Disbanded Squadrons of the Royal Canadian Naval Air Service

Royal Canadian Navy Banshee (NAM Photo)

VX-10 CH-124 Seaking Disbanded 67
HU-20 H04S-3 Disbanded
HU-21 CP-121 Tracker Disbanded 67
VH-21 H04S-3 Disbanded
to CAF VU-32 CP-121 Tracker Disbanded
to CAF VU-33 CP-121 Tracker Disbanded
VT-40 T-33 Disbanded
HS 50 CH-124 Seaking Disbanded 67
803 Squadron Sea Fury HMCS Warrior Disbanded
825 Squadron Avenger HMCS Warrior Disbanded
826 Squadron Avenger Disbanded
870 Squadron Sea Fury Disbanded
871 Squadron Sea Fury Disbanded
880 Squadron Avenger Disbanded
881 Squadron Avenger Disbanded
883 Squadron Sea Fury Disbanded
VF-870 Sqn Banshee Shearwater Disbanded 67
VF-871 Sqn Sea Fury HMCS Magnificent Disbanded 67
To CAF VS-880 Sqn CP-121 Tracker Summerside Disbanded 67
VS-881 Sqn CP-121 Tracker Shearwater Disbanded
Reserve VC-920 Sqn Expeditor Toronto Disbanded
Reserve VC-921 Sqn Expeditor Disbanded
Reserve VC-922 Sqn Harvard IV Disbanded
Reserve VC-923 Sqn Harvard IV
Reserve VC-924 Sqn Harvard IV

Royal Canadian Navy Avenger

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