Nivel 1
Octubre 1998

Our first level Spanish Class is made up of 9 students and 2 teachers, Itala and Alvaro. The class is a great group, which includes myself (from South Africa), four students from Germany, one from Canada, one from France and two from the United States.

On 16 October, we had a great party at Susan's house.

Roberto, me, Philipp and Susan.

Susan and I drinking Roberto's famous "Muppets" or "Golpeados".

More golpeados, this time with Philipp and Chalee.

A very surprised Ann-Christin.

Jens talks to Pilar (our teacher's wife) and Andrea (a friend of one of my classmates).

On 27 October, most of the class (Chalee and Itala couldn't make it) visited a vineyard.

From left to right: Anja (Germany), Jim (United States), Phillip (Germany), Ann-Christin (Germany), Sally (South Africa), Laurent (France), Jens (Germany), Alvaro (our teacher - Chile) and Susan (Canada).

During the tour.

Picnicking in the grounds of the vineyard - we were kicked off the grass :(.

Phillip tuvo que ir al baño.

My first bus trip in Santiago, on our way back from the vineyard.

Although the course finished on 29 October 1998, the friendships didn't. Enter here for more pics of parties, trips and other fun stuff we did together!

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