badges from Air Forces around the world. Has a particular interest in USAF and CAF badges.

Miller, Randy (Captain - USAF CAP)

Capt Randy Miller, CAP
723 North Harrison Street
Brazil, Indiana
47834, USA
Phone: (812) 448-8771

E-Mail =

Randy collects RCAF/CAF, RAF, RAAF, and RNZAF badges, etc. He is interested in Heraldic, shoulder flashes, head dress badges, rank insignia and accoutrements, especialy Canadian. He has some of the aforementioned for trade including some German and Dutch items.

Norris, Alan

20 Elizabeth Gardens
Meysey, Hampton
Glos., GL7 5LP, England

E-Mail =

Alan collects only helicopter related badges worn by helicopter crews from all branches of the armed forces, EMS, Police and Fire Departments around the world. He has a large collection so plesae contact him BEFORE sending any badges. He has a large number of trades and can obtain badges from the RAF, Army Air Corps and Fleet Air Arm.

Osborne, Todd (TSGT, USAF)

1884 Bordeaux Drive
OH 45324

E-Mail =

Todd collects coloured and subdued USAF and foreign AF patches. He is very interested in French, Italian and German AF patches, but always looking to add patches from other countries. He has contacts in Italy, France and Germany and is able to get quite a few patches.

Parent, Robert B.

279 Davidson Ouest
Gatineau, Quebec

E-Mail =

Robert is interested and trades in Canadian Air Force, USAF, US Navy and some European country badges.

Perkins, James G. (Flight Sergeant)


E-Mail =

FOR ANYONE INTERESTED IN IRISH AIR CORPS BADGES - PLEASE CONTACT JAMES. HE CAN HELP YOU!!! I Shall be posting some of their badges for sale in the near future. James sent me scans and they are excellent and a very good buy for all collectors. Feel free to contact him for more info. CHECK IT OUT AS A GREAT SOURCE.

Putker, Henry

Jan P. Sweelincksingel 14
2132 KL Hoofddorp
The Netherlands


Henry collects and trades official figher, bomber, recce, transport, helicopter and training unit patches.

Rizzo, Rick

P.O. Box 186
MA 02151


Internet Site =

  • Squadron Flight Shop

    Rick trades and sells military aviation patches. He specializes in aircraft patches and special events or unit celebrations as well as air display teams from around the world.

    Rodriguez, Alex (US Army)

    71 White Birch Ct
    Mount Holly
    MJ 08060

    E-Mail =

    Alex collects most aviation related badges.

    Taylor, Ron

    735 Wonderland Road - North
    Suite 402
    London, Ontario
    N6H 5N7

    E-Mail =

    Ron is interested and trades for Canadian Air Force and Royal Canadian Air Force flying clothing and some badges for these items.

    Wilkinson, Robert (Bob)

    P.O. Box 1011
    Hermosa Beach
    California 90254-1011

    E-Mail =

    Bob collects and trades both USAF and foreign Air Force badges from around the world, with special emphasis on fighter, attack, and fixed-wing transport unit badges.

    Williamson, Bryan

    Ontario ??

    E-Mail =

    Bryan collects all naval and naval aviation rank and trade badges, etc.

    Zurick, Bill

    611 Meadowridge Drive
    Warner Robins
    GA 31093

    E-Mail =

    Bill collects USAF maintenance and air refueling squadron patches. He also wants to start a collection of CAF operation patches/crests.


    103 SQUADRON KIT SHOP(Canadian Forces)
    Attn: Mrs. Linda Maxwell
    9 Wing
    CFS Gander

    Phone: (709) 256-1703 ext 355
    AV: 622-3355
    Fax: (709) 256-1705 e-mail

    PLEASE NOTE - The E-MAIL has changed I believe and I have been looking for the address for it. Still, try the phone and FAX and that appears to work still. Linda is very good at responding and they run an excellent kit-shop!!

    103 Sqn T-Shirt - $ 15.00
    103 Sqn Golf-Shirts - $ 25.00
    103 Sqn Mug - $ 5.00
    103 Sqn Heraldic Patch - $ 3.50
    103 Sqn Rescue Patch - $ 2.50
    103 Sqn - 50th Patch - $ 4.00
    103 Sqn Zappers - $ 0.25
    103 Sqn History Book - $ 6.00
    103 Sqn License Plate - $10.00

    410 SQUADRON KIT SHOP (As of 14 Jan 99)(Canadian Forces)
    Attn: MCpl Lafond
    P.O. Box 6550 STN Forces
    Cold Lake AB
    T9M 2C6


    410 Sqn Heraldic Patch - $ 5.00
    410 Sqn Crest - $ 5.00
    410 Sqn - Cougars Crest - $5.00
    410 Sqn - 50th Patch - $ 4.00
    410 Sqn FWIC Patch - $ 5.00
    410 Sqn FEWAR Patch - $ 5.00
    410 Sqn - Canada Hornet Patch
    410 Sqn - Hornet Handler Patch - $ 5.00
    410 Sqn - Name Tags - $5.00
    410 Sqn Zappers - $ 0.50
    410 Sqn Video - $ 5.00
    410 Sqn Pin - Cougars - $ 3.00
    410 Sqn Pin - Canada Hornet - $3.00
    410 Sqn Pin - Heraldic - $3.00
    410 Sqn Turtleneck Shirt - $27.50
    410 Sqn Mock Turtleneck - $20.00
    410 Sqn T-Shirt - $ 14.00
    410 Sqn Golf-Shirts - $ 25.00
    410 Sqn Sweatshirt - $30.00
    410 Sqn Mug - $ 10.00

    444 (CS) SQUADRON KIT SHOP (Canadian Forces)
    444 Squadron, 5 Wing
    Postal Station 'A'
    Goose Bay, Labrador, NF
    A0P 1S0

    Phone: (AV) 568-7237, (Commercial) 709-896-6900 ext 7237
    Fax: (AV) 568-6971 (Commercial) 709-896-6971

    444 Sqn Kit Shop List (As of 1 Jan 99)

    444 (CS) Sqn RESCUE patches - $ 5.00
    444 patches - $ 5.00
    Nametags - $ 5.00
    Sqn Heraldic Patches - $ 5.00
    Sqn Heraldic Pins - $ 5.00
    Sqn Zappers - 5 for $ 5.00
    Sqn Zapper Pins - $ 5.00
    Black T-Shirt (Zapper emblem) - $ 15.00
    Black Mock Turtlenecks - $ 25.00
    444 (CS) Sqn baseball caps - $ 15.00


    CONTACT M. Joe Drouin at

    His internet address is:

    Joe is an excellent source of medals, wings, (past and present), etc. and suppllies the Canadian Forces with a lot of militaria related items. He also has supplies of British and US medals, etc. Visit his web site or e-mail him for more information.


    CONTACT Jim Godefroy

    His internet address is:

    Mailing address: P.O. Box 53195
    Ottawa, Ontario
    K1N 1C5

    Jim buys, sells, and collects military medals, etc. Please contact him if you are interested in some excellent medals from our Canadian military history.


    CONTACT Mr. Brian Nelson at FAX: 902-765-5747 (Commercial)
    Phone: (Commercial) 902-765-1494 ext. 5955
    Phone: (Autovan) 568-1494 ext. 5955

    Internet Site =

  • CFB Greenwood Military Aviation Museum


    Help Support this excellent Museum and preserve some of our Air Force History as well.
    Military Police - $ 6.00
    Greenwood Crest "Persevere to Succeed" - $ 6.00
    CFB Greenwood - $ 6.00
    103 Sqn Heraldic - $ 6.00
    103 Sqn - 50 Years - $ 7.00
    103 Sqn Rescue - $ 4.50
    404 Sqn Heraldic - $ 6.00
    404 Sqn Blazer Heraldic - $ 29.95 (Gold Wire)
    405 Sqn Heraldic - $ 6.00
    405 Sqn Blazer Heraldic - $ 29.95 (Gold Wire)
    405 Sqn - Crew 1 - $ 4.00
    405 Sqn - Crew 2 - $ 4.00
    405 Sqn - Crew 5 - $ 5.00
    405 Sqn - Crew 6 - $ 5.00
    405 Sqn - Crew 7 - $ 5.00
    413 Sqn Heraldic - $ 6.00
    413 Sqn Hercules Crew Patch - $ 4.50
    413 Sqn Labrador Crew Patch - $ 4.50
    415 Sqn Heraldic - $ 6.00
    420 Sqn Heraldic - $ 6.00
    434 Sqn Heraldic - $ 6.00
    434 Sqn Blazer Heraldic - $ 29.95 (Gold Wire)
    434 Sqn Schooner Tech - $ 6.00
    434 Sqn Bluenose - $ 6.00
    434 Sqn Half Moon - $ 6.00
    434 Sqn 1943-1993 50th - $ 6.00
    449 Sqn Blazer Heraldic - $ 29.95 (Gold Wire)
    AeSOp (CF) Mess Kit Wings - $8.85
    Air Cadets Atlantic Region - $ 4.25
    Air Force Cap Badge - $ 0.95
    Air Force Cap Badge (Metal & Cloth mix) - $ 11.89
    Air Force Roundel - $ 1.98
    Association of Old Crows Electronic Warfare Badge - $ 6.00
    CP-140 Aurora - $ 6.00
    Cobra Flight (2 CFFTS) - CFB Moosejaw - $ 4.00
    Navigator (CF) Mess Kit Wings - $ 8.85
    Pilot (CF) Mess Kit Wings - $ 8.85
    RCAF Badge (Blue and Black) - $ 4.98
    RCAF Blazer Crest - $ 26.75 or $ 18.95
    RCAF Wings (Observer, Navigator, Engineer, Bomb-Aimer, Wireless Air Gunner, Air-Gunner, Pilot - WWII) - $ 5.50
    SAR Tech (CF) Mess Kit Wings - $ 8.85
    10 FITS/EITA - $ 4.00

    Prices and availability are subject to change, please fax or call and get a total price quote.

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