The friendships that have been built up in the trivia room have extended past simple online chats.  As well as the fun and companionship, a lot of real support has been shared online.

From advice on migraines to talking about (and learning to let go of) past traumas, real friendships have developed. Swopping photographs - of everything from pets to tattoos - and WAV files - from christmas carols, to recordings of our children - is common. Many of the triviads have met each other "in real life", even if only for an evening, and a few have even built lasting relationships, although we are still waiting for our first triviad wedding (uh-oh - not anymore - SEE BELOW).

This is a place where we can share our news. Have you bought a new car? Found out that you're pregnant? Changed job? Started college? Started a homepage? Only you can know what constitutes "news" in your life. If you'd like to share it, we'd all like to know about it.

Enter your news, location, name origins, and URL here!

  • My news first :)...or should I say mine and Caratacus' news? After all these months of waiting and planning and counting days, I have moved to Chile and we have been living together since 9 September 1998. (update - we're not living together anymore - in fact I was living in Ireland from September 1999 to August 2000, and am now back in Cape Town, South Africa. Caratacus spent 2000 living and studying for his MBA in Switzerland, and is now back in Chile).

  • Phyl1 and Borntobebad - lots and lots of congratulations on your engagement. The marriage may take place in 2000 - there's a Y2K event for us all! (see below)

  • Congratulations Internal_Despot!!! He has been elected as a member of the National Executive Council of the Young People's Socialist League.

  • Crissyanthemum has just started a new job (October 1998). Good luck Crissy!

  • Jjbritbabe is pregnant! We're all thinking of you, you english wench....keep us informed. (see below)

  • Kitkatt and I have started a webring especially for the triviads. If you have a website and would like to be part of the ring, have a look at our webring homepage.

  • Zhigulii is alive and well and has found himself a job!!! We can't wait for you to get back online, Zhiggers!....update: he has a job in Madrid now....wtg!

  • Sir_Raydeo8 got married on 12 September 1998. Congratulations!

  • Txyankee has been in Bosnia since 22 September 1998. We're thinking of you Tx! (see below)

  • Tibetan_Monk gets to go to driving school in November....good luck out there Monky.

  • And Cosmicgirl2x has a brand new car to start 1999 off - an Acura Legend with power windows and a sunroof - colour? champagne!

  • VERY EXCITING NEWS: Jclark5 has got engaged to UltraViolet20, on Christmas Day, 1998. (see below)

  • If possible - even MORE exciting. Catt_eyes and her husband are expecting a baby on July 25th.

  • Megill has become a granny for the 9th time!

  • Archymax and Maginthat got married on 23 October 1999. Yes they DID! In real life!!!! I've seen the pictures to prove it and you can too - visit their wedding pic page!

    How silly of me not to have dated these - from now on I will...

  • The little Zhigchick will be getting a little brother or sister (or chicken?) - yep, Zhigulii and his wife Gloria are expecting another baby in May 2001 (20 September 2000).

  • Kitkatt22 has had her first baby - a healthy little boy named Zachary - born on 26 August 2000. He weighed in at 7 lbs 14 ounces, and measured 20 inches long. For pics, you can have a look at Zach and Mommy's Webpage. Some sadder news - Kitkatt and her husband separated a week after Zach was born. It's been a hard time for her, but she says she has 'sort of' met someone online - we wish you lots of happiness, Kori(30 September 2000 and 1 January 2001).

  • Phyl1 and Borntobebad are alive and well and living together in Arizona, have been for a year and a half! Stay Happy! (27 December 2000)

  • RingoRacoon is starting his last semester of University - this summer he'll have his Bachelor of Science in Marine and Freshwater Biology (27 December 2000).

  • Caratacus has graduated, with honours, from the MBA program at one of the top 5 business schools in Europe (30 December 2000).

  • Our friend Catshadow passed away on 27 December 2000, after a struggle with cancer. Our thoughts and condolences, and all the strength we can manage to send, go out to her husband Realoldbob, her family, and all her friends, both irl and online. Those who would like to leave a message for all those who are missing her can visit Remembering Judy Catshadow (30 December 2000).

  • A lot of the more curious of the triviads will be thrilled to know that Jclark5 and Ultraviolet20 (who many of us will remember from JC's stunning photographic webpages) were married on 3 June 2000 and, I believe, on 17 June 2000 - there has to be a story there! They are living together in Texas (1 January 2001).

  • Katydids / Goolden got divorced about a year and half ago - she is still teaching, but has moved from the inner city special education job she had to something closer to home and, I hope, a little less stressful (1 January 2001).

  • Jazzwolf is married now, and has also started work as a Correctional Officer (Prison Guard) - so watch out! lol (1 January 2000)

  • Bopeep32 was remarried on 2 November 2000 - between her and her husband, her family now has 6 kids! But she sounds happy, and we're happy for you *bops ya on the head!* :) (1 January 2001).

  • Wonderinwhy started a new job in November 1998, and has just moved into a new residence, in December 2000 (1 January 2001).

  • Puck_of_Avalon / Big_Dawgg_98 has begun college. He spent a semester at Boise (lol - I can't write Boise without thinking of Tuesi) State University, where he was put on the Dean's List. He is now attending Eastern Oregon University, continuing with his 3.25 GPA (Can any of you statesers tell me what on earth that is?) He hasn't decided on a major yet, but is considering the fields of Mass Communication or Medicine - keep us informed, Puck! (1 January 2001)

  • Jolynnco had a healthy 9 lb 3 oz baby girl in March 2000, and named her Samantha Lynn. For pics of a fast-growing Sammie, enter here (1 January 2001).

  • Txyankee got home from Bosnia in March 1999, and promptly got sent to Germany in February 2000, and even promptly-er (his word, lol) wound up in Gnjilane, Kosovo, from March to June 2000. He is now back in Germany, enjoying life with his 5 year old daughter.(1 January 2001).

  • Bestgirl and her husband added a 700 sq ft master suite addition to their home. All 3 kids now have their own bedroom and Besty has a sky-lit loft for computing and reading. Julie achieved Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer status for her college and now teaches night classes to help others get "certifiable"! She now teaches an overload every semester but is very attached to her students and colleagues at her community college (2 January 2001).

  • Catt-eyes has a baby girl. Melissa Joy was born on August 2, 1999 at 8:01pm, 7 lbs 12.4oz, 22" long! She's now 17 months old and running faster than Catt! Catt is now a stay-at-home mom and her husband is running his own general contracting firm. (7 January 2001).

  • and Jjbritbabe, who now goes by the name of an_english_maiden (much more sedate, babe, lol) has an almost 2 year old son, Benjamin Henry. He was born on 3 February 1999, and weighed 11 lbs 5 oz (as she says: "yes! read it and wince! Thank heavens for Caesarians!") She is now contemplating a return to her old graphic design job. (14 January 2001).

  • In the summer of 1999, Casty left her husband. In November of that year they got back together, renewed their vows and went on a honeymoon. She says that life is much better now :) She is now employed as an Administrative Assistant with the possibility of some advancement in the future. She says: "Remember when I was jealous of all the trivvers that could chat at work...guess what? I can do that now!! lol" (14 January 2001)

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