Disbanded Flying Squadrons of the Royal Air Force - 401 - 500 Series

RCAF Squadrons are listed in the Canada Section - North America

Avro Lancaster - Battle of Britain Memorial Flight (Totavia Photo Archive)

450(RAAF) Sqn Mustang Lavariano Disbanded 45
451(RAAF) Sqn Spitfire Wunstorf Disbanded 46
To RAAF 452(RAAF) Sqn Spitfire Archam Disbanded 42
453(RAAF) Sqn Spitfire Wunstorf Disbanded 46
454(RAAF) Sqn Baltimore Villaorba Disbanded 46
455(RAAF) Sqn Beaufighter Dallachy Disbanded 45
456(RAAF) Sqn Mosquito Bradwell Bay Disbanded 45
To RAAF 457(RAAF) Sqn Spitfire Lindsey Disbanded 42
458(RAAF) Sqn Wellington Gibraltar Disbanded 45
459(RAAF) Sqn Baltimore Chivenor Disbanded 45
460(RAAF) Sqn Lancaster East Kirkby Disbanded 45
461(RAAF) Sqn Sunderland Sullom Voe Disbanded 45
462(RAAF) Sqn Halifax Foulsham Disbanded 45
463(RAAF) Sqn Lancaster Skellingthorpe Disbanded 45
464(RAAF) Sqn Mosquito Melsbroek Disbanded 45
466(RAAF) Sqn Liberator Bassingbourne To RAAF
467(RAAF) Sqn Lancaster Metheringham Disbanded 45
485(NZ) Sqn Spitfire Drope Disbanded 45
486 (NZ) Sqn Tempest Dunsfold Disbanded 45
487 (NZ) Sqn Mosquito Epinoy Disbanded 45
488 (NZ) Sqn Mosquito Rijen Disbanded 45
489 (NZ) Sqn Mosquito Banff Disbanded 45
490 (NZ) Sqn Sunderland Jui Disbanded 45
500 (Aux) Sqn Meteor F.8 West Malling Disbanded 57

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