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small nyane wooden horse
for beginners

yet another wooden horse, I've been busy
for your more advanced user

is this really realoldbob?
for those triviads who have outgrown models 1 and 2


if you look really closely, you will notice that it is indeed made of wood...no, look more closely....
for those that fancy a bit of speed

Seasonal wooden reindeer now available! Order NOW and avoid the Christmas rush!
merry christmas, hohoho and all that

You can recognise yourself by not knowing what the hell a tafter is, and wondering why you are tripping over wooden horses all over the place, lol

A sample conversation from a typical non-triv day in the Triv Room

I'm not going to wax lyrical about triv and the triviads. Suffice it to say that a growing group of friends met regularly in the user-created Triv room in what used to be the General area of Yahoo! Chat. Four years later, we still keep in touch, although on a messageboard rather than in chat (yes - messageboards ARE chat for old people!) The fruit of this group? IRL (in real life) and online strong friendships, several long-term relationships and one marriage.

Returning triviads? We have a messageboard now!
Email maresid at maresid@hotmail.com for an invitation.

We have lost one of our members. Catshadow died in December 2000. Married to another of our triviad friends, Realoldbob, and much loved by many others, she continues to be sorely missed.

I note with great concern that NYTom has ACTUAL TRIVIA on his page...with questions and ANSWERS, even!

Okay, now, Tom....get real will you? How am I supposed to compete with that? I NEVER know the frikkin answers! So that means the only kind of triv q I could put in here would be one that actually had no answer...you know those "eternal questions"...like "which came first, the chicken or the egg"? Well I noticed a couple of those appearing in triv (unfortunately I can't remember who said what...please forgive me for no credits), and I've pinched some of those and sat down with my sister (Gjenny) and worked out the rest (some of them are yours, Stu).

Here goes:

and most important of all
COOL...three new additions to the list:
Why do you say something is "underwater" when it is actually in the water? (Emandeus)
When does one become a triv regular? (Caratacus)
If a man says something in the woods, and there's no woman around to hear him, is he still wrong??(Brandybuck) lmaooooo

Lots and lots more of these thanks to DasBootCapt

Any more ideas for Qs? E-mail me at africamuse@yahoo.com

Some messages:

These messages are OLD. Most of them date to 1998 or 1999. But, you know what? I like having them here, they bring back memories. So, here goes....

(Okay, to be honest ... one or two of them? For the life of me I cannot remember what they are about! Toe thing? What toe thing???)

Mirabile_Visu: Great to hear that everything is going well :)

Txyankee: There ya go :)

Tuesi: Nice to have you back in triv...still thinking of Jackson.

Sedro: My closest neighbour, metaphorically speaking.....you know that I have never actually been to Mozambique?

Phyl: Phyl you are just going to HAVE to spend even MORE time in the room, I am not nearly as good at directing people to the appropriate rooms as you are, lol (....down the hall, first door on the left....)

Seoulful_Eyes: Congratulations on the move!

Squirmy Squid: I hate it when the triviads disappear! Come back squiggly

Shadowkitten: I've been waiting and waiting and waiting to see if the wooden horse is in your inventory....where are you?

Crissypooh: Sorry about the toe thing, lol....you kinda had to be there from the start, and even then it wasn't all that funny, hehehe. Just a strange mood, I guess.

Zhigulii: I've finally done it. After months of threats I have bought the frikkin dictionary...lol no more secrets now!

BluRaine: Hehehehe, if it wasn't for my etymology page, I would never have known that you were PKMF...wow, do I feel stupid!

Edison_carter: It was great talking to you on the phone...seems this year is my year for travelling, so I will have to stop giving you such a hard time about all the travelling you do

Spunky_the_dog & Catt_eyes: Stop whinging about the frikkin horses already! It is not my fault if you don't know how to look after finely crafted works of art, lol.....I mean REALLY, Spunky, firewood?????....and yes, I do provide spare parts, but it could take a while and I must warn you that it is rather expensive (hey, a girl has to figure out SOME way of paying her frikkin phone bill!)

Excalibur: HEY! careful with those snapmares, you may injure someone

Catshadow: Sheeeesh......all this flabbling is making my eyelids tired

Arthur_Fuxache:Thanks for volunteering so readily...got it to work, yay, even shortened downloading time thanks to Arch

Archroy: And thank YOU for condensing the wav! HEY! Why aren't you wearing the socks, you ingrate ?!?!?!?

Jazzbank: I lie awake at nights worrying about you running out of tildes....so I decided to keep a stock of them here for you, which will be replenished every day :)

DasBootCapt: I am the world's greatest procrastinator, but I am making progress on the scouting stuff, i promise

Standswithasmirk: Well well well....an established triviad from when I was still a triv newbie (heheheh i'm surprised I can remember that far back)......I think it's time for me to raise a toast to you....(Mmcoffee)

Odyss: Um, better stop waving that umbrage around, you might get arrested.....lol, or hurt someone, LMUO

Raydeo: Hey how was that run we gave everyone for their money? huh?.....I'm sorry you're going...and with such unrequited passion too, lol...congratulations on the wedding

Skigoat: You forgot about the time difference silly...it was the day AFTER MLK's assasination anniversary here, so that's alright then

Jabberwoc: And such a cute little fawn, too :)...horde of fawns even :)....screaming, too

Realoldbob: Would just like to thank you, once again, for posing in my latest wooden horse model.....you are just perfect for the part :)

Maresid: Any good dreams lately?

Macmars: Nou waar is jy?...lol i know this is an old message, but still appropriate

Bopeep: *bops ya on the head* hahahaha I got you I got you I got you and you can't get me back, LMAO

Antares3d: My sincere apologies, oh ancient triviad, for the terrible oversight ;)

Jclark5: Great page Jc....hey I've paid my 10 wooden bucks...still waiting for the dirt

All the trivvers....I'm not even going to TRY to list everyone....see you soon and keep on tafting!


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