Nivel 1
Octubre 1998

Although the course finished on 29 October, the friendships didn't. On 4 November, the ex-students held the first of many social gatherings.

Anja, Ann-Christin, me, Phillip and Alvaro.

Phillip stole Alvaro's hat and glasses and played teacher ... this seemed hilariously funny after a few beers.

On 14 November, Anja and her friend, Ania, Ann-Christin, Phillip, Roberto and I drove into the heart of the Andes, in the Cajon del Maipo region.

Damn, I forget the name of this dam.

Phillip and I braving the freezing cold wind at the dam.

Roberto and Ann-Christin played "the fastest camera draw in Chile".

Anja, Roberto, me, Phillip and Ania in one of the thermal pools.

Photos of myself and my classmates during October 1998.

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