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My Background

I was born in a small town in Kansas, and at six months of age, moved to a small village in Colorado where we were one of the only families in which I and my three brothers all went to the same Grade School, Jr. High School, and High School in the District. (Pictures of My Home Town). In my mid thirties I married my sweetheart that I knew from when we were kids. (Our pictures). Then moved to South East Texas, where we lived for about six and a half years. Now we are on the move again to the North West to the State of Oregon.

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My Interests

I love to Honor God, Hunt, Fish, Collect Error Lincoln Cents, Federal Duck Stamps, and Training my Titled Labrador Retriever.

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My Personal Thought

Love the Lord, Hunt, Fish, own a good Retriever, and Love a Great Woman. I'm Blessed to have them all.

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