Saudi Arabia

Saudi Air Force Tornado IDS (Military Aircraft Archive)

1 Squadron CN.235-10, C-130H, various Khamis Mushayt
3 Squadron F-5E/B Taif
4 Squadron C-130E/H, KC-130 Dharan
5 Squadron F-15C/D Taif
6 Squadron F-15C/D Khamis Mushayt
7 Squadron Tornado IDS Dharan
8 Squadron Reims-Cessna 172 Riyadh
9 Squadron PC-9 Riyadh
10 Squadron F-5E/F Taif
11 Squadron Hawk Riyadh
12 Squadron AB205 Taif
13 Squadron F-15C/D Dharan
14 Squadron AB206/AB212 Taif
15 Squadron F-5E/B Khamis Mushayt
16 Squadron C-130E/H/KC-130 Jeddah
17 Squadron RF-5E, F-5E/F Riyadh
18 Squadron E-3A, KE-3A Riyadh
21 Squadron Hawk/Jetstream Dharan
22 Squadron PC-9 Riyadh
29 Squadron Tornado ADV Dhahran
32 Squadron KC-130H Riyadh
34 Squadron Tornado ADV Dhahran AC to 29 Sqn
37 Squadron Hawk Dharhan
42 Squadron F-15C/D Dharan
55 Squadron F-15S Dharan
66 Squadron Tornado IDS Dharan
75 Squadron Tornado IDS New Squadron
79 Squadron Hawk Mk. 65A Unknown
83 Squadron Tornado New Squadron


? Squadron AH-64A (X 12) Khamis Mushait
? Squadron S-70A-1 (X 11)
? Squadron UH-60 (X 10)
? Squadron SA-356n (X 6)
? Squadron Bell 406CS (X 15)
? Squadron KV-107 (X10) Spec Sec Force


Air Element AS 532UC Al Jubail
Air Element AS 532SC Al Jubail
Air Element AS 565SC Al Jubail
Air Element AS 565SA Al Jubail

Although described as a F-15 "Strike" Eagle, this is an F-15 Eagle and NOT the F-15S Strike Eagle

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