F-16 aircraft of the Royal Danish Air Force - Photo from the RDAF website.

563 Eskadrille T-17 Supporter Avno
721 Eskadrille Gulfstream IV Vaerlose
722 Eskadrille S-61A Vaerlose
723 Eskadrille F-16A/B Aalborg
726 Eskadrille F-16A/B Aalborg
727 Eskadrille F-16A/B Skrydstrup
730 Eskadrille F-16A/B Skrydstrup
Flyveskolen T-17 Supporter Karup
SVF Lynx Mk.80/90 Vaerlose Navy
Scouting Coy Hughes 500M Mobile Army
` Anti-Tank Hughes 500M, Fennec Mobile Army
Challenger 604 Ordered 1998

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