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Now that I live so far from home, I've made a place on my page for "day-to-day" pics of where I live and the people I know. This is mainly meant for family and friends "from the real world", but if you've drifted in here, you're welcome to take a look.

CHILE - 1998-1999

In and from our apartment

Party and fun with my first level Spanish class

After the course ended, the fun continued - take a look

General pics from my first two months in Santiago

IRELAND - 1999-2000

General pics from my life in Ireland

For those of you who have mistakenly wandered in here looking for my travel pics, I have decided to make duplicate links.

Travels around South Africa


World Expo '98, in Lisbon

My first visit to Chile

Easter Island!

Disney World

Mendoza and surroundings, Argentina

Santiago - Places to visit and things to do

The Atacama, northern Chile - May 1999

Lima, Pachacamac and Nazca, Peru - June 1999

Travelling with disabilities, to France - December 1999

Living and travelling in Ireland - from September 1999

A visit to Switzerland - January 2000

Alone in Tunisia - February 2000

Touring Europe - March/April 2000

A visit to England - August 2000

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