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You see here: CheesesOfNazareth, DoNOTPass2Casty, Hemmiebabe, LBHoops, Ltbchwhs, Maginthat2, Nebula_48, Odyss and Wag_the_frog

Nebula_48 says, "wb musey"
Ltbchwhs says, "hey muse"
DoNOTPass2Casty says, "wb Musey~"
Odyss says, "hehe musy ur an addict"
Hemmiebabe says, "LOLCheesy yes and it moved me deeply"
Africamuse called odyss an addict and was suspicious
CheesesOfNazareth says, "LOL"
Hemmiebabe says, "lol"
DoNOTPass2Casty says, "lol"
Ltbchwhs says, "hi casty"
Hemmiebabe is laughin
CheesesOfNazareth says, "hiya muse"
Africamuse takes umbrage at odyss's sing song voice
DoNOTPass2Casty says, "Hi Ltb"
CheesesOfNazareth is not a muse
Hemmiebabe says, "lolMuse.can I have an umbrella too?"
Odyss check his A dict ionary for umbrage
CheesesOfNazareth . o O ( WWwwwhhhooooosshhh! )
Africamuse is not sure what an umbrage is, really....examines odyss;s umbrage carefully
Hemmiebabe says, "lol"
Odyss damn my fly is open?
CheesesOfNazareth says, "Hey Nice umbrage od"
You say, "lol"
Nebula_48 says, "yep"
Hemmiebabe bends over and shows Muse her umbrage
CheesesOfNazareth admires the umbrage
Nebula_48 says, "hee hee hemmie"
Africamuse . o O ( more than i needed to see hemmie )
Hemmiebabe says, "is it a good one?"
Hemmiebabe says, "lol"
CheesesOfNazareth says, "LOL"
Nebula_48 hands musey a flash light
DoNOTPass2Casty has to be going...BYE
Hemmiebabe wipes her eyes.........
Nebula_48 says, "bye casty"
Odyss my umbrage is bigger n ur umbrage hemmie
CheesesOfNazareth nad rubber gloves
Hemmiebabe says, "CastyBye!!!"
Africamuse asks everyone to please put their umbrages away now, i just want odyss's one
DoNOTPass2Casty leaves.
You say, "bye casty"
Odyss says, "bye casty"
Maginthat2 leaves.
Odyss says, "she left"
Hemmiebabe says, "yes it is Odyss.......and thats not a good thing"
Odyss says, "hey magin"
Nebula_48 says, "bye magin"
Hemmiebabe says, "Bye Mag!"
You say, "lol hem"
Hemmiebabe says, "lol"
CheesesOfNazareth . o O ( How does one reconcile the concepts of an infinite universe and a finite amount of energy in that universe? )
Africamuse didn't realise mag was going
Hemmiebabe smacks CheesesOfNazareth.
Nebula_48 says, "didnt either"
Odyss misses mag already
DrPepper330ml17 enters.
CheesesOfNazareth says, "owwwwwww"
Hemmiebabe says, "Snap outta it girl"
DrPepper330ml17 says, "Hi ROOOOOOOOOOOOM"
Hemmiebabe says, "HAY DR"
CheesesOfNazareth . o O ( carmpy diem=seize the Midol? )
Hemmiebabe says, "is that my Doc?"
DrPepper330ml17 says, "Hay"
You say, ". o O ( How does one reconcile the concepts of an infinite umbrage and a finite amount of energy in that umbrage? )"
CheesesOfNazareth says, "crampy even"
Hemmiebabe says, "Hemmie looks for moles"
Hemmiebabe says, "lolMuse!"
Ltbchwhs says, "hi peper"
CheesesOfNazareth says, "lol@muse"
DrPepper330ml17 says, "anyone want to chat"
Hemmiebabe is being yelled at
Ltbchwhs says, "no"
Nebula_48 says, "yell back"
Odyss decides to take his umbrage elsewhere
Hemmiebabe says, "yes Ill chat!"
Hemmiebabe o)
Ltbchwhs says, "by whom hemmie"
You say, "lol odyss"
Odyss gotta go bye all
Hemmiebabe says, "Hubby"
You say, "hemmie you LIE"
Ltbchwhs says, "bye od"
Nebula_48 says, "by ody"
Odyss says, "no musy dont say it"
Africamuse thinks odys will be back
Nebula_48 says, "hee hee"
Hemmiebabe says, "Bye Odyss! see you in 2 minutes!"
You say, "lol already did"
CheesesOfNazareth . o O ( Carpe Dierieum=seize the tiolet paper? )
You say, "lol cheeses"
Odyss says, "damn, im pre dic table"
CheesesOfNazareth says, "heh heh"
Nebula_48 says, "chesus sheeses"
Ltbchwhs says, "lol@cheeses"
Hemmiebabe says, "I was kiddin chat in here.just trivia"
DrPepper330ml17 leaves, heading for a private room.
Africamuse wishes she knew who cheeses whas
Ltbchwhs says, "yeah right hemmie"
Hemmiebabe says, "sorry,,,,he was PMing me!"
Africamuse laughs her ass off at hem
Hemmiebabe says, "LOL"
Nebula_48 says, "hee hee"
Odyss sari
CheesesOfNazareth . o O ( carpe duh=seize and idiot? )
Hemmiebabe says, "said I was a hot babe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Ltbchwhs says, "the dr was hemmie?"
Hemmiebabe says, "yes LJB!"
Africamuse LMUO = laugh my umbrage off
CheesesOfNazareth is Pickle me Elmo:-)
Hemmiebabe says, "hee, hee"
Ltbchwhs says, "and you believe him?"
Nebula_48 picks up museys ass and hands it back to her
Odyss says, "lol mus"
Hemmiebabe says, "lolMuse!"
You say, "still here odyss?"
Odyss says, "ROULMAO"
You say, "hehehe"
CheesesOfNazareth says, "LMUO@muse"
Hemmiebabe says, "LMAOLJB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Ltbchwhs says, "he he he"
Hemmiebabe says, "Nebbie!"
Nebula_48 says, "hee hee"
CheesesOfNazareth says, "ROTFLMUO"
Odyss says, "is stuck"
You say, "hehehe odyss, lolol at image of odyss rollingon his umbrage"
Hemmiebabe says, "She dropped her umbrage not her ass!"
Ltbchwhs says, "where odyss"
Hemmiebabe says, "sheesh Neb"
Nebula_48 says, "her ass was first to go"
CheesesOfNazareth says, "lol"
Hemmiebabe says, "LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Africamuse drops her aitches sometimes too, lol
Hemmiebabe is laughin again,feels good
CheesesOfNazareth says, "STOP I'm gonna pee!!"
Nebula_48 says, "hee hee"
Africamuse . o O ( well once my ass went, there was nothing to keep my umbrage on )
Nebula_48 says, "hahhahahhaha"
Hemmiebabe says, ";quickly takes Cheese to the potty"
CheesesOfNazareth says, "lol"
CheesesOfNazareth says, "thanks hemmie"
Ltbchwhs says, "go ahead, just close your eyes and nobody will see you"
Africamuse has a sore umbrage from laughing so much...really
Hemmiebabe says, "ssuI cant type,laughin too hard"
CheesesOfNazareth . o O ( like as ostrich?? )
Hemmiebabe says, "I needed this.............."


And then my umbrage was booted right outta there....which all goes to show that I never know when to drop a good joke, and that the Yahoo gods do have a sense of umbrage after all!


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