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Ever since I can remember I had always believed in things that people said didn't exist; no direct concept of what it was; as these things were considered to be of an occult nature as I found out later in life.

I just knew there was more to Life than what met the eye. Although I questioned the religious beliefs I had been taught while growing up, those were the basic beliefs I started with. that lead me into



The journey has been long and truly inspiring. Many obstacles were put in the way; to test me, but through the many trials and tribulations was lead to the pure Truth. (Each reader will arrive at his or her own conclusions as to what this means to them.)

For the journey into life is most complex. Many get trapped in limbo and cannot seem to find their way. We all need help in our journey. That is why we are lead to certain events, people or encounters to help us along the perilious journey. My journey is far from completed. I am in the process of updating my journey...please stay tuned.

If you'd like to drop me a line click on Lady Butterfly. Hope you'll drop in again. See ya.

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