F-18 Hornet of the Swiss AF (Photo is from the Christoff Kugler Site)

31 Wing 1 Squadron F-5E/F Dubendorf
LT-3 Alouette III Various
LT-4 Alouette III Various
LT-5 Alouette III Various
LT-6 Alouette III Various
10 Sqn Mirage IIIRS Dubendorf Getting F-18
31 Wing 11 Sqn F-5E/F Alpnach
16 Sqn Mirage IIIS Payerne Getting F-18
17 Sqn F-18C/D Payerne
31 Wing 18 Sqn F-5E/F Payerne

Swiss Air Force F-5s (Swedish University Photo Archive)

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